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Thread: Left Leaning Media Drives Viewer To Fox News

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    Left Leaning Media Drives Viewer To Fox News


    Why The Katrina Coverage Made Me Switch To Fox News!
    by Lee Ellis
    Sep 3, 2005

    Watching both Fox and NBC after President Bush had been inspecting the Gulf Coast and New Orleans, I was shocked at how the nets, and even some newspapers, were trying to blame the Bush Administration for the slowness in which help was reaching the damaged cities.
    Obviously, Brian Williams and his news team do not know the law, nor do they know the past history of New Orleans--a city built in a bathtub of a swamp. This is a city where the dead, for centuries, have had to be buried in above-ground structures because the water is so close to the surface of this sinking city. If coffins are put in the ground, they will rise to the surface as the underground water pushes them up. I have been to these cemeteries personally to witness this.

    For decades, New Orleans has been told that the city is sinking, and that the old levees have to be rebuilt and modernized in order to keep the city from being flooded. Local officials never finished the work, nor have pleas to Congress for additional federal help been heeded. Congress has simply never seen fit to fully complete this effort, whether controlled by Democrats or Republicans.

    "Why did it take five days for Bush to help?" is the mantra constantly voiced by all the "Talking Heads" on TV. Here are the reasons:

    (1) It is against the law for any President to order troops into a city or across state lines without a request and permission from the Governor of that state.

    John Armor, a First Amendment lawyer and one of my favorite writers, told me, "Federal law prevents the President from sending in the National Guard until the Governor gives the order. It is little known, but the Commanding General of the National Guard in every state reports to the Governor, not the President, until the Governor says otherwise. U.S. military units (regular Army, not the Guard) cannot be used because of the Posse Comitatus law, until the Guard has been authorized."

    According to some news sources, the Governor of Louisiana, who knew the levees were weak, who knew that the city had been slowly sinking, and who knew that a major # 5 hurricane was approaching her city, did not call Washington for help.

    (2) The Mayor of New Orleans did call for evacuation over a loud-speaker, but did nothing to be sure that the police went door-to-door, followed by transportation, to pick up all those who did not have cars or any ability to leave.

    There was no other leadership practiced by the mayor there, as had been in New York City during 9/11 by Mayor Giuliani.

    (3) The hurricane veered east and saved New Orleans, Brian Williams announced a week ago, and all breathed a sigh of relief...until the levees broke a day or two later allowing the surrounding waters to pour into the city.

    (4) It was this predicted levee failure which had been ignored for so long that doomed the local people to be held hostage in their attics or on rooftops, not the storm. It was also the failure of the local bureaucrats and local elected leaders to maintain law and order, and to have pre-arranged for complete evacuations of the city.

    It was only after a request went out to the President that troops could be sent in. Can you imagine the anti-Bush media screaming that Bush had invaded Louisiana as he had done in Iraq if he had gone in before being asked? I can just imagine The New York Times headlining, "A Repeat of Shock and Awe by Bush!"

    Bill O'Reilly, on Fox News, was the only commentator I heard who explained this. All the other network commentators seemed too willing to allow the implication inferred by the viewers, that this was all the fault of the Bush Administration.

    I guess the Far Left also works in mysterious ways!

    Now you know why my channel is glued to Fox News, and why I no longer listen to NBC or its aide-de-camp, MSNBC![/quote]


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    You heard all this here first. ;)

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    Left leaning? No- they are fair and unbiased...just look at the coverage from the President's trip last year to victims of hurricane Charley:

    [QUOTE][B]Charley Cleanup 'Organized Chaos'[/B]

    (CBS) The remnants of Hurricane Charley are pushing out over the north Atlantic tonight but the tally of the storm's wrath in Florida continues to add up.

    Officials say at least 16 were killed in the hurricane, and overall damage estimates could top more than $20 billion.

    One relief worker described the relief effort in Punta Gorda, the hardest hit spot, as "organized chaos," reports CBS News Correspondent Mark Strassmann.

    Two days into this recovery, the calamity still dwarfs the response.

    Charley's damage to insured property alone runs as high as $11 billion, and hundreds of people remain missing.

    In Lee County, 250,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.

    In Charlotte County, Charley blew away 31 mobile home parks.

    Just two months after learning she has cancer, Mickie Goddard lost her trailer home, and with it, everything she had.

    "I just wanted to die," she says.

    There are so many problems. Looters are looking for food. Every need is frustrated by long lines.

    Judy True says she rode out Charley cowering under a mattress, because nobody told her to evacuate.

    "By the time we knew... that were in trouble," she says, "it was way too late to evacuate."

    When Charley hit, all of Florida was under a statewide hurricane warning. But evacuations are county decisions.

