Jets send Shadetree to the woodchipper

By Sean M. Deegan
Publisher, Jets
March 3rd, 2004
The Jets housecleaning continued today as they announced the release of longtime MLB Marvin Jones. With free agency starting today the team now has a lot of spots to fill.

The Jets housecleaning continued today as they announced the release of longtime MLB Marvin Jones. With free agency starting today the team now has a lot of spots to fill.

The release of Jones who joins longtime linebacking partner Mo Lewis on the unemployment line was in the cards months ago and was no surprise to anyone. Jones joined the Jets in 1993 from Florida State as their top pick and after an injury plagued early part of his career he developed into an excellent player who ends his tenure with 129 games played and 1200 tackles. Unfortunately, age and the loss of speed caused the Jets to seek an upgrade in the position. Early speculation has the Jaguars interested in Jonesí services.

Despite some reports yesterday that the Jets were completely sweeping out all of their LBís and releasing Sam Cowart, he is still on the team and according to his agent will move to MLB and stay as a replacement to Jones. The Jets even reportedly paid Cowart a $1MM roster bonus that he was due yesterday. Cowart will return to the position that made him one of the most feared LBís in the NFL while he was in Buffalo. The Jets will then likely move sophomore LB Victor Hobson to the strong side and John Abraham from DE to the weak side. There is also the possibility that a FA will be brought in. A few names that have been mentioned recently are Raidersí LB Eric Barton and Coltsí LB Marcus Washington.

WR Curtis Conway is still a Jet and likely will be until at least March 10th when heís due a $500K roster bonus. The Jets want to find a replacement for Conway quickly and if they can do that before the 10th he will surely be cut. The two FA wideouts highest on the teamís wish list are Seattle WR Darrell Jackson and 49ers WR Tai Streets. The Jets considered signing both players last season when they were restricted free agents.

The Jets made tenders to all of their restricted free agents except WR Kevin Swayne who will not be back. RFA T Kareem McKenzie, was given a first-round tender offer ($1.37 million). If he signs with another team and the Jets refuse to match the offer, the team would receive a first-round pick as compensation. CB Donnie Abraham restructured his contract to save $1.8MM against this years cap and Mike Tannenbaum is reportedly working with DT Josh Evansí agent to lower his cap value for this year.

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