Abraham arraigned
October 2nd, 2003
Jets All-Pro Defensive End John Abraham was arraigned this afternoon after being charged with DWI following him crashing his SUV last night. Coach Herman Edwards also addressed the incident during his daily press conference today. Updated: 3PM EST John Abraham was in Nassau County court this afternoon being arraigned on DWI charges that stemmed for his incident last night. The Jets All-Pro defensive end pled not guilty Thursday and was released on his own recognizance. If convicted, the charge of driving while intoxicated, a misdemeanor , carries a maximum sentence up to one year in jail.

In a released statement, Abraham regretted his actions. "I apologize to my family, my teammates, the coaching staff, and the entire New York Jets' organization for my actions I am embarrassed by this situation, and I will learn from this."

Abraham was the only topic of Coach Herm Edwards’ daily press conference today and with all the stuff this man is going through this is the last thing he needed to deal with. Edwards expressed disappointment in Abraham and even took a portion of the blame. "It rests on my shoulders and I failed," Edwards said. "I feel as bad as he does today. We'll help him, we'll get it corrected and we'll move down the road."

The Coach had this to say about Abraham’s demeanor after the incident. “He’s very sad and very humbled, hurt, you know, regrets the situation obviously, knows he's made a mistake. But hopefully in life you learn from your mistakes, you know. And when you're an athlete, obviously you get this type of attention. If it's Joe Smith that lives on your street corner, I'm not sitting in here talking about it.”

There was buzz earlier today that the other two occupants of Abraham’s SUV might have been teammates but although he didn’t identify the other passengers, Edwards told the press they were not NY Jets players.

Edwards told the media that Abraham has been excused until Monday so he could go to South Carolina to be with his family. He said Abe would be back practicing on Monday but would not say if he would play against Buffalo next week. The team is practicing tomorrow then has their bye weekend off. For more information on the actual incident, please see below.