September 29, 2005: The Day Woody Johnson Sold Out NY
By John Puccio
Founder, "Bring Our Jets Home"
Jets Guest Correspondent
September 29th, 2005
The Jets today made thier exile to the New Jersey swamps permanent and ripped the hearts out of many of their loyal fans.
The Jets today made thier exile to the New Jersey swamps permanent and ripped the hearts out of many of their loyal fans.
On and off the field, this has been the darkest week in New York Jets history.

Woody Johnson vowed to bring the Jets back to New York. Jay Cross said that the heart of the New York Jets resided in Queens and that he would not waste New Yorkers' time if he was not serious about returning the team there. By making the Jets exile in New Jersey permanent, which became official today, without seeing the Flushing Meadows proposal through, loyal New York fans have been betrayed by the very franchise they support. By not giving Queens a chance, that "heart" of the Jets has been ripped out.

Woody Johnson had the opportunity to undo a wrong committed against the fan base 20 years ago and become a hero to New York sports fans. Sadly, he joins a list of owners like Walter O'Malley and Leon Hess that have opted to chase profit instead of embracing identity.

The Jets never will have their own home or identity now.

What the Jets did today was move out of their parents basement, to a more comfortable space in mom and dad's attic. The Giants were and will always be the Jets master now. I hope Woody and Jay understand what they just did to this franchise and to their fans, not to mention their employees based in Hempstead.

Jay Cross had a great vision for what this franchise could be, but he blinked and gave up on it. With this deal, Mr. Cross' failure as president of the New York Jets is complete. In the last analysis, he signed a deal the likes of which even Steve Gutman could have made. This Jets and Giants merger is nothing short of an abomination to the fans of both teams. We will now be Blue and Green divisions of the same corporation, in an arena that most will recognize as the "new" Giants Stadium.

From our organization's standpoint, "Bring Our Jets Home" ended up a pawn in a game to help the Jets gain leverage with New Jersey. The Jets reached out to us and asked us to restart our efforts to help gain "grass-roots "support for the so-called Queens proposal. We gave them a good show at Borough Hall last month with a rally and visuals at a press conference. We let them use our website to direct a letter faxing campaign to New York officials. But their efforts in New York never went much beyond meeting with neighboring museum curators and soccer leagues. No real plan was ever developed.. Therefore it's hard for us to believe Queens was ever more than leverage against New Jersey.

In the end, the Jets wasted our time and broke our hearts. For that, Woody Johnson and Jay Cross will not be forgiven.

**Editor's Note: The Editor and Staff at Jets fully agree with Mr. Puccio's editorial and are sickened by this travesty. -SMD