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Thread: OT - Financing Katrina

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    OT - Financing Katrina (WRONG FORUM PLEASE MOVE SORRY)

    Another reason why it makes sense to fault those who didn't upgrade the levee system is because we're ALL going to be paying for a disaster that could have been prevented. Should a lot of people evacuated? Sure, but we would've saved ourselves a lot more trouble in the future if the levees were built up to par.

    That being said, we can't change the past and we must deal with the future. How will we pay for Katrina? I've read that much of the cost will be supported by adding on to the national debt. I don't think this is the answer. Instead, we need to cut costs elsewhere

    - severely reduce the overinflated Highway Bill, it was nothing more than a humongous pork bill from the start and is now completely irresponsible after a grave emergency

    - furthermore, cut all other unneccessary pork bills (like this will ever happen, the GOP is no longer the party of fiscal responsibility... they've succumbed to pork spending like the Dems have, what happened to smaller gov't?)

    - cut financial/medical aid for illegal immigrants, the free ride is over... maybe once they realize this, they will go back or legally register. I can't blame them for illegally immigrating, we are giving them much INCENTIVE to do so. Why?

    - do the same for international aid that is not in our direct interest, we can always go back and resume aid once we get back on track but now is not the time

    This seems cold, but SOMETHING has to give. We just suffered an enormous expense in Katrina and we have too many other gov't expenses on our books. We can't pay for everything, and increasing our debt is just going to hurt even more in the future
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    wrong forum, please move. sorry.

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    Couldn't agree more.

    On a side note, I really don't know what a republican is anymore. I know "We've got a big umbrella!" But its BS, its being taken over by Democrat-lite in a fiscal sense.

    I am no longer a republican. I have registered as a libertarian as of last go around. While I may not agree with them on all social issues(war and abortion are the 2 I can think of off the top of my head,) I do with most.

    Another side for Bit: Sometime in the past few weeks you made the statement to War fish that, paraphrasing, that a true libertarian could never be against abortion. I disagree. Libertarians are no only the party of less government in our lives, but also FOR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Some of us see the issue as taking responsibility for your actions (for both the man and woman.) I believe we all know the consequences of sex. Be responsible for your actions.

    Call me an idealist, but the pass the buck mentality must be addressed and defeated in the US.

    3rd aside, I apologize to BB for hijacking his thread

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    it's all good, i would just think a libertarian would be pro-choice simply because they oppose gov't intrusion, whether they agree with abortion or not. they do not want the gov't to legislate morality


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