Kevin Mawae Fan Chat Transcript

By Jets Staff
September 28th, 2005
[Kevin Mawae] 8:00 pm: Hello all

[thechadzone10] 8:01 pm: Hey Kevin

[CaptainVilma] 8:01 pm: hey!

[Stewdawg] 8:01 pm: hey 68

[Limolady] 8:01 pm: What's up

[nyrican] 8:01 pm: hey Kevin

[Kevin Mawae] 8:01 pm: Thanks to Sean and Jets for having me and setting this up. Before we start, I want to say a few words about my First and Goal Challenge benefiting Winthrop-University Hospitalís Child Life Program and Pediatric Services. The Child Life Program exists to help sick children and their families cope with the fear and anxiety of hospitalization. As part of Winthropís new Pediatric Inpatient Center, the Child Life Activity Center is a ďsafe havenĒ for young patients where they are safe to play and be themselves without the fear of medical procedures or exams, since no clinical intervention can take place in this room. Itís a program that is very dear to me and I hope you support it by participating in the First And Goal Challenge. You can find information on the front page of or go to this link Please help me support this great cause.

[Jetsrush] 8:01 pm: Kevin, do you have a second career in mind after we roll your bones off of the field in 2020 ?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:03 pm: Yes, I have an interest in becoming an associate athletic director. Hopefully at LSU. Possibly sports ministry. I'm finishing my masters.

[nyrican] 8:04 pm: Good luck with your masters

[Limolady] 8:04 pm: My concern is how is Brooksy really doing? I saw him work out with the 2nd & 3rd string and he should be comfortable with AJ on the line, but how well is going to be able to read you and the 1st string guys?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:05 pm: About Brooks, I think he'll do fine. We're keeping the game plan simple so he can handle it. He'll be more comfortable behind the #1 unit. We will soon see

[Limolady] 8:06 pm: Lots of pass rushing, thanks

[CaptainVilma] 8:06 pm: Kevin, what was your first reaction upon finding out Vinny was signed by the team?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:07 pm: Pumped. I definitely prefer to have Vinny rather than some quarterback I wasn't familiar with.

[jetgirl] 8:07 pm: Hey Kevin, sorry I'm late............Kevin we met last year in Bernardsville, NJ remember?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:08 pm: Hey Fran

[jetgirl] 8:09 pm: Kevin I am so glad you are pumped about Vinny, I am sooooo pumped too..

[GreenGeek] 8:09 pm: Is the QB job Brooks to lose or is Vinny a lock?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:10 pm: Regarding Brooks' future, that's totally up to Herm. I'm looking forward to seeing Brooks play and right now Vinny is the insurance policy. Vinny however didn't sign to sit on the bench. So take that as you will

[LakeGeorgeJet] 8:10 pm: I saw you come over and talk to Miller after he dropped that punt. What did you tell him? How is his confidence?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:12 pm: Regarding Miller, I told him to keep his head up, don't think about it and get ready for the next punt.

[Mr. Schnitzer] 8:12 pm: Kevin, Can you talk a bit about blocking schemes in Heimerdingerís system and the differences from your previous ones?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:12 pm: Regarding pass blocking or run blocking. The blocking schemes are similar yet different. We do Denver style zone blocking for running. Pass blocking overall has stayed the same schemes but more options to change position at the line of scrimmage.

[GreenGeek] 8:14 pm: How's Curtis' knee? Is he 100% coming into this week?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:14 pm: Not sure about Curtis' knee but he seems to be showing no pain.

[Stewdawg] 8:11 pm: Kevin, the team stays together in a hotel on nite before games at home, right? How do you get to the stadium, bus or your own vehicle?, who HAS to take the bus, rookies? anybody?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:15 pm: Home and away we stay in the same hotel together

[regen] 8:15 pm: Kevin, A) do you take it personally when your QB takes a sack? and B) do you or any of the other guys on the team read JetsInsider to see how crazy your fans really are?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:16 pm: Regen, yes we take it personally when we give up a sack! Also I know that a lot of the team comes to Jetsinsider to see the rumors and news. I love to come here after a bad game and see how everyone says I'm over the hill and washed up LOL

[Limolady] 8:17 pm: Do you laugh as hard as I do?

