Mark Cannizzaro Fan Chat Transcript: 10/19/05
By Jets Staff
October 19th, 2005

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 7:54 pm: All welcome Mark Cannizzaro!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 7:54 pm: Hello all. Thanks for coming.

[hermMUSTgo] 7:55 pm: hi mark--my question is why the sudden change to pessimism after just one sloppy game? our strength is our defense and when they play well we will win , but they didnt what gives?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 7:56 pm: Herm, I'm assuming you mean my change to pessimism?

[hermMUSTgo] 7:57 pm: yes, although it wasn't just you today...

[Mark Cannizzaro] 7:58 pm: I thought the Buffalo game was a significant fork in the road game for the Jets. A game they had to win in order to move forward as a legitimate contender. Buffalo is a middle of the road team and if the Jets cannot beat them, how are they going to Atlanta to win on Monday Night, to Carolina and Denver to win? The Bills game was one they had to have.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 7:59 pm: Speaking of pessimism, what's up with your screen name? That's not very positive.

[hermMUSTgo] 7:59 pm: i agree that it was a pivotal game ... my point is that if the jets had played well and lost it would be a lot more significant

[hermMUSTgo] 8:00 pm: and my screenname represents my resentment towards the man responsible for "The Kneel"

[joiseyjet] 8:00 pm: WELCOME MARK, & thanks for taking time out to do this. My question is do you think HERM gets another automatic pass this year cause of all the injuries, after changing DC & OC when does he take the blame .

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:02 pm: joisey, I'm not sure what you mean by "another'' automatic pass. He's taken them to the playoffs three of the last four years. That said, yes this year should give him a pass because of the QB crisis.

[beanball] 8:03 pm: hey Mark, thanks for your time, I know there are more pressing issues but are we ever going to see cedric houston spell curtis, even if curtis can make those big runs, it seems like he got slower and more tired on the 40+ yarders, when he should have been able to score and outrun the bills? and what's up with the tight ends? sorry if 2 parters aren't allowed

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:05 pm: Bean, Curtis looked fine last week. He's never going to outrun fast DBs and he never has been able to. Remember, his longest run last year was 25 yards. Houston will eventually spell Curtis, but even when they had Jordan and Blaylock how much action did they get? Not much. As for TEs, a week ago Vinny connected wtih Jolley and finally made him a factor, but last week the entire offense was a mess with the blitzing.

[beanball] 8:05 pm: ok great thank you!

[Neil] 8:06 pm: Did the Jets drop the ball oops sorry, by not trying to get someone , say an AJ Feely type.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:07 pm: Neil, I don't think much of Feeley, but I will say this: IF the Bucs were able to get Tim Rattay from the 49ers for a conditional 6th round pick, where was Terry Bradway in that hunt?

[jetfan1983] 8:08 pm: The Jets new offense features more passing downfield, but seems to very rarely use and "dink and dump" passes or creative run plays, sweeps, or screens. Have you noticed any of this and could this be a reason why Curtis and the short game has been unable to get much going until last Sunday? - thanks again Mark

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:10 pm: '83, a decent question. #$%^&* and dunk isn't Heimerdinger's thing. As for sweeps, teams are "setting the edge'' on the Jets running game and forcing Martin to stay inside. That's coming from Doug Marrone, the OL coach, today. I agree, the Jets should use some more screens to mix things up and, particularly to screw up the over-pursuing blitzing teams.

[lc87] 8:11 pm: hey mark thanks for the time. i was just wondering if there is a possibility of jay fiedler returning sometime in the next month as previously reported?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:13 pm: Yes, he could be back in a month. I spoke to him last week and he was very optimistic. A mutual friend of ours told me he's hopping the team can stay around .500 for his return so he can help them get to the postseason. I'd look for the Denver game or maybe Saints home night tilt for his return

[broadwayjoe] 8:13 pm: Hi Mark, thanks for your time. I'm wondering if we should have any reason to believe that Chad will ever fully recover from these two injuries to his shoulder to have the arm strength needed to be a successful QB in the future (even though arm strength was obviously never his strong suit). Also, IF we end up with a poor record, and subsequently, a high draft pick, and Chad's recovery is still uncertain, is there any chance we'll draft a QB early. Thanks again for taking the time.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:15 pm: Joe, I don't think anyone really knows if Chad can come back from this fully. Thatís why the Jets have to go after a QB high in the draft if they have the chance.

