Best and Worst Case Scenario
By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
November 14th, 2003
The Bengals will win the AFC North this season.
The Bengals will win the AFC North this season.
I am going to ignore the Jets this week and look at the NFL on a whole to see what is going on and what may happen as this season begins to wind down. Try and predict the playoff teams as it were. I wracked my brain all night to come up with something to write about for the upcoming game against the Colts and all I did was get depressed. So maybe I will not delve into it too much and just hope for the best. NFC

East: Unbelievable. The Cowboys are in first place and are tied with three other teams for the second best record in the NFL. No one thought that would happen. There is no way that the Cowboys miss the playoffs, but do they win the division? I don’t know. The Eagles are slowly creeping up and if the win and Dallas lose this week we may be looking at a tie. What do I think happens? I think Philly takes the division and Dallas is a wild card. In any case we all know that Keyshawn Johnson plays in Texas next year. (sigh).

North: I think Minnesota has that race locked up. A lot of credit has to go to Mike Tice and his defensive coordinator (although I think his resume claims that he is the head coach) and the quick turnaround of this team. Although you could have seen something change during the last few games of last season. They are firing on all cylinders right now and I just don’t think Farve and company can recover and take it away.

South: Carolina is in first place and it looks as if the defending Super Bowl champs are not going to be doing any defending this time around. It is sad to see a team that dominated just a short time ago is flailing around helplessly. I guess though this makes the sport exciting since any year any team can win it all. I have a few problems with this premise but the parity that the NFL is constructed upon today is something to cover at another time.

West: It seems to be a deadlock right now between The Rams and the Seahawks. I believe this division all comes down to the December 14th game in which they square off against each other. That game will decide who wins the division and who wins the wild card.

With all of that said we would have The Cowboys, Eagles, Panthers, Vikings, Rams, and Seahawks. Interesting to note that if it plays out like this only one team from last year returning to the playoffs.


East: Well after another improbable come back and some late season collapses from both the Patriots and Dolphins the Jets creep all the way back and take the division with a 10-6 record. Both Bill Bellichick and Dave Wannstedt are fired and never work in professional football again. The league decides to contract both franchises and millions of Patriot and Dolphin fans all across the country weep at the outcome. Also the Chiefs go undefeated and the players from that ’72 Dolphins squad never taste a drop of Champagne again.

(My doctors have advised me to let everyone know the medication is working again. The Pats win this division easily. Jets wildcard. Seriously!)

North: I am doing it. I am going to exhibit my own insanity a second time in one article. Bengals baby! The Bengals are winning this division! Mark it down!

South: Another crazy race between two very powerful teams. I think this is where the AFC champion resides. I am going to give the nod to Steve McNair and the Titans with Manning and the Colts taking the wild card. I think I may have a man-crush on McNair.

West: Kansas City. Are there any other teams in this division?

So if we look at this conferences playoff teams we have Patriots, Jets, Bengals, Titans, Colts, and the Chiefs. Three teams return to the playoffs.

As far as the Championship games and Super Bowl opponents are concerned…check back with me in a week or two.

Picks Week Eleven

Week eleven already. Unbelievable. It feels like just yesterday I was waiting for Aretha to finish up the National Anthem so I could watch that first game of the season. It really is crazy how time flies. I digress.

My record now stands at 15-14. Let me say that again for those of you in the back of the room. 15-14! I am awful. The coin is climbing up the ladder after going 3-0 last week. 3-0! You know what his record was in week nine? 3-0!!!! I may have to kill myself. The coin is now 17-13. I feel sick.

Game 1: Dallas at New England My Pick: Dallas The Coin: Patriots

I am going to go with Big Bill here over Little Bill. I know that this game is going to be a lot of fun to watch and for once I am happy to be in Boston on a Sunday. Finally there is a reason for me to watch a Pats game that the Jets are not playing in. George on the other hand decided to take the Patriots in this one because, well, he is a Patriot. I guess.

Game 2: Green Bay at Tampa Bay My Pick: Buccaneers The Coin: Buccaneers This is the “One Team Will Bury The Other” game of the week. Whoever loses this game realistically has no shot in making the playoffs. I love Farve and I know he still has something left in that arm of his and has one more run in him but this may not be that year. He never plays well against this team and I don’t see why he would start now.

Game 3: Kansas City at Cincinnati My Pick: Bengal baby! The Coin: Chiefs

Well I have to pick the Bengals if I think they can win the division. I know that it doesn’t seem too likely but if I am wrong I am pretty sure it will be overlooked by someone else’s prediction on this game. George doesn’t want to screw around with his winning streak and is taking the favorites. What a pansy.