Pennington out 2-4 weeks with shoulder injury

By Justin Paley
Jets Staff Writer
November 8th, 2004
The Jets revealed bad news today as they announced that QB Chad Pennington suffered a strained rotator cuff in yesterday’s loss to the Bills. Jets Head Coach Herman Edwards said the QB will be out this Sunday against the Ravens he could miss 2-4 weeks. With the loss of Pennington, Quincy Carter will step in as the starter.

The Jets revealed bad news today as they announced that QB Chad Pennington suffered a strained rotator cuff in yesterday’s loss to the Bills. Jets Head Coach Herman Edwards said the QB will be out this Sunday against the Ravens he could miss 2-4 weeks. With the loss of Pennington, Quincy Carter will step in as the starter.

Pennington had a MRI today and it revealed no tears to the shoulder. The Coach said the QB has already started rehabbing the injury.

The Coach talked about the decision to take Pennington out in the fourth quarter yesterday.

“We were talking on the sideline, he looked at me and I was kind of looking at him,” Edwards said. “We started talking and I could just look in his eyes and went ‘You’re done, you’re out, you’re out.’ Don’t worry about the team and don’t worry about you right now in making sure that you’re going to be okay and get a guy in there that’s healthy, so we decided to put Quincy in.”

The Jets know they dodged a major bullet with Pennington being out only a couple of weeks instead of the whole season. Pennington broke his wrist in preseason action last year and missed a majority of the season. This injury occured in the first quarter when Pennington scrambled for a first down and fumbled on the play. Although he was in pain, he continued to play well into the 4th quarter befor being replaced by Carter.

Pennington realizes that that injuries are part of the game.

“This is part of football,” Pennington said. “Injuries happen in football, especially to quarterbacks because we’re vulnerable targets a lot of the time. It’s one of those things that I’ll deal with as an individual. I’m positive and upbeat about it. I’m still excited for our football team. I think we can be excited as a football team because were’ 6-2 and not 2-6 like last year. We still have an excellent opportunity to do what we want to when we look at the overall picture.”

The starting QB job now belongs to Carter, who the Jets signed over the summer as a free agent from Dallas. Some questioned the signing of Carter after he was released from Dallas amid rumors he had failed a drug test and was facing suspension for violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. Edwards and the Jets gave Carter a second chance. Edwards said Carter has been a model citizen.

“I talked with Quincy, we had a long discussion and I felt that he would be a good fit for us and that he could help us,” Edwards said. “And he was going to come in and do everything he could just to be the backup guy. He understood his role, and he’s been great in practice, been great around the players, and obviously in the game.”

Carter gives the Jets an experienced QB. Last year, he led the Cowboys to a 10-6 record and their first playoff appearance since 1999. Carter has worked on learning the complicated west coast offense since signing with the Jets and feels he has a good grasp on it. “I am pretty comfortable with everything,” Carter said. “I think it is important that this football team knows we are not trying to take any steps backward. I think they know I have been working with our first team defense and running our plays so I have gotten that opportunity to show what I can do in this offense. It is all about just jelling and getting some continuity together out there on Sunday and just going from there.”

Edwards said Carter did a nice job running the offense yesterday against the Bills. “He’s doing fine,” the HC said. “It’s not as elaborate as the one that Chad’s under, but what we ask him to do he’s doing a good job, he got in the game and he knew exactly what to do.”

Instead of gloom and doom, the mood in the locker room was optimistic today. Jets C Kevin Mawae is confident in Carter.

“I think our team will bounce back,” Mawae said. “We have full confidence in Quincy playing, and we’ll go out there and go with what we’ve got.”

Mawae talked about what Carter brings to the table.

“I think the one thing he brings a little different to our offense is his ability to run and scramble and get out of the pocket,” Mawae said. “I think that is another thing that other teams are going to have to worry about. He came in and showed he can run the offense and he can make some plays and he can throw the ball.”

WR Justin McCareins will be one of Carter’s targets when the Jets throw the ball. The two have quickly become friends.

“He is a good guy and has become a good friend of mine,” McCareins said. “He has all the ability in the world and mentally he has been focused and working hard. I think we are lucky to have him on the team.”

WR Santana Moss, who had a season-best six catches for 157 yards and a touchdown, talked about Carter’s style of play.

“It’s almost like going back to Vinny (Testaverde) again because you have to make sure you look the balls in because they come fast and they come hard,” Moss said.

Pennington has full confidence in Carter.

“The best thing he’s done is he’s come in here and meshed in with our team,” Pennington said. “He’s studying really, really hard. He’s absorbed everything really well.”

Carter said he does not have anything to prove.

“I just want to go out and play well and keep up the level of play of this football team and not turn the ball over and play smart at the quarterback position,” Carter said. “I am just excited about the opportunity that I am getting. I have been busting my tail off for two months to learn this offense.”

Edwards noted that the team can’t afford to feel sorry for themselves.

“You can’t because no one else is going to feel sorry for you,” Edwards said. “The league’s not. Baltimore’s not. No one is going to say, oh, have a pity party for you. They will say, who is up, you can’t worry about that. We’re going to go play. And I expect them to play good with whoever is out there. We’re going to go play and we’re going to go play to win a game.”

Carter and the Jets turn their attention to the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens feature one of the toughest defenses in the league led by LB Ray Lewis. The Jets, who did not do a good job stopping the run yesterday against the Bills, will have to do a much better job against Ravens RB Jamaal Lewis if they want to come out victorious.

Edwards recognizes the importance of the game. “It’s a very, very important game for us,” Edwards said. “We know that, at halfway through the season, that’s what we like, 6-2. We have to take it from there. We have eight games left and we can still do some good things this year and we plan on doing that. We’ve got to get that going again. We’ve got to get a win.”

MISCELANEOUS TIDBITS: G Brandon Moore started at RG for the first time since October 17 and towards the end of the game yesterday was replaced by Jonathan Goodwin. “At the end there, we just felt he had gone long enough and we were not on the field a whole lot,” Edwards said. “It’s getting colder, cooler and he had a hamstring so get him out and put Goodwin in there just to make sure he was okay. He was fine”…With 6:04 left in the game, Curtis Martin was tackled in the end zone for a safety. Edwards explained what happened on the play. “It was so noisy in the end zone, they could not hear the snap count so we were trying to get off on the defense, when the defense left, because they could not hear,” the HC said. “They could not hear the snap count so it was very difficult. They broke through and made a play. It was just tough.”

INJURY REPORT: The Jets list of walking wounded is getting quite crowded. LB Jason Glenn is still out with a fractured forearm. S Derek Pagel is out with a left calf injury that was suffered in yesterday’s loss. As mentioned above, QB Chad Pennington is out 2-4 weeks with a strained rotator cuff. S Jon McGraw is questionable with an abdominal strain. DE Shaun Ellis is questionable after suffering a groin injury in yesterday’s loss. S Rashad Washington is questionable with a foot injury. G-T Brent Smith is questionable with a knee injury. LB Sam Cowart (knee) and CB Derrick Strait (foot) did not make the trip to Buffalo and are probable for this week’s game.

-LB Jason Glenn (forearm): Out
-S Derek Pagel (calf): Out
-QB Chad Pennington (shoulder): Out
-S Jon McGraw (abdomen): Questionable
-DE Shaun Ellis (groin): Questionable
-S Rashad Washington (foot): Questionable
-G-T Brent Smith (knee): Questionable
-LB Sam Cowart (knee): Probable
-CB Derrick Strait (foot): Probable

Be sure to check back to Jets throughout the week for all the latest information as Quincy Carter and the Jets prepare for the Baltimore Ravens at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Meadowlands.

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