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Thread: Ryan O' Marra

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    Ryan O' Marra

    what do you guys think of him.

    i hope he turns into something special

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    Meh, Marek Zagrapan is better

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    Go figure Aucoin signs with the Hawks! What were you thinking Milbury?

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    At the very least, he sounds bright

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    i dont want him as our future back, i'm sorry, but i'd rather draft a back the year after martin retires (obviousley have houston play the year cmart is gone) and hopefully make a curtis martin out of him

    what i mean is i want to take off where HE left off.

    i want the rookie to get 1,000 yards in his rookie year and continue to do so.

    RIGGINS44- props on that username, i named my dog after him

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    Thanks JGenuis, it's a unique name...although I never saw him play for the Jets --I remember his run with the skins, though.


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