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Thread: "Get Rid of Chad" thread....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SyracuseJet
    Sign up now. Put your name down on the record now, so the rest of us can laugh at you all for the rest of the season. Come on, stand up, be a man about it, take accountability. If you think Chad isn't the one, and there are better alternatives, either this year or next, stand up.

    Sign your name, on the line that is dotted...
    easy man your jumpin the..although tonight was a big night when the starters go three quarters and tune up for the season...but well see how next week goes and go from there..but ill tell you this if that showing tonight comes up again anytime soon theres def somethin wrong and somethin has to happen...feidler i dont think would be the answer cause he looked crappy him self...

    sikest jet fan......

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYJ 1968
    i'll sign it.........where the hell was he looking at when he threw it straight to strahan in the endzone??????????
    I'm not signing, but he definitely pulled a Testaverde on that play.

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    I venture to guess that any one who is still touting the "he can throw it 40 - 50 yards therefore he has a good arm strength" doesn't really know allot about what is needed at the pro level for a quarterback to be truly effective in all situations (not that I am a pro coach or anything...I'm just a Jets fan..but one that has seen allot of live games. see below for why that is important). The big question in my mind is not whether penny can throw it 50 yards. He definitely can do that no problem. The question is this, can he throw it with enough velocity to sneak it past linebackers, corners, etc in tight situations, with little time. Unfortunately, so far, my opinion is that he can not get it done. One thing I have noticed, you can really tell that lack of velocity is a big weakness in his game when your lucky enough to get to a game and see it live. It's not as apparent on TV. Also, if the opposing quarter back really has great velocity, i.e. Elway, Fayre, Marino, you can also see the difference in what plays can be run and how the receivers react. It can have a rippling affect on the offense...if you don't lead the receiver with enough velocity it gives the corner or safety time to react to make the hit, giving the receiver not enough time to make the cut or juke him out (he is still waiting on the ball to receive it). That is just one example, there are others.

    I'm behind Pennington right now because he is our quarterback, and I have faith that the "dinger" can eventually game plan around Pennington's drawbacks. I also like how Pennington is a smart guy..I believe those interceptions the other night were aberrations...although they really pissed me off. However, I ultimately believe that I will be laughing at all the "Penny is god" believers when again were watching two other teams play in the Superbowl. I really dislike our GM (he was a loser in Hackett and still is). He refuses to make the tough decisions that will eventually lead us to the superbowl. I would never have given Chad 64 million.


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