[JonEJet] 8:14 pm: Mark, thanks for giving us the opportunity to vent.....Question about the DLine....Besides the fact that the loss of Fergie is without question more evident than ever...has the lack of production out of Legree, Reed, and Pouha have the Jets thinking they may have to go the route of another DLineman in next years draft....the DLine last week was pains me to watch this defense get run over by the likes of the Bills, Chiefs and the Falcons this week

[broadwayjoe] 8:15 pm: thanks mark, keep up the good work

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:16 pm: Jon, agreed, but Reed has been at least serviceable this season. Legree is just a body. The Jets have more important fish to fry - QB - with the off-season next year than to worry about the line. They do, though, need to acquire a nose tackle, no question. Also, give a guy like Pouha time, heís only a rookie. Might contribute next year.

[JonEJet] 8:17 pm: Thanks Mark....lots of holes to fill with this bunch

[jetsbabe2315] 8:17 pm: Hi Mark...hereís my question: Even though we didnít do too well in Buffalo, I think we did a pretty good job in Tampa. Do you think that we can build off of our mistakes from buffalo, and play like we did in tampa (being that the falcons are a high caliber team like the bucs) in atlanta? Honestly, do you think we stand a chance, or no?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:18 pm: Babe, I think the Jets do have a chance in Atlanta. Their defense isnít as bad as it showed in Buffalo and the Falcons are a smaller quicker team like the Jets and that could be a better matchup for them.

[NYJ37/12] 8:19 pm: Hey mark. With the teams current cap status, will abraham be back in 06'?

[jetsbabe2315] 8:19 pm: thanks!

[Neil] 8:20 pm: I thought singing Feidller was Brilliant Brilliant!!! The next best thing to putting six bottles of beer together. A totally freak kind of thing both going out together. Does the Jets Org realize or think that Chad is done.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:20 pm: NYJ, that's a damned good question. From what I know, there have been no serious negotiations during the season about a new long term deal. They could franchise tag him again, which would infuriate him and his agents. I still think heís a good player they need to keep.

[Jets_Fragger] 8:20 pm: Mark, the Bills blitzed on many plays. The offensive line was clearly having problems and with the loss of Mawae the line is in serious trouble. Do you know what Vinny is doing to prepare for this? Also where is Chrebet, he hasn't been in this offense at all?

[NYJ37/12] 8:21 pm: no doubt. thanks

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:23 pm: Frag, Vinny is preparing for more blitzing, because teams will keep doing it until they make them pay. Protection I think will be better this week. It has to be and Vinny has to make the Falcons pay by completing passes down the field. Thatís the only way to make teams stop. As for Chrebet, I hate to say it because he's bee so good, but he's done. Heís lost steps and cannot get open anymore. His time has passed and I think Cotchery needs to be in there more often.

[gangGREENinsider] 8:23 pm: Mark, any comments on the trade proposed in the Star Ledger where the Jets would trade Abraham to the Skins for Ramsey and Arrington or Thomas? or Abraham to the Chargers for Rivers? Have you heard any rumblings about these options or is it merely speculation at this point.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:23 pm: All that is is rumor and heresay. Frstly, who in their right mind would trade Ae for Ramsey? What has Ramsey done in this league other than fail to win a starting job in Washington? The Jets have to sign Abe before they can trade him anywhere, remember. And the trading deadline is gone for this year. I really don't know how that's going to pan out, truly.

[Jetfan16] 8:23 pm: If fiedler is back in a month or so, will vinny remain the starter if he plays well enough to win, even if the team isn't necesarrily winning? also, do you think vinny testaverde the greatest quarterback of all time? if not, where do you rank him on the top ten all time greatest? thanks.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:27 pm: 16, if Vinny's winning he's playing. If the jets' offense is performing like it has the last two weeks, and Fiedler is ready, Fiedler will be in there in a heartbeat. Vinny isnít close to the greatest QB of all time, but he has done such an amazing job standing the tests of time and put up such numbers that he should be considered a notch or two below hall of fame status.

