Mark Cannizzaro Fan Chat Transcript

By Jets Staff
December 15th, 2005
[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 7:50 pm: Good Evening Folks! Welcome to the Jets chatroom and welcome Jets Insider/NY Post Jets writer Mark Cannizzaro. Thanks for joining us, Mark

[Mark Cannizzaro] 7:50 pm: Hello everyone out there...pleased to be here again!

[SAR I] 7:51 pm: Mark....first off, I'm a big fan of yours and think you're the most objective Jets print writer. That said, I'm frustrated by the fact that the NY media seems to give Herman Edwards a free ride and have the following question: Is it not true that Bill Parcells left Herm a very talented group of players and that Herm's underachieved with good talent moreso than overachieved with mediocre talent? Isn't he given too much credit for seeking out 9-7 type wildcard seasons when another coach might have gotten a lot more out of the squad?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 7:53 pm: Sar, I do not think herm has underachieved. I do think heís learned on the job, having never been a head coach before. Herm's teams had slow starts his first two years and he corrected that the third year. I think you have to credit him, even in those bad start years, for rebounding well enough to make the playoffs. Iím not saying heís perfect by any means, but his positives far outweigh the negatives in my mind.

[SAR I] 7:53 pm: Thx. LOL

[tonysxl1200c] 7:54 pm: Thanks for being here Mark! It seems the Jets pass defense is pretty decent, but their run D is lacking. Is Sione Pouha becoming a disappointment, and are the Jets hoping he improves next year or will they go after another run stopper in the draft or FA? e informative and expiditiouis than neat

[Mark Cannizzaro] 7:55 pm: Hey Tony, to early to call any rookie a disappointment. Reed has had an ok year but is too small for that spot on the nose. They miss Ferguson, and will continue to try finding a better run stopper. As for Sione, he'll have more chances next season.

[jetblue10] 7:56 pm: Mark thanks so much for coming on.... I dont buy the injury excuse this year, I certainly understand the magnitude of injuries we have had this season but i get the feeling after the first couple of games that we were in trouble before this all happened...what are your thoughts......thanks

[Mark Cannizzaro] 7:59 pm: Jetblue, Youíre right in your second part of the statement; The Jets were ill prepared across the board in that Kansas City game, but they did beat Miami and should have beaten Jax even with the two QB injuries (Wayne Chrebet drop in end zone). I disagree with you not buying the injury excuse. I defy anyone to find me as any team that has survived and thrived with their third QB.

[Jetfan16] 7:59 pm: mark, is Vinny going to start on the mnf game against the pats and the bills game? next, if hes not going to start or play, how dumb would you say that herm is? also, assuming Vinny plays both games, im going to set the over/under for the number of touchdown passes he throws at 10. do you think he will get 10 tds in the last two games, and if not, how many more do than 10 would you expect for him to get? assuming he gets 10+ tds in the last two games, do you think he will make the pro bowl??

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:01 pm: I don't know whether Vinny will start or when heíll play but Herm will get him in at some point. I don't think that's dumb. What fun is left to this season? Let the guy have a last hurrah and maybe even throw a TD pass. [Pac2566] 8:01 pm: Hello Mark. As a follow up to the first question have you ever had a conversation with Herm where he where you've talked about the many negative remarks made about him by fans? If so what's he said? Thanks!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:03 pm: Pac, Herm loves the fan support he gets. He knows there are some who are down on him but he never has a bad word to say about anyone. Hhe in fact has been particularly praising of the people who are still showing up for games in the midst of this dismal season

[tonysxl1200c] 8:04 pm: Do you think there's any chance that Ty Law will be back next year? I saw a few weeks ago he took a bonus check for $ not sure the thinking there other than to lower his cap hit next year??

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:05 pm: Tony, no way on Ty Law. The Jets canít wait to say goodbye. Financial issues heís actually due 11 million bonus in March, Which wonít happen. He, too, isnít the same player he was. [SAR I] 8:06 pm: Mark, where to we stand as a team for the future? From your unique vantage point, are we in for a) another Kotite-like dark ages, b) a mini rebuild towards success in 2008, or c) get right back towards the top of the division next September?

