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Thread: Not in this state...Holyfield banned from NY

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    Not in this state...Holyfield banned from NY

    [SIZE=4]Holyfield clears medical test but barred from ring[/SIZE]
    Associated Press

    NEW YORK -- Evander Holyfield was banned from fighting in New York by the state's athletic commission, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday.

    The New York State Athletic Commission suspended the 42-year-old Holyfield's boxing license because of his "diminished skills and poor performance," the newspaper reported. The commission also lifted a medical suspension that had blocked him from fighting in other states.

    State Athletic Commissioner Ron Stevens told the newspaper Holyfield underwent a battery of nine tests, including a few designed to detect brain trauma. According to the tests' findings, Holyfield has no significant health problems. And the commission wants to make sure that continues to be the case.

    "We are the boxer's last line of defense," Stevens said.

    Holyfield lost to Larry Donald last Nov. 13, and is 2-5-2 since 1999.

    Holyfield's manager, Alex Krys, told the newspaper he is already looking to set up a match in Europe for the former heavyweight champion.

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    Must be a hard thing for him to hear today. ;)

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    Holyfield was a good fighter in his time, but man...he needs to retire to preserve his dignity, IMO.

    He will NEVER unify the heavywight championship and I am a guy that never says NEVER.

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    The man was banged around mercilessly by James "Lights Out" Toney and should not have fought to begin with.

    Typical. An athlete that can't walk away. The shame is, he'll go somewhere else and fight.

    Tommy Hearns fought a week or two ago, I believe. Unreal.

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    Im glad this has finally happenned since most other states should honor this. Holyfield was never going to give up and was going to get seriously injured if someone did not step in.


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