[joiseyjet] 8:27 pm: Mark do you think the stadium deal at the medows could be finalized before the election ,and if it doesn`t get officially done by then is there still chance in going back to queens ? The right answer to this could make SEANS night..

[Jetfan16] 8:28 pm: lol, thanks, he'll make the hall of fame after he leads us to the superbowl this year!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:29 pm: Joisey, in a moment of full disclosure, I really haven't been reporting on the stadium stuff and am not really in tune with everything that is going on. it seems, though, that queens is dead. it seems Woodrow is slipping under the covers with the Maras for the most coin.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:30 pm: 16, if Vinny leads the jets to the Super Bowl at age 42, he #$%^&* well deserves his day in Canton

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:30 pm: Amen

[Neil] 8:31 pm: Id wait another 35 years God willing for a SB if the JETS had a NYC home ....especially Manhattan! [JonEJet] 8:31 pm: Mark....earlier you indicated you felt Herm will get a pass since the QB situation went up in follow up question does Terry Bradway get the same pass....or does he pay for putting this mess together?

[Rude Polack] 8:32 pm: wow big crowd here

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:34 pm: I'm not as much a supporter of Bradway as I am of Herm. I think herm is the glue that keeps this franchise together. Terry has made some good moves and some bad moves. Herm, too, is not perfect, and I'm not suggesting that. But Terry and Tannenbaum have to be held accountable for paying $64 million to Pennington, don't they?

[The Sowell Train] 8:34 pm: Thanks Mark, Is Mark Brown really playing as well as everyone has said he has. I remember the big hit, and the beautiful INT, but other than that I seem him being slow on the flats and fairly slow overall IE: unimpressive. I like him a lot, I just think Barton is definetly superior, and should get his job back immediately. Thanks again.

[JonEJet] 8:34 pm: amen brother!!!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:36 pm: Sowell, Barton, who is due back this week, is a more explosive player. Brown has done a decent job, made a couple impact plays.

[Rude Polack] 8:37 pm: mark...the depth on the offensive line is very scary. are they gonna sign anyone else? [Mark Cannizzaro] 8:37 pm: They say no but I agree with youÖonly two guys to back up - Morely and Gragg - is dangerous

[quantum] 8:38 pm: Mark - who do you think the weakest link on the dee is, and who would you guess Donnie H would say it is?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:39 pm: quant, I'd say James Reed at nose tackle. They're getting by with him but could use more there.

[hermMUSTgo] 8:39 pm: why does herm keep calling timeouts after first down when opposing teams have the ball in the 2 minute drill? a good example was the jacksonville game--after going conservative and settling for the tie, why would herm call a timeout after the jags first offensive play on the ensuing possession, helping the jags move into our territory? what made no sense was that everyone in the stadium knew that chad was hurt and couldnt throw so what was he trying to acheive? will herm EVER be responsible?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:42 pm: I don't recall the scenario and don't remember if he was asked about that, honestly. Herm has taken responsibility when he feels he and his Staff have been out-coached. Kansas City comes to mind. What do you want him to apologize for?

[Jets_Fragger] 8:43 pm: Mark, Law has had some problems with "The Ty Law Rule" is he working on breaking this bad habit, or he more worried about coverage and other stuff?

[hermMUSTgo] 8:43 pm: we all agree herm can make the playoffs... but do you ever think he can get to that next level? Bellicheik is winning super bowls and you are patting herm on the back for making the playoffs

[JonEJet] 8:43 pm: Law is worried about his incentives

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:44 pm: I'm not exonerating herm for the Chad signing, because youíre correct, he is close to Chad. Herm made the right moves on the coordinators, I believe. Cottrell was too much nice guy, which is what Herm is and always will be. I think you'd agree that Hackett was a problem.

[hermMUSTgo] 8:45 pm: and i dont want apologies ... i want results, i.e. a SUPER BOWL

[JonEJet] 8:45 pm: We all do

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:46 pm: does law have a penatly incentive...because he definitely hit it

[hermMUSTgo] 8:46 pm: this is not personal ... i agree that herm is probably the best coach from the time the game ends until the next game begins ... but i wish he would miss the bus every sunday morinng b/c he is clueless on the sideline

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:46 pm: Sorry Frag, you're right Law has had his problems with penalties and it has to stop. He says he's not going to change, but he'd better do something.

