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Thread: Jason Giambi

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    Jason Giambi

    I don't know if I posted anything on this site about him.

    But, my god was I wrong. I was sure he was done, and booed him merceslessly while he was hitting under .200 and begged the Yankees to get rid of him.

    He has turned it all around and I give him and mattingly all the credit in the world for figuring out what was wrong

    I think the Yankees will end up beating out The California (Anaheim (Los Angeles of Anaheim... seriously pick a name fellas) Angels for the Wild Card.

    I'm still not sold on Giambi yet, but he's really earned my respect as a baseball fan for turning it around.
    Still, I hate Kevin Brown and will continue to boo him with rigor.

    Also, when's the Post going to write the Rivera is done article again, he gave up another run yesterday, that's 2 in July... He's finished.

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    You should be sold on Giambi. He is now tied with A-Rod for the best OPS in the AL at .998. Since his OBP is better than A-Rod's (and SLG obviously worse) and OBP is more important than SLG, it can be argued that he has been the best hitter. He certainly has been the best hitter in the league in the last 2 months. His July numbers are just mind boggling. He hit .355/.524/.974/1.498!!!!

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    Bonds has rarely had a month with a 1.498. That is literally off the charts!

    I also was dead wrong on him. In ST, I though he would be OK, but not a big factoor in the power game. More like low 20's in HR's, tops. But a decent average, and a fair number of RBIs.

    In April/May, I was begging for a buyout.

    He is way better then I thought. I think he has a fair shot at 30 HRs, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 RBIs, which would be a major accomplishment from where he was on Memorial Day. He should hit in the .280 - .300 area. His OBP should be north of .425.

    You gotta tip your hat to him. He also is being tested for blood every month, from his thyroid isse, and I gotta believe he is well watched for steroids. And still he has woken up.

    Torre was right. The "upside" with Giambi is hugh.


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