Woody gives Herm vote of confidence
September 26th, 2003
After a 48 hour media fiasco following comments made by Woody Johnson on Wednesday, the owner today gave his Head Coach a public vote of confidence. After a 48 hour media fiasco following comments made by Woody Johnson on Wednesday, the owner today gave his Head Coach a public vote of confidence.

Jets owner Woody Johnson told the media that he is 100% behind his head coach and that Herm Edwards’ job is not in jeopardy. With the media circling Weeb Ewbank hall like hawks ready to pounce on a wounded prairie dog, this is just what was needed to be said to cut the tension. Friday’s practice was smooth with no noticeable tirades. Johnson attended practice for the third straight day and was seen speaking with the Coach for several minutes in what seemed to be a very friendly upbeat discussion. Both the owner and coach were seen smiling and laughing during the conversation.

After practice, Edwards commented on several subjects.

On if he felt good after speaking with the owner today:

“I always feel good. That conversation is for me and Mr. Johnson only and we are fine. The football team is fine. What we need to do now is win a football game and that is what we are concerned with.”

“I respect was he says and he respects what I say and we have a good relationship. We are just trying to win games and we know it is difficult at times, but we have to get over this. We have to win a game this week.”

On if a lot of this tension would have been avoided if the owner and him had spoken yesterday:

“I don’t think there is tension. I think there is anxiety for everyone because we want to win games. Everyone is about winning games. We are fine and we just have to win a game. That is the most important thing. It is not what we said yesterday or a week ago. What matters is that we go out Sunday and try to win a football game. That takes care of everything.”

On if he thought at any time his job was in jeopardy:

“I never think about my job to be quite honest. I know I am in a great situation. I work for a great owner, we have a good football with a foundation to win and I believe in doing things a certain way. It is my call and I believe in doing things the way I want to do them. It has worked out that way so far for two years and this team has achieved a lot. This team has achieved a lot and we continue to try to achieve. That is how I look at it.”

On if the recent anxiety has affected the team:

“Well, we have pressed some and we have had opportunities that have slipped through our hands on both sides of the football. When you grab those opportunities and don’t let them slip through your hands, you win two games and maybe it is a different outcome at this point. It is not though. We can get it fix and that is what we are going to try and do. I think our players understand what we need to do and we need to get a win and that is the bottom line.”

On the Jets injuries:

“John (Abraham) is still probable. He practiced today. (Kevin) Mawae is probable. (Jason) Glenn is questionable. John McGraw practiced earlier, but I think he has a little bit of the flu so, I sent him in. Other than that, they are pretty healthy. I think we had a good week of preparation and now all we have to do is find a way to win a football game and move forward.”