Jets Gearing Up For A Lynching?
By Sean M. Deegan
Publisher, Jets
March 10th, 2004
Herm Edwards will soon get a rare chance to sign his protégé, John Lynch.
Herm Edwards will soon get a rare chance to sign his protégé, John Lynch.
The Jets need a safety to replace Sam Garnes and guess who just became available? Let me give you a hint….he’s Herm Edwards’ favorite NFL football player on the planet.

In case you still haven’t guessed, the answer is the soon to be former Bucs safety, John Lynch. Rumors were confirmed today when Lynch held a news conference stating that he would not be back with Tampa in 2004. Although at press time he has not yet been formally released, Lynch refused to restructure his contract to the Bucs liking and could be placed on waivers as soon as this afternoon. The relationship between Lynch and Edwards is no secret. While Edwards was the defensive backs coach for Tampa, he and Lynch became about as close as a player and coach could be. Lynch has attributed all of his success in the NFL to Edwards and Herm felt such at tie to Lynch that he made him the Godfather of his son Marcus. They are so close in fact that ESPN made a documentary in 2001 about the relationship between the Edwards and Lynch Family.

That being said, it’s almost a lock that the new free agent will be wearing green and inflicting punishing hits for the NY Jets in 2004.

Sure, the signing of Lynch would be going against the team’s vow to get younger and faster on defense but Lynch is the exception. Although he is coming off January surgery to repair a lingering neck injury that hampered him all last season, Lynch still has game and even at 33 is big upgrade over Garnes.

The five-time Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro has never been an extremely fast player but has excellent field instincts, is a great tackler and is arguably the hardest hitter in the league. Lynch is also a tremendous leader in the huddle who garners respect from all of his teammates. Probably the only thing the Jets defense needs more than talent is leadership.

The Jets acquisition of Lynch could bring the same type of fortune that the signing of Rodney Harrison brought to New England’s defense last season. Harrison was gritty veteran that helped an average defense turn into a great one. Lynch could do the same thing for the Jets.

At Lynch’s press conference today he seemed at ease with his departure from Tampa and commented on his future in the NFL.

“I can’t wait to talk to some old friends in the business” Lynch said with a smile.

Our bet is that his first conversation will be with his best friend in the business, Herm Edwards.