Dear Woody

By Kevin Newell
Jets Head Writer
January 8th, 2004
Dear Woody: Time to get some fire under these guys.
Dear Woody: Time to get some fire under these guys.
Dear Woody:

I hope this letter finds you well. However, we as Jets fans are not! We are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.

When you bought the team from the late Leon Hess' estate, we assumed that you, as a savvy businessman, would take our star-crossed franchise to a level we have not reached in more than 30 years.

Instead, you and your front office have managed to do the opposite. All the Band-Aids and gauze in the Johnson & Johnson medicine cabinet couldn't cure what ails this team. How can you justify owning the NFL's most expensive team when all you get in return is 6-10? Sad too, because the team just happens to have an honest to goodness superstar quarterback/person and has surrounded him with only a handful of solid players. And that corps of Curtis Martin, Kevin Mawae, and a few others are not getting any younger. Let us not forget that the Jets were the second oldest team in the league this past season. The window of opportunity is closing year by year.

Plus, as well all know, the Jets' draft under your watch has been less than bountiful. Ditto the teams' free agent signings. Matthew Hatchette, Aaron Beasley and Curtis Conway are all names that make every Jets fan cringe. You can't replace filet mignon with turkey burgers, Woody.

I'm sure it's great to be the owner of an NFL team and you play the role nicely. But when you get right down to it, what have you really done for Jets fans in the past three seasons? Answer: Not much, unless you want to consider the opportunity for us to vote for that botched 40th Anniversary team.

Well, you did attempt to fleece $50 from those of us waiting on the season ticket list. That is, until we called you on it and you then were forced to make things right by the fans and Elliot Spitzer.

Guess what, Woody? We're calling you on the state of the Jets right now. It's abysmal.

First of all, you hired a general manager who's track record is dicey at best thanks to the recommendation of the previous Jets genius, Bill Parcells who walked out on the team. Nice going. Now, when the franchise needs him most, Terry Bradway is making sandcastles in the Caribbean and drinking Rum Punch while your team, the Jets, have lost out on the best defensive coordinator available.

Let me take you back to September. Remember that ridiculous statement you made about the Jets having as much talent as anyone in the NFL. How do you feel now after watching has-beens and never-were's run rampant on your pathetic excuse of a defense? How about that juggernaut offense that went into hibernation over the past last weeks of the season?

Did Bradway convince you of the talent level of the team or were you just guessing?

Sure, the Jets won a division crown in 2002. A tainted title with a sketchy 9-7 record. Whoopee!!! Where has that gotten you? You want to look at how a champion plays? Take a drive up I-95 and get off when you see signs for Foxboro, MA.

Once there, you will see an owner, front office, and coach with a plan. A coach you should have kept at all costs. Now he is your worst nightmare, loaded with draft picks and way under the salary cap.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl just two years ago. This season they won the division with an NFL best 14-2 record. That is progress my friend.

Hope your neck is healthy, Woody, because you will be looking up in the standings at the Pats for a long time unless you act now!

Aren't you sick and tired of watching your team stink it up for the first four or five games of the season every year? We certainly are. Wouldn't it be nice to have a winning streak to start a season for once? We certainly would like that.

Aren't you furious that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder one-upped your organization yet again when it swiped Gregg Williams from right under your nose.

Didn't you learn from Bradway's mistakes last offseason? Wasn't it enough too not only lose Laveranues Coles, Randy Thomas, John Hall, and Chad Morton, your team lost to the Skins in the NFL season-opener in D.C.? For all of Snyder's warts, at least you can't take away the fact that he wants to win - at all costs.

This offseason is make or break for the organization. Not only does the team need an overhaul on defense, it needs youth, speed, and depth. Most of all, it needs direction. Direction from its owner.

Time to act Woody, before your team goes down the toilet!

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