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Thread: "Cindy Don't Speak for me".....

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    "Cindy Don't Speak for me".....

    Let's see how much fervor the MSM puts into covering [URL=]THIS[/URL] ........

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    you guys blame the media but if there was no issue there would be no story.

    what I mean by that is if George Bush had successful explained to the people of this country why we are fighting this war - there would be no Cindy Sheehan.

    Typical conservative thinking - focus on the symthom not the disease.

    If this war was just, made sense, and had a reachable goal - the protests would be easy to marginalize.

    This war was none of those things, and that's the problem, not that people like Cindy Sheehans are traitorous skanks operating solely for a personal agenda.

    Maybe just maybe the SHeehan situation has opened up a conversation because *gasp* this war has been Bulls--t since the word go.

    oh no that can't be the case it must be the media's fault.


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