We had Newsday's Sports Business/Media Columnist Steve Zipay on last night to discuss whether there will be an OLN NHL Blackout on Cablevision.

That naturally led to a discussion of the upcoming Mets Network. If you get a chance, please listen to it at http://hosted.filefront.com/patchyfogg

Some points discussed by Mr. Zipay:

--They've hired 3 executives (1 of whom is Curt Gowdy Jr.), but the bulk of the production staff will be freelancers.
--They've got Time Warner and Comcast on board, and are selling ads. But, 3 million Cablevision subscribers might not get it so the salesmen in a holding pattern.
--YES had a basketball team to use for leverage. As presently constituted, the Mets could only offer summer programming and would have to buy programming to fill it.
--Cablevision is spinning off its stock, and may not want to risk losing another 50,000 subscribers to satellite.
--Dave O'Brien and Keith Hernandez should be there.