[regen] 8:18 pm: Thanks Kevin. Kick Ray Lewis's butt this Sunday. Best of luck and thanks.

[nyrican] 8:18 pm: Kevin how will the team rebound, you guys are a tough bunch and always play well when your backs are to the wall... I can't wait to see the outcome for the rest of this season... B. i enjoy watching you knock zack thomas on his back since i live here in south fla and take all the abuse from the fins fans here.

[Kevin Mawae] 8:18 pm: Rican, we have 13 games back and I think we'll bounce back just fine. We have overcome bad situations in the past. Our goal is still the Superbowl.

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:18 pm: Just wanted to drop in and say hello to Kevin .. Hello Kevin! I saw you at an airport once, was sitting at the next table in the food court, but I didn't want to invade your privacy so I never said a word ... but I regretted not telling you how appreciative I am for your years of outstanding play.

[Kevin Mawae] 8:18 pm: Thanks Green, much appreciated.

[Dr. J] 8:19 pm: How is Fabini doing this week? Has he practiced?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:19 pm: Regarding Fabini, sorry but I can't answer.

[nyrican] 8:19 pm: you got that right Kevin Good Luck to you and the team.

[Limolady] 8:19 pm: When you coming to visit us at Troop 16H before a game? I hear you guys go out to the Jetnutz all the time?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:19 pm: Thanks regen

[Kevin Mawae] 8:21 pm: I am focused before the game so I can't make the tailgate and after I have to go home to my wife and kids. I know my brother has enjoyed 16H though a few times.

[Jetsrush] 8:21 pm: Kevin, You are a rare treat in the NFL because you talk the truth which I totally respect. What is the problem with the line ? We can all see that the unit is not gelling like the past couple of years. Most people feel that any qb is at risk with the way the line play has been.

[Limolady] 8:23 pm: I totally understand that line of thinking

[Kevin Mawae] 8:23 pm: Jetsrush...don't be short sided. The problem is just not the offensive line. There's 11 guys on the field. Look outside the box too.

[Dr. J] 8:23 pm: Has the offense been trimmed at all for Bollinger? Is the general gameplan any different this week with essentially a rookie at QB?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:23 pm: Thereís enough blame to go around for everybody

[Jetsrush] 8:24 pm: Not what I meant Kevin - I was just asking what the problem was on your end of the spectrum.

[Kevin Mawae] 8:24 pm: Jetrush Itís an answer that I can't really answer in this forum. It's this, it's that. Small things that we need to work on. Scheme's, etc, the addition of a young player, etc. A lot of things. We will improve.

[Jetsrush] 8:25 pm: Thank you

[BergenJet] 8:25 pm: Kevin, has the restraining order you placed on Brenjetsfan kept her at a safe distance?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:25 pm: J...Yes the offense has been trimmed for Brooksie. It's been made more manageable for him.

[Limolady] 8:25 pm: OUCH Bergen!

[Kevin Mawae] 8:25 pm: legal action has been needed so far

[jetgirl] 8:26 pm: That's certainly good news about Curtis but how do you feel about Blaylock stepping in if need be. B) Do you think Vinny can have a strong mentoring with Brooks just like he did with Chad? Kevin, remember we talked about my SuperBowl fund.....

[Kevin Mawae] 8:26 pm: jetgirl, very confident with Blaylock. He's an EXCELLENT running back.

[Kevin Mawae] 8:27 pm: Regarding Vinny and Brooks, he will definitely help him.

[jetgirl] 8:27 pm: .That's good to hear.......