[Pac2566] 8:07 pm: From what you've witnessed and heard do you think Chad will be able to make it back and if so are we going to get 75% of him 80%.... Have you heard anything about the rumor from one of the papers that has the Jets trading the 1st pick to the Chargers for Rivers and their pick? If so would you pull the trigger?

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:08 pm: No prob West Coast go after this one

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:08 pm: SAR, youre giving me Kotite-like stomach pain

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:08 pm: No way on dark ages. It's too easy to rebuilt a team quickly in this era. The offense needs to be rebuilt with some speedy skill players and OL help and they'll be contending next year for playoffs

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:09 pm: pac, i honestly have no idea about how Pennington will come back and nor do the Jets. They donít like Rivers from what I'm told by insiders there.

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:10 pm: Will Jets be able to run run run against Miami? Or was the 4th quarter last Sunday an abberation-tired and disinterested Raiders defense?

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:12 pm: Herm called it hammer time, but others say it was a softer defense

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:12 pm: Westy, I think it's in the middle. Raiders were done late. Miami will be tough to run against.

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:12 pm: Thanks

[elot] 8:13 pm: Bandaid as in a Kerry Collins type

[elot] 8:14 pm: Journeyman

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:14 pm: Elot, they will not start a rookie next year because they donít want to endure another 3-13 or 4-12. They aren't sure about Pennington and will bring a veteran starting caliber guy in - Kitna? Ramsey? Simms? K Collins. Thatís my belief from the people inside that I speak to. That doesnít mean they wonít draft a QB for the future in the second round and groom him.

[FlaJet023] 8:14 pm: Whats the organizations outlook on the salary cap next year?? Can we be players in free agency?

[JNamath12] 8:15 pm: Hey Mark..the Jets have never been big players in the Free Agency game. Why do you think that is so and do you see things changing qafter this year's debacle.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:15 pm: They are currently projected to be way over the projected salary cap of 95 million or so. But there, too, are a lot of cuts that'll be made - such as Ty Law and his 11 mill bonus - that'll whittle their number down. So, yes, they'll dabble in free agency, but arenít probably a big ticket item buyer.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:16 pm: jnamath, they believe in building with young players and the draft more and don't buy into the big ticket item. Ty Law as somewhat different there, but his deal was very incentive laden and he was very cutable after a year.

[The Commissioner] 8:17 pm: Hey Mark, one question isnt enough. Herm and Bradway seem to be tied at the hip, while fans seem to disagree as to which one is the problem with the team, do you think eithyer will be replaced

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:18 pm: Commish, they're only tied in that they came in together. I think if anyone goes first it's Bradway, Because I think Herm is more valuable to the program.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:18 pm: Woody loves Herm.

[The Commissioner] 8:18 pm: thanks,

[The Commissioner] 8:18 pm: I think

[Pac2566] 8:18 pm: How has Coles taken this year? Since he has been relatively uninvolved in light of the QB situation has his toe problem healed up and will he be 100% next year?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:19 pm: He's been a victim of the QB situation. He hasnít really shown any affects from the toe thing. I expect he'll have a much better year in í06.

[Rude Polack] 8:20 pm: mark..will john abraham be here next year? could the jets trade him?

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:20 pm: halebw up next after polack's question is answered

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:21 pm: Good question rude. I just did a story on him for tomorrow. He wants to be here with a long term deal. I've been told by some key people that they still donít know what to do - long term, sign and trade for a QB perhaps or franchise him again. He said today that he has no interest in being franchised again, and that he'd probably blow off camp again if he is franchised.

[halebw] 8:22 pm: How will Curtis Martin come back next year, in your opinion? How effective will he be on offense?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:22 pm: The jets could trade him by letting his agent negotiate with a trade team

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:23 pm: I believe Curtis comes back at a lower contract number and I think he still has gas left in the tank. It wouldnít surprise me if he's starting on opening day

[nysxl1200c] 8:23 pm: Concerning the O-Line specifically, do you think that Fabini and/or Kendall will be back next year, and if not, will the Jets take an O-Lineman with what will most likely be a top-5 pick?

