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Thread: Kwame Brown to Lakers?

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    Kwame Brown to Lakers?

    What do you guys think of this possible trade. IMO...anyone trading for Brown is getting the short end of the stick...even if you trade rocks for him.

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    i think that it will work out for both sides.

    lakers get a big man with potential.

    wizards get frontcourt help to help replace hughes

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    I'd agree with Norm. While I dont think Kwame is much of anything he does bring size and can block some shots. With Jackson back is he builds around Kobe this time he doesnt need anything more than an adequete center, which Kwame is. While I dont think Kobe will ever be in Jordans class, Jackson won titles with guys like Bill Wennington, Bill Cartwright, and Luc Longley. Brown can fill that role as long as he doesnt pout. Butler is a good player. Maybe a bit undersized, but he will give the Wizards some toughness they were lacking last season and help make up for some of the scoring they lost this offseason. Based on talent I think Butler is the much better player, but considering the teams I would say is a very fair deal for both squads.

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    There was a great ESPN the mag article about kwame brown and how playing with jordan really messed him up. Because he was jordan's pet pick, jordan was rougher on him than he is on all rookies. he notoriously rough on them. here's a 17 year old kid who is being chided and ripped apart by his childood idol. It really stunted his growth. brown's not a punk... i tihnk he'll still be a star in this league.

    there is no better place for him now that in LA. and he's got a GREAT mentor in phil jackson.

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    As a Laker fan, I like the deal. Atkins was a throw-in, I'm glad it was him and not Devean George that was included in the deal. Brown's going to form a nice front court with Odom at PF and Kobe at SF.


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