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:28 pm: Kevin, I'm not gonna lie ... I am sick to my stomach at the recent turn of events with Chad and Jay ... it's just so unfair ... my expectations for this team were SKY HIGH, and to have this happen is a real kick in the kajones .... I really don't know what to say, man, just whining I guess LOL

[Mr. Schnitzer] 8:29 pm: How is Adrian Jones doing so far? Is he more suited to the LT or RT position? Is he big enough? He seems too small for a lineman, esp a T

[Kevin Mawae] 8:30 pm: Schnitzer, I think Jones is fine. He's a great athletic guy and will only get better as he gets more reps. He's big enough for right tackle and athletic enough for right tackle IMO

[jetgirl] 8:30 pm: I know, that Vinny is one hell of a guy

[Brenjetsfan] 8:28 pm: I noticed at the Miami game you an Kendall were looking at a black book.... looked like a photo album? What were you guys looking at? PS: Great job you did for LA....

[Kevin Mawae] 8:31 pm: Hi Bren...the book contains fax pictures of the opponents defensive formations

[Brenjetsfan] 8:31 pm: you get them really quick!

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:32 pm: Kevin, as a player rep maybe you can answer this question ... will the NFLPA stand firm in opposition to this asinine salary cap when it comes time to renegotiate the CBA ... I'd be very supportive of the players if they did, even if it means a strike ... this HARD CAP is a Joke

[Kevin Mawae] 8:34 pm: Green Jets, we will have a salary cap as we have now but the numbers will increase as revenues increase. The goal of the NFLPA is to get as much money in the hands of the players and more benefits for the players upon retirement

[Dr. J] 8:34pm: Saw D-Rob's F-650 pull out of the lot Sunday. Have you ridden in that badboy yet? What's the gas mileage on it?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:34 pm: Drobís truck get 8MPG. $350 to fill it up.

[nyrican] 8:34 pm: My lord 350.00?

[hofstra_justin] 8:33 pm: jetswin wants to know whoís the nastiest player you have faced in the trenches

[Kevin Mawae] 8:34 pm: Justin: Nasty Bill Philips formerly of San Diego and KC..he ate raw garlic cloves before the game. Dirtiest, I can't say since he's still in our division. I will say heís North of NY.

[regen] 8:34 pm: Kevin, do the players ever get sick of the scrutiny from the fans? I hope some of you guys know the reason is because we love the team and am starved for a Super Bowl.

[Kevin Mawae] 8:37 pm: regen, the best thing about NY is the fans and the worst part about NY is the fans. A true love hate relationship. I would never change it though. Itís a great place to play.

[Limolady] 8:36 pm: Speaking of money issues, what do hear about us getting a home of our own in NY - Queens specifically?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:37 pm: Regarding a Queens stadium, It think it's a great idea. It's the second best place besides Manhattan IMO

[Brenjetsfan] 8:37 pm: Will you be hosting the taste of the NFL again this year in March?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:38 pm: Brenda...I certainly hope so. I will be there if I'm still in town

[hofstra_justin] 8:38 pm: Jumbalaya Jet wants to know with Dewayne Robertson with a cast on, is it different for a defensive lineman to play with a cast than an offensive lineman

[Kevin Mawae] 8:38 pm: Regarding Drob's cast. As a defensive lineman you don't need to use your hands as much. On offense it's vital. On defense you can use the club to get away and tackle. [Mr. Schnitzer] 8:39 pm: After the monster tackles you had to face last game, how will the Ravens DL seem? Any easier?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:40 pm: Schnitzer, The Ravens are different. Different style of players. The Ravens guys are tough. We'll have our work cut out for us.

[Brenjetsfan] 8:41 pm: For the record Kev..tell these boyz-n- girls I am not a STALKER and end this silly rumor! you

[GreenGeek] 8:41 pm: Kevin. My son started at DE on his JV team and got 1st pick of numbers. He chose 68 as his number. Ironically, he broke his right hand in the 4th quarter of the first game. He wants to wear a club now, still have yours lying around somewhere?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:43 pm:'s a bit moldy but I'll send it. LOL

[hofstra_justin] 8:44 pm: kevin when was the last time you played in a shotgun offense before this year.

[Kevin Mawae] 8:45 pm: In 2000 when Groh was coach and Henning was OC. We played a lot of shotgun that year.

