HOUSTON -- A bus of refugees left homeless and helpless by Hurricane Katrina arrived at the Astrodome, but they were not the evacuees who originally took shelter at the Superdome, Local 2 reported Thursday.

State and county officials said the Astrodome would only accept refugees from the Louisiana Superdome, but the first bus that arrived at the Astrodome Thursday night was actually stolen.

The driver of the school bus claimed to be from the Superdome, but after authorities questioned the 20-year-old driver, they learned the bus was actually stolen.

"The police told me I could have the bus. I told them I had a license," Jabar Gibson told Local 2.

Gibson said the Orleans Parish school bus was parked at the Superdome and that he picked up refugees stranded on the highway.

"We had walked on the interstate for two hours. (Officials) were passing us up. They weren't even worrying about us. They were just worrying about the people in the Superdome," evacuee Makivia Horton told Local 2.

Authorities let the refugees on the bus stay while other evacuees already in Houston have been turned away because they were not from the Superdome.
Instead of sittin' on his duff like most, Jabar took action--sure he took a risk, an accident while he was driving resulting in injury or death would probably land him in jail big time, but he did something--apparently more than the mayor of NO did.