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Thread: Nets agree with Shareef Abdur Raheem

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    Nets agree with Shareef Abdur Raheem

    According to espn bottom line the Nets and shareef abdur raheem have agreed in principle on a 5 year deal worth i think 29 million. I'm not sure how NBA things work as much though because they said something about wanting to work something out with a sign and trade with portland. Is Raheem a Net now or not yet?

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    He is not yet a Net. The team leaked this to try to force Portlands hand in a sign and trade. The Blazers were holding out for a draft pick while the Nets were basically willing to just give up their trade money to Portland. With Rahim saying he will just sign with the Nets regardless Portland has zero leverage and should just take whatever they can get.

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    if so the nets are now officially attenders again. he will play just a little below kenyons game 2 years ago, but vince carter plays twice as good as kerry kittles did. their draft pick will be a good sixth man. i saw their center play good at the end of the season so he will be better now. and RJ and kidd is the same story. Nets can do awsome if their will be no injuries.


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