Rock Bottom?
By Justin Paley
Jets Staff Writer
November 14th, 2005
There is no doubt this season has been a frustration for the Jets. They have lost 10 players for the season due to injury with the latest being T Jason Fabini, who tore his pectoral muscle in yesterday’s 30-3 loss to the Carolina Panthers as the Jets fell to 2-7.

One thing that head coach Herman Edwards has stressed to his players no matter what the team’s record is has been to never quit and give up. “We don’t know how to quit, keep working hard…win some games,” FS Erik Coleman said.

Yesterday with 5:30 left in the game and the Jets trailing 30-3, instead of going in a hurry-up mode, the Jets used the huddle and ran the ball with RB Cedric Houston. Edwards grew testy today when asked why he decided to do that.

“We had turned the ball over five times in a row,” Edwards said. “I wasn’t going to put that QB (Brooks Bollinger) in harms way any longer. I wasn’t going to send our defense out there again if we turned the ball over. That’s my decision. That’s what you do for your team. I know the situation of that game. I’m looking at that game, I’ll get this young kid in there (Houston) and find out if he can run. Let the QB leave with some dignity. Won’t ask defense to go back out there if we turn the ball over again. That’s what I’m thinking. We’ve got seven games left.”

It was frustrating at the time,” Bollinger said. “I don’t want to let go of winning the game. He (Edwards) has a different perspective. He made the right choice…did what’s best for the team.”

Bollinger finished 11-of-21 passing for 98 yards and was sacked three times and threw four interceptions. Edwards said Bollinger will be the starter again this week. “If he can manage the team like he did the first three quarters, we’ll be fine. We’ll have a chance to win,” Edwards said.

“You just learn from it…I have no problem taking the burden,” Bollinger said. “You learn from it and get better and hopefully things turn our way.”

Edwards spoke to Bollinger today and said Bollinger can’t let his performance against Carolina effect him against Denver this week. “He’s disappointed but he has to get over it,” Edwards said. “He has to let it go…Bounce back. I anticipate he’ll come back Wednesday excited. Offense will be excited. We did some things. Ran the football. Showed we can run the ball, always a good thing because you can control the clock. Rest the defense. Build on that.”

Edwards did say there were some positives from yesterday’s game including rookies RB Cedric Houston (10 carries, 53 yards), TE Joel Dreesen, and CB Justin Miller who limited WR Steve Smith to three catches for 34 yards while starting for the injured CB David Barrett.

“He did a great job. He was physical. He was on point mentally. He made good plays. Couldn’t ask for a better job,” FS Erik Coleman said.

“He did a good job hustling and played well,” Edwards said.

Edwards talked about the mindset of his team. “We’re a very, very mentally strong team,” Edwards said. “There’s no cracks in them. Can’t be any cracks. One crack and another one cracks and not enough fingers to hold up the dam. These guys understand where we’re at and the situation we are in. We’re a team and will continue to play as a team. We’ll prepare this week to try to win a game on the road.”

Bollinger said the team won’t quit. “Not a lot of easy ones in this league,” Bollinger said. “No matter what happens from here, I know guys are going to go out and try to win games.”

Edwards talked about the goal for his team. “Improve and win a game,” Edwards said. “I think what it does if you’ve been here and gone to the playoffs and won, you realize how hard it is to win. You take winning for granted…now these guys realizing because been on a carpet ride…you kind of take that for granted. Now with what’s happened to us it’s like we got to win a game. You want that exuberance of winning because you put so much hard work into it during the week. These guys used to winning….I think that sets in their stomach that’s what hurts them.”


-Edwards gave an update on injured WR Wayne Chrebet. “He came in Thursday night,” Edwards said. “We spoke and had a great conversation for about a hour. He’s going to make a decision. Let everyone know once he decides. He was in good spirits. He knows what he needs to do. He’ll get back to me and let me know which way he’s going to go. We’ll have to wait and see. Has all the time to decide what he wants to do.

-QB Jay Fiedler said he won’t speculate on when he will be back playing. Fiedler has been practicing. “I can’t tell you the time frame,” Fiedler said. “I’m getting better and making progress…each week I’ll do more and see where it’s at and keep progressing further.” Fielder said he threw four times last week and hopes to get back “as fast as I can.”

-Issac Snell has been activated from the practice squad to replace T Jason Fabini. Snell was signed to the Jets practice squad on Sept. 9.


T Jason Fabini tore his pectoral muscle and is out for the year. T Scott Gragg replaced him. CB David Barrett is going to get his eye checked again. Barrett did not make the trip due to the injury.

-QB Jay Fiedler (shoulder): Out
-RB Derrick Blaylock (foot): Out
-T Jason Fabini (pectoral): Out
-CB David Barrett (eye): Questionable
-LB Kenyatta Wright (ankle): Questionable
-FB B.J. Askew (ankle): Questionable
-C Pete Kendall (back): Questionable

The Jets have tomorrow off before returning to practice on Wednesday in preparation for the Denver Broncos. Check back to Jets for all the latest Jets news.