Pennington Finished For 2005

By Sean M. Deegan
Publisher, Jets
September 26th, 2005
Chad Pennington's season may have ended against the Jags yesterday. (Jets Photo)
Chad Pennington's season may have ended against the Jags yesterday. (Jets Photo)
Various sources are confirming that the injury Chad Pennington suffered to his shoulder in yesterdayís loss to Jacksonville was indeed a re-tear of his right rotator cuff and heís done for 2005. With this second serious injury to his shoulder in as many years, Penningtonís future in the NFL is also in question.

The MRI performed today revealed the injury and reports say that Pennington will seek a second opinion from Alabama Orthopedist James Andrews to see if the tear was new or to scar tissue from the previous tear. If itís torn scar tissue, itís not as serious.

Reports have not yet surfaced as to the severity of backup QB Jay Fiedlerís injured shoulder but itís been determined that he wonít be available to play this Sunday and likely anytime soon.

Head Coach Herm Edwards has already declared the only Jets QB left on the roster, Brooks Bollinger as the starter this Sunday and the team will audition several QB candidates over the next few days. Some names that have been mentioned are FAís Doug Johnson, Jonathan Quinn, former Giant Jesse Palmer and former Jet, Vinny Testaverde. If you are a Jets fan its safe to day that none of these names mentioned give you a warm feeling. Surely, the results of Fiedlerís test and the length of his absence will have a lot to do with who they sign. If he too is out for the year, the Jets could even explore a trade with another team.

The team will not officially comment on the situation until Tuesday.

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