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Thread: Survival of the Species?

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    Survival of the Species?

    [QUOTE][B][U][SIZE=5]Survival of the Species?[/SIZE][/U][/B]

    Friday, September 16, 2005


    [U]SEATTLE[/U] The federal government has given a California group permission to kill one species of owl in an attempt to save the Northern Spotted Owl (search) from extinction, but the process has left some people in the timber industry shaking their heads.

    The government recently gave the California Academy of Sciences (search) permission to kill 20 Barred Owls (search) in an effort to learn why they are thriving in the same forests where Spotted Owls continue to decline.

    The Barred Owl is larger, stronger and eats more types of prey than the Spotted Owl, and some scientists believe that they are wiping out the weaker Spotted Owl.

    "Whether we'll be able to save the spotted owl in the long term, I don't know," said Jack Dunbacher from the California Academy of Sciences. "We always hope that what we learn will be able to preserve as much biodiversity as possible for as long as possible."

    But critics call favoring one species over another "playing God" instead of letting nature run its course, and argue that scientists should have factored in the so-called "enemy owl" before leaving the timber industry nearly extinct.

    "You can't turn nature into a museum," said Ron Arnold (search), author of "Ecology Wars: Environmentalism As If People Mattered," and other books critical of environmentalists. "Even if you try to play God, it never works."

    Among environmentalists, the Spotted Owl achieved a revered status as a symbol of the victory of nature over industry.

    But to many who lost their logging jobs during the timber wars of the 1980s and 1990s, seeing the Spotted Owl lose out to another owl species bolsters their argument that the timber industry was not the "owl killer" it was portrayed as being.

    "There's a great deal of bitterness and resentment and it's time to get that industry back on its feet to take those restrictions off and go do a responsible job of creating homes with the timber that's standing there," said Arnold.

    Forest managers say that just because the Spotted Owl may face extinction by natural selection, preserving its home is still a priority.

    "If you believe in wildlife management, from time to time humans do intervene to favor one species over another," said Lenny Young of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.[/QUOTE]

    Very interesting, eh? And I thought Global Warming killed the Owls.......

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    No, it was the logging industry that killed them, or so went the narrative of that time. So, entire communities that relied on logging and THOUSANDS of people lost their jobs (the US and state government lost tax revenue, etc) all to protect the spotted owl, for the sake of sanctimonious greenies. Well, years later, the spotted owl still has trouble.

    Do these greenies express remorse for ruining the lives of thousands on a false premise? Do they change their tactics going forward, and become less sure of themselves in light of their track record of inaccuracy? Hell no - they are just as preachy and arrogant and Holier-than-thou as ever. Why would they change? Sure, there are real, painful costs due to the fact that they are wrong on things like the spotted owl...but those costs are paid by others and greenies have a religious faith in the goodness and rightness of their dogma, so instead of apologizing, they simply decide that another species of owl needs to be killed. This, amazingly, demonstrates the further bankruptcy of their cause because they don't respect "nature" or "owls" they simply have a pet cause and pursue it relentlessly, regardless of inconvenient facts and regardless of the destruction they sow. Killing another species of owl to save the perferred species? I mean, are they kidding me???

    This is a small but telling window into the ridiculousness of the green movement. It is why their constant shrieking cannot be listened to. It is why shrieks of "Omigod, we're all gonna die from Global Warming!!!!!!!!!!" should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

    They just lie and do whatever it takes to advance their agenda. They ruin countless lives. They are repsonsible for MILLIONS of deaths, actually.

    Fisher - this is long, but very good. A speech on Environmentalism as Religion by the author Michael Crichton. The libbies on this board will pooh-pooh it, but it is a GREAT speech!

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    the Stanford Cardinal marching band is a ruthless group known to have stepped on a few toes in the past...

    about 15 years ago when this whole spotted owl/timber restrictions was a big deal in the state of Oregon, during the halftime show in Oregon's Autzen Stadium, some members of the Stanford band formed themselves into a big redwood tree on the 50-yard line while the other half formed a chainsaw, complete with a circular blade of trombone players who moved in a circle as they made their way to the man-made redwood tree and sawed it in half...

    As with many other performances by the Stanford band at the time, the response received from the crowd was the one they desired as a bunch of p!ssed off Ducks fans threw debris at them!

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    humanity attempting to perserve one species at the expense of another goes against the principles of natural selection. These people are jackasses. More than that it's bound to blow up in their faces somehow in some unforseen fashion.

    However it must be noted that these jackasses no more represent the Green movement than the guy who murders abortion doctors represents the pro-life movement.

    There are always jackasses out there it's not reason to ditch the entire movement.

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    From the "we had to destroy the village in order to save it" school of logic... :rolleyes:


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