[SAR I] 8:24 pm: To me, Terry Bradway's done a very good job here of getting us over the salary cap issues of 2001, the signing of the Four #1's in 2002, the drafting of good value mid-rounders, the home run of Vilma, etc. How is Terry perceived amongst his peers throughout the NFL? Superior, average, below average? They must slam him for hiring Herm Edwards of course, but besides that one do the other GM's and exec's rate Terry?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:25 pm: Tony, I think Fabini is either gone or comes back with a pay cut and I think Kendall will renegotiate, too, and be back. He's versatile and a good player still. As for top five pick like Virginia tackle, thatís very possible.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:26 pm: SAR, Terry's results have been mixed. He still has not drafted or acquired a Pro Bowl player. Hiring herm, in my opinion was far from a mistake.

[jetblue10] 8:26 pm: Sorry i was all in on a hand AA........mark i definitely see your point on my last question on a 3rd string QB and i understand its tough to win with one but it seems like humdinger has gotton a free pass this year. How do you feel about his game plans and how he has performed this season? do you think were all just scared to kill him because we crucified hackett last season?

[SAR I] 8:26 pm: LOL. Still can't convince you :(

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:28 pm: blue, how can you possibly make a true evaluation of heimerdinger when he's not been playing with a full deck all year? I think he's done a decent job with Bollinger, to be honest. Compare the way Bollinger looked vs. Baltimore in his first start and last couple of weeks. Night and day. Give him some time with a real starting QB and OL and then evaluate him

[elot] 8:28 pm: Mark, i noticed that you said that they would probably draft a QB in the second round, is that a guess by you or is that something you heard inside the organization? Have any QB names in the draft been thrown around inside the organization? Omar Jacobs? Jay Cutler? Leinart? Vince Young? Any info on who the organization likes, or is it too early?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:30 pm: elot, I meant possibly a QB in second round, such as a Cutler, who I actually hear good things about from my college FB sources. Leinart they don't think is top two or three material and won't spend the $$ i don't think. If Vince Young is staring them down with the No. 3 pick that'll be interesting.

[FlaJet023] 8:30 pm: Mark, give me 3 or 4 surprise names who wont be here next year.....In your opinion of course

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:31 pm: fla. ... How's the weather down there? ... I don't know if I have surprise names. I think Martin would be a surprise. Offensively there will be changes on OL, perhaps FB Jerald Sowell wonít be backÖdefinitely OL changes. Mawae is an interesting case, though I think he'll be back.

[The Commissioner] 8:32 pm: Mark do you think Penny will be generous with his contract restructuring, or do you think he will just be looking to let it play out

[jetblue10] 8:32 pm: two quick questions erik coleman seems to not be having the season he has had last year..thoughts on him......its apparent to me now that jason ferguson was a very big part of the defenses success last to get your thoughts.....

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:33 pm: I think Pennington will do what's best for the team. Heís made 22 mill already from his contract and has no leverage if they want to do something, plus, heís loyal to Herm and the team.

[SAR I] 8:33 pm: Mark, I'm putting together tid-bits of information that lead me to believe that there is a very real chance that Herman Edwards will be gone by March 1. The lack of passion in his voice, the lack of motivation on the part of his players, the non-denial of the KC rumor, the Curtis Martin record situation, the potential Testaverde start. It's all very un-Hermlike and very suspicious. Any chance he's packing his office two months from now? Even a slim one? It's Christmas....please?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:35 pm: SAR, I would be shocked if Herm isnít here. Iíve had private conversations with him about it before during and after the KC rumors, which by the way took on a life if their own. I think you're reading too much between the lines there on those things.

[SAR I] 8:35 pm: Bah, humbug.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:36 pm: who do you want sar? Be careful what you wish for.

[The Commissioner] 8:36 pm: Gary Kubiak sar

[SAR I] 8:36 pm: My mother would be a better candidate.

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:37 pm: be nice

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:38 pm: we have ab out 10 minutes left Folks...IM me if you have a question

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:38 pm: jetblue, sorry I missed you ... Coleman has made some steps back, sophmore jinx, whatever, he's been beaten on some pass plays and taken some bad angles on the tackles. Heís a sharp guy who'll be better, in my opinion. As for Fergie, yes they miss him, but heís not irreplacable.

