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Thread: Yankees Sign Embree

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    Yankees Sign Embree

    Should be interesting

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    Buddy groom is now gone so Embree is now the main lefty in the bullpen to be called upon. Hopefully he pitches his butt off to show off in front of the Sox. With Mendoza coming back soon the bullpen should get better.

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    This was my post in a Yankee forum when I first heard the news - before the game:

    "This sucks. I don't want crappy leftys because Torre is going to use them in big spots agains the opposing teams lefty. Embree is done, he sucks now. Franklin just sucks. Now we have 2 horrible lefty pitchers that are going to be put in big spots because Torre doesn't understand that 1. FRod is better agaisnt leftys than either of these pitchers and 2. that if your lefty specialist really sucks, he's not going to magically be good against leftys."

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    Embree. Yeech!!

    He can even throw to 1B, let alone home.


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