Jets Make Final Cuts

By James J. Parziale
Jets Staff Writer
September 3rd, 2005
Neither Harry Williams Jr (above) or Chas Gessner will be the Jets 5th receiver. (JI Photo)
Neither Harry Williams Jr (above) or Chas Gessner will be the Jets 5th receiver. (JI Photo)
The day of reckoning came today for 19 Jets players hoping to make the opening day roster.

The Jets currently have 51 players on the active roster, two less than the requirement. Highlighting the list of those packing their bags is WR Harry Williams Jr., who was a seventh round pick from Tuskegee.

Williams Jr., who suffered a knee injury that derailed his training camp, could be brought back to the eight-player practice squad. However coach Herman Edwards said Williams, who was nicknamed Willie Mays Hayes after a character from Major League movies because of his speed, lacks maturity.

“He has a lot of learning to do,” Edwards said. “It’s not just about talent. Talent gets you in the door. There’s a process you have to go through.”

Williams is a swift guy, but that’s not enough Edwards explained. WRs Chas Gessner, Terrence Stubbs and Jovan Witherspoon were also let go, meaning the Jets have just four receivers on the roster. The Jets won’t carry five receivers into Sunday’s game at Kansas City anyway, but Edwards said the mystery man is still out there.

“That’s a pretty good guess. Unless you want to play,” Edwards said in jest to one of the reporters. “We’ll wait and see who’s out there.”

Letting go of offensive lineman Michael King, Mike Kracalik and Chuck Missant leaves the Jets thin behind the regular five. Jonathan Goodwin can step into any role, Edwards said.

The Jets also released DBs Atari Bigby, Aaron Francisco, and Brandon Haw; RBs Terry Butler and Little John Flowers; quarterback Kevin Eakin; DL Joey Evans, Radell Lockhart and Tim McGill; and FB Austine Nwabuisi.


-S Oliver Celestin has been carrying the burden of the unknown since hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana earlier in the week. A multitude of family members are still missing, but good news is on the way. On a plane.

Celestin’s mother and father will fly in from Houston tomorrow and might stay with their son, who is battling to be the Opening Day starter at strong safety. But that isn’t part of Celestin’s immediate thought process right now.

Celestin is coping with all the uncertainty by doing the one thing he’s done his whole life. Playing football.

“It’s been the most helpful thing,” Celestin said.

When asked about some of the rioting and looting occurring in the area, Celestin’s tone changed.

“It’s aggravating to be honest. To steep so low when people are reaching out to you, to be so selfish when people are reaching out to you, it’s aggravating,” Celestin said.

-CB Ty Law was not at Hofstra today because he was in Miami. No, he wasn’t scouting the Dolphins offense. He was packing some of his belongs from his home. G Pete Kendall was absent as well, according to Edwards, because he was visiting his family in Boston.

-WR Jericho Cotchery’s role has vastly grown with the struggles of rookie CB Justin Miller on special teams. However, Cotchery in a player Edwards said he wants to get more involved in the offense as well. “Whatever you ask him to do he does it well,” he said.

-Edwards said the team will likely wait six weeks to see if injured tackle Marko Cavka can return from a broken left forearm he sustained during the Jets win of the Eagles on Thursday.

-When asked about the starting safety spot, Edwards’ initial answer was some laced with innuendo.

“I don’t think I need to,” Edwards said about announcing the starter. But then followed but, possibly catching a slip, by saying he doesn’t need to announce it today. Rookie Kerry Rhodes, who had three interceptions in the preseason, looks to be the frontrunner.


-DT Dewayne Robertson (hand): Out
-FB Jerald Sowell (ribs): Out
-RB Cedric Houston (shoulder): Out
-T Marco Cavka (forearm): Out

The team has tomorrow off and returns to practice on Monday. Be sure to check back to Jets for all the news leading up to opening day against Kansas City.

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