[Kevin Mawae] 8:45 pm: Hackett's offense is the only offense I've EVER been in that didn't have the shotgun.

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:45 pm: That's because Hackett is still running the single wing

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:45 pm: Kevin, did you see what Larry Allen did to his kicker ... ever feel the urge to do likewise? LOL

[Kevin Mawae] 8:46 pm: Green I did see it and No, I never had that urge. In fact, Allen obviously didn't know it was the snappers fault.

[Stewdawg] 8:46 pm: can you tell us what happened with Vilma and Reed? how they came to blows

[Kevin Mawae] 8:46 pm: Stew..I have no idea. I didn't even know about it till 2 days later.

[Stewdawg] 8:46 pm: Thats not something that comes up in the locker room??

[Kevin Mawae] 8:46 pm: Stew...none of my biz. I'm not interested.

[regen] 8:47 pm: Kevin, I think we've all see in the lat few weeks how quickly an NFL player can do down, like in an instant (chad, fiedler, harrison, javon walker, etc.) Do you guys resent it when either the teams or the press portray you as greedy?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:48 pm: regen...yes, we do resent it. Especially when thereís no one more greedy than the owners. [Green Jets & Ham] 8:48 pm: AMEN ... the owners are swimming in money and they act like a salary cap is essential to their survivial

[Brenjetsfan] 8:49 pm: Kev other then the Meadowlands, what is your favorite stadium to play in on the road?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:50 pm: will probably hate this but it's KC. Loudest stadium in the NFL

[Mr. Schnitzer] 8:50 pm: Kevin, Do you personally prefer to face a 3-4 or 4-3 ?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:50 pm: Schnitzer...I prefer to face any defense that doesn't cover me. Which I guess on occasion is the 4-3

[joiseyjet] 8:51 pm: I agree with that after being out there for game 1

[nyrican] 8:51 pm: Kevin thank you for taking your time from your busy schedule and chatting with us good luck on Sunday and the rest of the season look foward to seeing the team here in South Florida. ..

[Kevin Mawae] 8:52 pm: Thanks

[Limolady] 8:52 pm: How's Eric Barton doing? Out for Sunday and Brown going in?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:53 pm: Not sure of Barton's status. I'm worried about the offense!!!

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:53 pm: Kevin, thanks for stopping in tonite and chatting with Jet fans ... that was very kind of you, especially on a week like this ... THANK YOU

[Kevin Mawae] 8:53 pm: My pleasure.

[IndyJet] 8:53 pm: What would say is Brooksí greatest asset as a QB?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:54 pm: Indy, probably his mobility. We'll see how his passing is on Sunday!

[GreenGeek] 8:54 pm: Is it harder to defend the QB when TE's go out for passes more often?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:55 pm: Greek, it's only harder when they bring more guys than we have blocking.

[jetfaninmickeymouseland] 8:55 pm: under Cottrell and Hackett, very few rookies started. Under Dinger and Henderson, more rookies seem to be playing and starting. does herm give his co-ordinators total freedom?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:56 pm: Mickey...not sure of the answer to that . Players earn their starting roles whether they are veterans or rookies. Also, there arenít many old players on defense.

[Brenjetsfan] 8:56 pm: Do you think we should have kept Lamont Jordan?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:56 pm: Bren...ask me in week 16. Same with Kareem McKenzie. I do though thing that Jordan had to go for his own personal career.

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:57 pm: Bren, blame that assinine salary cap

[regen] 8:57 pm: Kevin, we've always noticed the cross you tape on your face mask. Does anyone across the line ever comment?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:57 pm: comments from anyone except the NFL which made me remove it 2 seasons ago.

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:57 pm: Made you remove it? Did the NFL ever hear of religious liberty? I Guess not.

[Stewdawg] 8:57 pm: 4pm game Sunday, what time is curfew at hotel?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:58 pm: Stew: 10PM

[jetgirl] 8:58 pm: Kevin, you probably don't /can't answer this question but everyone is speculating on our record this season, if you don't want to speculate it's ok.....but what do you think will happen to the Jets this year?

