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Thread: Double Standard In the Liberal Media? Nah....

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    Double Standard In the Liberal Media? Nah....

    Anyone remember this? Of course not, because the criminal liberal media decided it wasn't newsworthy Yet the hag in Crawford's ugly face is on the news daily.

    Anti Republican, pro Democrap media bias??

    Nah..... ;)

    [quote]Dead Hero’s Father Tears into Clinton

    It was the moment President Bill Clinton wanted to restore his tattered reputation with the military before his departure for the D-Day celebrations in Europe this week, James Adams reports.

    He had just presented posthumous Congressional Medals of Honour, America’s highest military decoration, to the widows of two soldiers for valour in Somalia. After inviting the families for a moment of quiet reflection in the Oval Office, the president approached Herbert Shughart, the father of one of the two soldiers, and offered his hand.

    To his astonishment the handshake was declined. ‘’You are not fit to be president of the United States,'’ said Shughart Senior. ‘’The blame for my son’s death rests with the White House and with you. You are not fit to command.'’

    The president reeled and the unprecedented onslaught continued for some minutes. According to witnesses it was a ‘’highly charged emotional moment'’ which resulted in Clinton trying to explain to Shughart,Sr. why the events of that day last October were not his fault.

    Shughart and his colleague, both sergeants, were killed trying to rescue fellow rangers from a vicious fire-fight in which 18 died and 75 were wounded. A later Pentagon investigation revealed that the troops had been refused the right equipment and there was no political or military plan to justify the Americ an presence in Somalia. Although the president has tried to escape the blame, he is largely credited with the failure of the whole American effort to bring peace to Somalia. According to witnesses to the Oval Office scene, the Shughart family remained unconvinced by the president’s arguments.

    ‘’The medal doesn’t help anything, other than that we are grateful that Randy will be remembered in such an honourable way,'’ said Lois Shughart, the soldier’s mother.

    This incident is also recounted in Lt. Col. Tom McKenney’s book, The Clinton Chronicles:

    Eventually, after Clinton had sat on the paper work for eight weeks, two of the slain soldiers, Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randall Shughart, were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. As usual in such cases, the medals were presented to the next of kin.

    Following the May 23 presentation at the White House, the families of the two men were invited into the Oval Office for a private visit with Clinton. Inside the office, the father of Sergeant Shughart refused to shake Clinton’s hand, then look him in the face and calmly told him that he was responsible for his son’s death, that it was for no purpose, that he was not fit to be President, and not fit to be Commander in Chief.

    Clinton was visibly shocked, amazed, and momentarily speechless. It is revealing that he was surprised that the man should feel that way. Clinton really doesn’t think the way most people do, seeming to lack a sense of personal responsibility. After a brief, awkward silence, Clinton caught his breath. Becoming angry, he turned to the mother of the dead soldier and said, "What’s he jumping on me for? I didn’t kill the kid!"[/quote]

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    I guess someone wrote about it since you were able to re-post it? I don't get it? How is this relevant? I don't think there are too many people that would argue the fact Clinton was a military leader at all. I don't understand why Bush's first platform was for the military to gain all it lost during the Clinton years. The military is still waiting for that too. Overextending them and not giving them enough equipment doesn't sound like he came through and he has had 6 years to do so.

    I wasn't a big fan of Clinton and am not one of Bush either, I have come realize the two party system is a joke. You can't tell them apart anymore. No one has been overcritical about Pataki and these recordings. I thought he was a republican? Those tapes go to prove one thing, whoever holds an office be it Repulican or Democrat, once they are in they are handing out jobs to everyone that helped them get there. That is the norm no matter what party.

    Plus I think it is hysterical that you say the media is criminal? There are enough criminals on both sides doing the media, so it is actually criminals doing the media.

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    I never heard that story before, but completely believable, knowing what an @$$clown Clinton is; and Hick, you're right - it is criminal that the mainstream media never reported that.

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    if the mainstream media is so criminally liberal, why is FoxNews getting better ratings then every other news channel combined?

    NewsMax is an internet juggernaut. the Drudge Report is a powerhouse. National Review is whupping up on it's competition. Rush, Hannity, Savage, Oreilly - all ratings magnates.

    meanwhile Air America has about 5 listeners and 4 of em are conservatives just trying to get ammo.

    please tell me again how a media who are being dominated by conservative outlets is so damn liberal?

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    meanwhile Air America has about 5 listeners and 4 of em are conservatives just trying to get ammo.



    bit - you're describing things as they are right now; the story happened a while ago. PLus - for every 1 NYPost or Foxnews, there are 100s of diamertically opposed outlets.

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    Obviously you must be the only non-conservative listener to come up with this statement


    [B]meanwhile Air America has about 5 listeners and 4 of em are conservatives just trying to get ammo.

    please tell me again how a media who are being dominated by conservative outlets is so damn liberal?[/B] [/QUOTE]

    and by the way- the outlets/personalities you listed are dwarfed in ratings by the alphabet networks...they have done a good job starting to level the playing field.


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