Game Over
By Chris Pine
Jets Staff Writer
December 9th, 2003
Bills RB Travis Henry: The latest RB made to look like Jim Brown by the Jets. (AP)
Bills RB Travis Henry: The latest RB made to look like Jim Brown by the Jets. (AP)
Let me tell you how my game-day began: it started deep inside a bar here in downtown Boston surrounded by former denizens of the bustling metropolis that is known as Buffalo and many other assorted Bills’ fans and it ended with me laying face down in a mountain of snow.

I guess I should explain. It seems that there is a bar here in Boston where a group called “The Buffalo Bills Backers Club” meet every week to watch their favorite team. Yes I did make the obligatory joke in which you change “Backer” into “Packer” but this is a PG-rated website so I can’t really elaborate anymore on that. Let’s just say it didn’t go over to well. I digress. There I was watching the Jets play the game Sunday as if they really didn’t understand how important this game was. The fact that they only scored six points isn’t the worst thing about Sunday’s debacle; neither was witnessing the Jets commit penalties in a highly uncharacteristic manner at extremely inopportune moments during the game. I wasn’t totally demoralized watching a gimpy Travis Henry run all over the defense with almost no resistance; after all I have been watching running backs make their careers against the Jets for the better part of three years now. Even getting to experience the genius that is Paul Hackett and the magic of the two yard dump pass throughout the entire second half wasn’t the most infuriating aspect of the afternoon.

No, the worst offense that the Jets committed was the way that they were able to sweep all of us up again into believing that they would pull off something miraculous and dropping us all down on our collective heads, hard.

It is often so difficult to find the words to express how it feels at times to be a Jets fan always in a state of perpetual disappointment. To live in a world of almost and what if and if only, never reaching that perfect serene level of euphoria that so many other football fans get to experience every now and then. I mean for God’s sake even the Bengals have been to a Super Bowl inside the last twenty years.

Do you want to know how I feel right now at this moment? My emotions are akin to that of when I was a young boy playing video games at the local bowling alley or 7-11 pumping quarters into some machine for the better part of a half hour. I would be slowly creeping closer and closer to finishing the game and placing my initials up there on the screen next to the immortals within the highly respected top ten scores. Dare to dream.

Then it happens: I would begin to count the remaining coins left in my pocket only to discover I had maybe one or two opportunities to continue the game left to me. Suddenly everything slowed down. Where I was once reckless I now became cautious. Yet no matter what I tried I always wound up coming short of my goal. There I would stand…penniless and depressed wondering how I would ever recover from such a crippling and emotional blow.

Well that is the only metaphor I can come up with for how I feel right now. Yeah, I guess I will recover and soon focus on some of the more positive aspects of the season and look forward to next year with enthusiasm and whatever amateur theories that I may concoct over the next few weeks concerning my favorite team, but not yet. For this moment and probably for the next week or so I will only have that certain kind of pain that only sports can bring about.

Some Odds and Ends

I guess to say I slacked off last week would be an understatement. I skipped an entire week from writing and now have some ground to make up. First thing to reconcile are my picks from last week and where I stand. You will all have to take me on my word that I have not changed any of these picks after the games were completed.

At the close of week 13 my record stood at a very underwhelming 17-19 record. The random coin flip though continues to best me on a weekly basis 18-18. I am utterly embarrassed. This has to stop and I have to pull ahead right? I think all of you should actually be rooting for me in some strange kind of man-versus-nature battle of wills. Or something like that. Any-who…last week I went with the following three teams, all of whom were involved in extremely important matches. Those teams were the Eagles, the Bengals, and the Colts. The coin flipped for Philly, Baltimore and Tennessee. With that noted my record is now 19-20 while the coin sits precariously at 20-19. Hope springs eternal.

Some other notes: For anyone out there who may not attend the first annual “Jets Insider Girl Next Door” event at The Sporting Club in Manhattan next Monday, well first off, shame on you. Secondly yours truly will be there to jot down notes regarding all of the tidbits that you may really be interested in. Do you have questions like what exactly are the girls going to be wearing? Are any of them single? How great does a really hot chick smell anyway? Well I will be there not for my own benefit but for all of you who may not make it. thanks will be necessary.

I will also finally experience “The Troop” or otherwise known as Troop 16-H. That is right, the famous tailgate party that I have heard so much about since I started writing for Jets As long as everything goes according to plan I will be at the game against the Patriots Saturday December 20th and I think the highlight will be experiencing firsthand what The Troop is all about. Again I hope to be able to describe my night to all the other Jet fans out there that may have never experienced the great tailgate.

This is what I am willing to sacrifice to the loyal readers of this website. Although it will pain me to no end I will attempt to surround myself with scantily clad attractive women and then drink excessive amounts of alcohol while preparing to watch a live football game. Oh the humanity.