    By late Thursday evening, part but not all of Charlotte County was under a mandatory evacuation order. The storm seemed headed further north. Then on Friday, at 2 p.m., the National Hurricane Center startled Charlotte County. Charley was shifting in the last minute and heading their way - not to Tampa Bay. At 3:45 p.m., Charley hit Charlotte County's barrier islands and moved for the mainland.

    By then, many people here say it was too late to leave. Hurricane forecasters say the warnings were out there for days.

    "People knew we had a dangerous hurricane out there... so word certainly got out," says Max Mayfield of the National Hurricane Center.

    Mickie Goddard's daughter thinks many people heard the warning, but simply didn't listen.

    "We didn't think we were going to get what we got. And we're sitting in the kitchen watching the patio blow away," says daughter Carol Marlet. "Then it hits you, we better go somewhere in the closet."

    For those returning to their homes and for rescue crews in Florida, Sunday was another long day of assessing damage and searching for survivors - a mission that could take months, reports CBS News Correspondent Kelly Cobiella.

    Rescue crews are still making their way from home to home, and hundreds of people remain unaccounted for. Most may have simply left at the last minute, but crews want to make sure no one's left behind.

    The search has already led to one surprising discovery.

    "I got word this morning a woman was found hiding in her closet," says Lt. Donna Roguska of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Department. "She thought the storm was still going on." .......

    Now that they've survived the storm, people are learning how to live in its aftermath.

    .......President Bush went to Florida Sunday to take a look at the damage Charley left behind, reports CBS News Correspondent Joie Chen.

    Even before many residents were allowed back into their own homes, President Bush headed to Punta Gorda for his own first hand look, getting a bird's eye view from his helicopter and a quick briefing from his brother the governor and local leaders.

    Consoling those who have lost everything, Mr. Bush assured devastated residents that help is on the way.

    "The government's job is to help people re-build their lives and that's what's happening," he said.

    [B]Even before the storm hit, the president declared four counties disaster areas to speed federal money to victims. But that quick response fueled suspicion that he is using disaster politics to help his campaign in one of the most critical battleground states, a notion the president dismissed Sunday. [/B]

    [SIZE=3][B]"Yeah, and if I didn't come they'd have said he should have been here more rapidly," Mr. Bush said. [/B] [/SIZE]

    The president is trying not to repeat his father's mistakes. After Hurricane Andrew flattened parts of south Florida in 1992, state officials blamed the first President Bush for not answering their calls for help quickly enough, and trying to make up that by overcompensating later.

    It's a lesson the current president and political analysts have not forgotten.

    "President Bush Sr. put so much money into the state after Hurricane Andrew that he was accused of buying votes in that election. So there is potential that the president could float so much money into Florida that people would say that's political opportunism," says political analyst Craig Crawford.

    There's still plenty of opportunity for missteps in the "disaster politics" ahead. Charley was just the first major storm in a hurricane season that will continue right up to the November elections.

    Tropical Storm Earl is menacing the eastern Caribbean.

    It is moving swiftly to the west and is expected to gain hurricane strength as it heads on a path that could take it into the Gulf Of Mexico by Friday.

    Hurricane Danielle, in the eastern Atlantic, is not expected to be a threat.


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    I LOVE the Faux News Channel. It is by far the most entertaining news channel today. How can you not enjoy the comedy of nonsense spewed by Right wing Lunatics like Bill O'Leilly, Sean Insanity, and I especially love when mAnn Coulter gets a guest spot. Even funnier is the expert guests they bring in like Mark (Sig Heil) Fuhrer or that ridiculous criminal G.Gordon Liddy.

    But the reason I really watch Faux News is where else can I get daily up-to-the minute coverage of the Natalee Hallaway investigation?

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    I like Fox News.

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    Fox News is mental diarrhea.

    Watch enough of it and risk becoming absolutely mindless, and a total a-hole besides.

    It's like pro wrestling you can watch it a little to make fun of it or enjoy the spectacle but if it's on all day these are signs of a deep seeded problem. ;)

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    [QUOTE=bitonti]Fox News is mental diarrhea.

    Watch enough of it and risk becoming absolutely mindless, and a total a-hole besides.

    It's like pro wrestling you can watch it a little to make fun of it or enjoy the spectacle but if it's on all day these are signs of a deep seeded problem. ;)[/QUOTE]

    Heh heh . He said diarrhea and a-hole

    Heh heh.

    He's cool

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    It's like pro wrestling you can watch it a little to make fun of it or enjoy the spectacle but if it's on all day these are signs of a deep seeded problem. ;)[/QUOTE]
    sort of like this board


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