No Love For NY
By Rob Dunphy
Jets Fan Contributor
March 23rd, 2004
Perhaps some of the free agents we court are not familar with our slogan.
Perhaps some of the free agents we court are not familar with our slogan.
In light of the news of big time free agents spurning the NY Jets because either they or their wives don’t like New York and Long Island, I have come up with a list that showcases some of our strengths. Hopefully the Jets front office and coaches will use this list as a selling point when the next free agent comes out to Weeb Ewbank Hall for a visit. TOP TEN REASONS TO SIGN WITH THE NY JETS

10. Bogart’s Pub. Located across the street from the Jets Practice Facility, has two-for-one Rolling Rocks on Tuesday nights.

9. If you have the inclination to golf, the usual wait time for Eisenhower Park’s Blue course is only 15 minutes. (That is, if it’s raining, before 6AM and winter. Expect significant longer waiting other times).

8. You’ll get used to Long Island accents in about 2-3 years.

7. Islanders tickets: They’re practically giving them away!

6. If you time it right you can get from one end of Long Island to the other in only 7 hours.

5. It’s not like our fans are fanatical or anything.

4. You can fall in line in a great tradition of players like Cody Carlson, Browning Nagle, Alex Van Dyke and Pat Ryan.

3. Hey, I can get you a great deal for a two-bedroom house for a little over $500,000.

2. Rich Kotite swears by the ribs at Hooters in East Meadow.

1. All players’ wives get a free “I Love NY” tee shirts