[jetgirl] 8:46 pm: Mark, everyone myself included were so excited to get Dinger as we were with Hendu, why are we not seeing much difference from Hacketts play calling? Is it Herm making the calls?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:47 pm: Herm has never been a game-day genius. I give you that. But he has improved from the first couple of years, which were horrid in time management.

[jetgirl] 8:47 pm: Hendu has made great strides with the D his first year

[broadwayjoe] 8:47 pm: One more Mark, gotta put you on the spot a little... what do you think, by percentage, the chances are that we're playing the Pats in late December with anything still on the line other than pride? Also, my two cents on one thing Herm should apologize for... letting Chad back into that game when he was already busted up.

[jetgirl] 8:48 pm: but dinger is not

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:48 pm: Fran, I think you have to throw the entire Dinger this out the window for the monment, because the personnel he inherited has been blown up. Every week has been crisis mode. We've seen some signs of him throwing down the field with Vinny, but last week was a jailbreak.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:49 pm: Give Dinger some time and the same personnel for a few weeks in a row

[hermMUSTgo] 8:49 pm: please mark, dont open up the "hem game-day managment" debate .... i can go on for hours on his critical mistakes about taking the knee backwards in pitssburgh .... pure genious

[jetgirl] 8:49 pm: So we should be feeling sorry for Dinger right now? Ok............

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:51 pm: Joe, I hate to say it but I Think the Jets will be playing the dreaded spoiler role by the time they play the Pats. As for Chad, by all accounts, Chad didn't hurt himself further by going in and, if I may remind you, if Chrebet holds onto that TD pass are we having this conversation?

[broadwayjoe] 8:51 pm: fair enough

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:52 pm: Girl, the Dude lost his two top QBís, his backup RB and now the anchor to his line. Chill

[joiseyjet] 8:54 pm: I think we all just want that feeling back we had after crushing the colts at home in that 41-0 playoff win

[jetgirl] 8:54 pm: ok......we are all getting old Mark waiting for a superbowl........we are not getting any younger, we don't want to go there with oxygen tanks attached to our wheelchairs.....

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:55 pm: Understood. You don't want to hear this, but '05 just looks like one of those years like '99 where too much goes wrong for one team to endure.

[Jets_Fragger] 8:55 pm: Mark, Coles has been pretty much a bust this yr in my eyes because I expected so much from him. Is this because Chad got hurt or is it Coles? Also can we expect anything more from him like changing the way he is playing or preparing or will he continue playing the way he is right now?

[JonEJet] 8:55 pm: It's 2003 all over again

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:57 pm: Again Frag, I am not at all trying to alibi for Coles, but this quarterback thing has been more debilitating than anyone is understanding and, we now all now Chad wasn't right in the first place - before he re-injured the shoulder.

[JonEJet] 8:57 pm: Thanks Mark......the chat was great, and appreciated

[joiseyjet] 8:57 pm: I don`t think you`ll be able to go in a wheel chair fran ,Ithink woody & mara dumped the handy cap section in the new stadium for more club seats and luxory boxes

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:57 pm: Thanks Mark for the time. A great chat!

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:57 pm: Thanks to all who participated!

[JetFreak89] 8:57 pm: Thanks Mark

[joiseyjet] 8:57 pm: Thanks for your time MARK....

[jetsbabe2315] 8:58 pm: thanks@

[The Sowell Train] 8:58 pm: thx mark

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:58 pm: Thank you guys for having me. We'll do it again ... hang in there. I know this sucks. Just bring better food and more boozed to the home-game tailgates. Medicate!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:58 pm: Always medicate!

[Ohio State NY Jets fan] 8:58 pm: Thanks Mark and Sooth for opening this up

[Neil] 8:58 pm: Jetgirl Ill put your 02 on if you will do the same for ahhh me Thanks Mark and Sooth!

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:59 pm: LOL That won't be a problem

[Jets_Fragger] 8:59 pm: thank you sooth and remember my suggestion