[Kevin Mawae] 8:58 pm: predictions. I leave that up to the bookmakers.

[IndyJet] 8:58 pm: On arm strength only, rank Chad, Jay and Brooks

[Kevin Mawae] 8:59 pm: Indy...At this point Chad last, Jay second and Brooks #1.

[IndyJet] 8:59 pm: Of course I meant when heathy

[Kevin Mawae] 8:59 pm: Indy, come on, man you know I can't go there.

[Stewdawg] 9:00 pm: very diplomatic

[Mr. Schnitzer] 9:00 pm: OK - NO BS...How much is the team deflated because of Chad being gone for the season?

[Kevin Mawae] 9:00 pm: Scnitzer...tough, it's an obvious blow and we feel sorry for chad but we have a full season yet to play. We are by no mean giving up. We will go about our work and try to win games

[Buzzsaw] 9:00 pm: Kevin -- is Dinger as fiery as his reputation suggests?

[Kevin Mawae] 9:01 pm: Buzz...Yes, he's lived up to his reputation and then some

[GreenGeek] 9:01 pm: What fraction of the famous Dinger playbook has made it to the field this season?

[Kevin Mawae] 9:01 pm: greek...100% passing, 50% passing

[regen] 9:02 pm: Kevin, did the league give you a reason for losing your cross besides the uniform rules BS?

[Kevin Mawae] 9:03 pm: regen, they told me it violates the rule of personal messages on your uniform. Two Giants fans complained

[Brenjetsfan] 9:03 pm: is Jason Taylor all that?

[Kevin Mawae] 9:04 pm: Taylor makes a better DE than he'd ever make as a NT

[Buzzsaw] 9:04 pm: What do you think of Marko Cavka - could he be a starting O-linemen someday

[Kevin Mawae] 9:05 pm: I think so. Cavka has very good potential.

[IndyJet] 9:05 pm: Has Vinny fit right back in in the locker room?

[Kevin Mawae] 9:05 pm: Indy. Absolutely an easy transition.

[regen] 9:05 pm: Kevin, good one about the Giants fans. We hate 'em. Are the players able to shut out all the press distractions or do you guys read the tabloids and see what's going on? Does it affect the locker room?

[Kevin Mawae] 9:05 pm: regen..the majority of the players ignore the media. Besides Jets I ignore the rest of the media. I get everything I need here.

[Green Jets & Ham] 9:05 pm: Firgures it had to be Giant fans ... heathens that they are.

[Green Jets & Ham] 9:06 pm: Good Luck and GOD Bless, Kevin ... thanks again for stopping by

[CaptainVilma] 9:06 pm: Kevin, predict the score sunday real quick?

[GreenGeek] 9:06 pm: THANK YOU!!!

[Brenjetsfan] 9:07 pm: good luck play safe an thank you....

[IndyJet] 9:07 pm: Thanks Kevin. Good luck Sunday and the rest of the season!!

[Buzzsaw] 9:07 pm: Thanks Kevin!!!! Very cool that you stopped by.

[Brenjetsfan] 9:07 pm: Your #1 in my world!

[Kevin Mawae] 9:07 pm: Thanks folks, it's been lots of fun. Lets do it again soon. GO JETS!

[Kevin Mawae] 9:08 pm: Please support my charity.

[jetfaninmickeymouseland] 9:08 pm: thank you kevin and god bless. good luck sunday

[Buzzsaw] 9:08 pm: where can we find it -- I'll make a donation

[jetgirl] 9:08 pm: Of course we will.......

[Kevin Mawae] 9:08 pm: God bless

[regen] 9:08 pm: Rightheous Kevin. Thanks for coming on. The fans are behind you no matter what. Even when we boo.

[Stewdawg] 9:08 pm: see you in Baltimore

[Kevin Mawae] 9:10 pm: Check out the link on the front page for the Winthrop cause please

[Stewdawg] 9:11 pm: Kev I was raffle winner last season, got the graphed football

[Stewdawg] 9:11 pm: be in it again this year

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