Fireman Ed Speaks Out

By Sean M. Deegan
Publisher, Jets
December 13th, 2005
You may have seen Fireman Ed Anzalone hold up this sign at games recently. (Jets Photo)
You may have seen Fireman Ed Anzalone hold up this sign at games recently. (Jets Photo)
On the heels of the Jets and Giants announcing yesterday that they have come up with a preliminary plan for their shared stadium there are still many Jets fans that are unsettled and feel betrayed by the Jets' decision to make a permanent exile to New Jersey. Especially, after the owner Woody Johnson vowed to give the Jets their own home in the state of NY.

One fan in particular is Fireman Ed Anzalone. You may have seen him recently at games holding protest signs. He even publicly boycotted the Jets – Chargers game on November 6th. This weekend he shared with us exclusively an open letter to Johnson that explains his feelings and frustration. Frustration and betrayal that is shared by thousands of loyal Jets fans worldwide.

Dear Woody Johnson,

When I fought for the Westside Stadium it was because it was the only option to have our own home. I fought with my heart as a Jets fan against Cablevision and all the naysayers. I fought with my New York City Firefighters Union over this issue. I love my fellow firefighters and give my heart and soul to my job like all those other firefighters do. There are some things I may have done differently. I would like to take back being in front of the firehouse, representing firefighters, I would have rather represented Jets fans on this issue.

What I don’t take back, is the fact that I want the Jets to have their own stadium. I know I made some Jets fans angry about tailgating and other issues in regard to the proposed West Side Stadium. Although those things would be nice to have, the bottom line is having our OWN HOME. That’s what really matters.

With that being said, I was shocked when I and my fellow Jets Fans were blindsided by you by settling for a shared NJ stadium with the Giants. INSTEAD OF KEEPING UP THE FIGHT FOR OUR OWN STADIUM, you threw your cards in, you took your ball and went home.

We need our OWN HOME. To be honest, I don’t care where the Jets stadium is, as long its somewhere in the Metropolitan area where we can get to it. There is no doubt that Queens is the most feasible and likely spot. However, if the organization wants it in Jersey City or next to the Meadowlands, Yonkers, or Aqueduct Racetrack, it doesn’t matter. We will all be there.

This issue CANNOT be about convenience. It cannot be about people saying “As long as it is good for me” - it has to be about the team, about “Our House”, “Our Organization” and “Our Home”. I ask you, Woody, What have you done since you bought this franchise? We started where we are, and we are ending in the same dreaded place! Neither franchise is truly happy.

Why not go on your own and decide your own fate with your OWN HOME? Show that the Jets are a class franchise. PUT UP A DAMN FIGHT, battle until you find your HOME. The fans will wait, we have been waiting and supporting this organization all these years. We can wait as long as it takes, knowing the end result is worth the wait.

The shovels are not yet in the ground. MOVE ON! Make this organization SECOND TO NONE! Show the heart that the Jets fans have, show us that you can deliver, WE‘LL BACK YOU, WE ALREADY HAVE!

Remember what you said the day you bought our beloved franchise? You said Jets fans need their OWN HOME. Look back on that film footage, and look in your heart and do the right thing. Jets fans are depending upon you. KEEP YOUR WORD, WOODY. JETS FANS WANT THEIR OWN STADIUM!


Just another loyal JETS fan

Fireman Ed Anzalone

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