[halebw] 8:41 pm: Talk to me about Justin Miller, will he be a starter next year on D? How about punt returns, can his fumble problem be overcome? Or should we just forget it and stick with Jericho and JMac? Or someone new altogether?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:42 pm: hale, they like Mller, who's improving every week. Ithink heíll definitely be a starter next year. As for punts, not sure. they need to do something there. Probably not. Starting CB and KO returns are a lot on his plate.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:42 pm: jerriho and mccareins are not very good punt returners

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:42 pm: just average

[jetblue10] 8:42 pm: I thought chad was going to be the one that finally got us back to the big game....and i still believe he can lead us to the super bowl in miami next year...what are your honest thoughts on him, his career, his tiime with the jets, were we all seeing a mirage? Also nugents kickoffs are so short whats up with that

[The Commissioner] 8:45 pm: Mark why did we go with a completely ineffective Curtis Martin for so long, especially with the severity of his injury

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:45 pm: blue, I believe in Chad ... if he's healthy. I think he has something special to him, even though not a strong arm. I don't think we should write him off just yet. Nugent has been getting under the ball a bit and is still getting used to the NFL K balls. No excuses, he knows he need to be better. He'll become stronger in the offseason, too. Quietly, though his FGís are 77 percent, Which isn't horrible when you figure two of his five misses were a slip in KC and the 53-yarder that missed vs no

[jetblue10] 8:46 pm: it kills me we spent a second rd pick on him

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:46 pm: Commish, I'm not sure Martin was completely honest with the coaches as to how much he was hurting.

[JNamath12] 8:46 pm: I got one....hey Mark. Why has the front office not addressed the overall team speed. It just seem this team is just slow

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:47 pm: They are slow ... offensively,. they did address speed on defense - Vilma, Coleman, Barton, etc. now they must do it on offense.

[Pac2566] 8:47 pm: I wasn't doing cartwheels when I heard the names you mentioned as possible vet QB's to be brought in next year (Collins, Kitna). Is there no hope for aquiring someone who's best days aren't behind them ie Volek, Shaub?

[kenobriend] 8:48 pm: isn't dinger's style of offense contradictory to herm's defense oriented, low sscoring mentality, and and admission herm's style of football couldn't win champinoships, and how are the 2 styles supposed to merge since they are sort of contradictory (i'm talking about before the injuries occurred, but do you think herm wanted to get less conservative and more aggressive with the offense but had to go back to his old style

[jetblue10] 8:49 pm: mark thanks a ton for the chat..thanks sooth

[The Commissioner] 8:49 pm: Thanks for the Chat, mark and Sooth. After hearing Marks answers I have narrowed his JI moniker down to two or three names

[halebw] 8:50 pm: Thanks Mark, Sooth.

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:50 pm: No problem folks. Two more questions have yet to be answered

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:50 pm: pac, Shaub is a great option but I'm told by Atlanta insiders that they won;'t part with him.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:51 pm: keno, I think Herm's style will change with the addition of some explosive talent. He's not holding Dinger back, believe me. Dinger has held back because he has not talent. This is the only way they think they can win games, close to vest and not getting blown out.

[jetblue10] 8:51 pm: mark last one...does dick curl know his football?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:52 pm: pac, Volek another good option, but he's heir apparent to McnNair and wonílt be moved, also he signed a new five year deal before this season I believe. [The Commissioner] 8:52 pm: then Bledsoe in a couple years

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:52 pm: blue, Dick Curl doesn't matter.

[The Commissioner] 8:52 pm: lol

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:53 pm: Everyone join me in thanking Mark for his time. Thanks Bro

[elot] 8:53 pm: thanks mark

[Jetfan16] 8:53 pm: thanks

[tonysxl1200c] 8:53 pm: Thanks Mark!!!!!

[kenobriend] 8:53 pm: thnaks

[Jetfan16] 8:53 pm: go jets!

[The Commissioner] 8:53 pm: ty Mark

[SAR I] 8:53 pm: Thanks Mark. The Post rules!

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:53 pm: Transcript will be posted. Probably tomorrow. I gotta get home!

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:53 pm: Still doing the Herm workout Mark?

[halebw] 8:53 pm: Thanks again Mark.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:53 pm: Thanks everyone. Catch you next time!

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