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Thread: OT - Nets closer to getting SAR

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    OT - Nets closer to getting SAR

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    This team is going to rock next year... if SAR is healthy which im sure he will be... the sky is the limit.

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    The Nets have an excellent chance to make the NBA Finals in 2006. Kidd, Carter, Jefferson, Rahim, and Kristic/Collins is as good a starting 5 as anyone in the East on paper. They still could use some depth to try to get over the hump. I think the bench now is Vaughn, Planinic, Mercer, and Kristic/Collins. They probably will make a move on Dooling and then need to find another bigger body to plug in off the bench. Considering they took Kenyon Martin and Alonzo Mourning and turned it into Carter and Rahim, the Nets front office has to be considered among the best in all of sports.

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    Nets will try to use the MLE on Marshall or split it between Dooling and a Steven Hunter type


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