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Thread: Iraqi citizens tips help Soldiers seize terror suspects- yep...just like 'Nam

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    Iraqi citizens tips help Soldiers seize terror suspects- yep...just like 'Nam

    And in other news the MSM will certainly not tell you:

    [B]Iraqi citizens tips help Soldiers seize terror suspects[/B]

    BAGHDAD Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces, working together and independently, took 19 suspected terrorists into custody while conducting a series of combat operations in and around Baghdad Aug. 21.

    Tips received from Iraqi citizens led to the detention of 12 of the 19 terror suspects.

    Thirteen of the suspects were captured during five pre-dawn
    raids carried out in west, central and south Baghdad. Iraqi Army and Task Force Baghdad Soldiers also seized a computer, two AK-47 assault rifles and improvised explosive device fuses during the raids.

    The largest operation of the day was carried out at noon by Iraqi Army and
    Task Force Baghdad Soldiers working together.

    Acting on information provided by another Iraqi citizen, Soldiers searched an anti-Iraqi forces safe-house in south Baghdad and captured six suspects thought to be involved in terrorist activities.

    At about the same time, Task Force Baghdad Soldiers manning a traffic control point stopped a vehicle at a busy intersection in east Baghdad. When the Soldiers searched the car, they found a shotgun and four pistols hidden inside.

    The patrol detained the suspect and brought him into custody for questioning.

    In other combat operations, a Task Force Baghdad unit patrolling in northwest Baghdad struck an IED. No one was injured in the attack, and when the Soldiers searched a nearby house they found an AK-47 assault rifle and a machine gun with 10 ammunition magazines. The unit also found binoculars, a periscope and 40 to 50 circuit boards which could have been used to detonate bombs. The patrol took the owner of the house into custody for questioning.


    ------------------------------------------- let's go back to Crawford once again for yet more on Cindy Sheehan...

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    You know - in boxing and martial arts competitions, once you knock your opponent down/out, you're supposed to go to a neutral corner/area, otherwise you get penalized.



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