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Thread: Black Panthers.

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    Black Panthers.

    The Head Minister of whatever he just called himself was just on Hannity & Colmes on Fox News. Wow is all I can say, what a complete jerkoff. He said the levees were blown up, and all this other nonsense. Said something in regards to blaming the Jewish people, and a whole bunch of other nonsense I didn't care to comprehend. Republican/Democrat, I think we can all agree people like this are the problem (White or Black).

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    Louis Farakan or whatever his name is makes his living off of molding the minds of the unfortunate and uneducated into hate mongoring racists that are incapable of thinking freely.

    I agree that individuals such as this man are a serious issue in our society, while at the same time the same right that protects his freedom of speach is the right that makes this country so great.

    Its a matter of the people realizing that this man is corrupt and a cancer within our society.


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