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Thread: How to solve the Abraham issue...

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    How to solve the Abraham issue...

    You get Woody to call this guy up and say listen, I am willing to pay you 6.7 million dollars to play a kids game... for 3-4 months, if you're not on the plane by the end of the day you aren't getting a dime, and you can sign a 1 yr 300, 000 tender somwhere, in the middle of the season...

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    Uhh, no.

    If the Jets removed the tender, he becomes a FA, and would be signed within a week!

    Why are you so dumb?

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    The way to resolve it is to do exactly what we've done: nothing. John Abe will sign his tender, and he'll play the season looking to prove he deserves a long-term deal. We're playing this right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Ray19
    Uhh, no.

    If the Jets removed the tender, he becomes a FA, and would be signed within a week!

    Why are you so dumb?

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    Where is the garbage man?


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    another jacktheripper thread destined for the garbage dump.

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    JTR.....I originally started to look at the content on this website as a method to find current information on the Jets. Not many Texas papers devote time to New York sports teams.

    A few months later, I found how entertaining this board can be with some of the rhetoric between Jets fans and Patriot fans (most of which are quite knowledgeable).

    Lately, the posts from some of our own fans (you, JetsGenius, among others) have been more entertaining than some of the real news in Jets land. I have been tempted several times to put certain posters on my ignore list, but just can't seem to do so. Seems like you guys are worth a chuckle or two every day. Keep up the good work!

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    where does the lone ranger take his trash?

    to the dump, to the dump, to the dump dump dump!

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    In the end Jack gets his jollies by having us respond to his nonsense posts. The guy knows how to press our buttons and we continue to fall for it...

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    it was only a matter of time - i knew this was going to the dump as soon as saw jtr as the author, didn't even have to read it.


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