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Thread: Is there still a war in iraq or afghanistan?

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    Is there still a war in iraq or afghanistan?

    Did the insurgents quiet down because of hurricane katrina?

    I tune into the network and cable news and I haven't heard any news out of iraq since last weekend.

    Carnage is I right?

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    Im sure the Republicans love to direct the attention away from Iraq... ;)
    Just loves the "hot" story so they are obviously focusing on the Hurricane stuff. Side note.....what about those 800 people that died in Iraq in a stampede....thats really sad also but it barely gets mentioned here. My anger with the media is the coverage they are giving to the black/white issue. In no way possible can anyone justify saying the slow response was racially motivated. Did the officials say to themselves "hmm they are black, make them wait"....cmon...thats just stupid.


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