Herm: "I'm the Jets Coach, Period."

By Justin Paley
Jets Staff Writer
December 29th, 2005
Recently, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil said that Herman Edwards deserves consideration for coach of the year honors because of the many Jets injuries this season. That re-ignited the rumors that if Vermeil retires after the season, Edwards could leave to coach the Chiefs.

However at Jets camp today, Edwards said he is happy being where he is. ďIím the Jets coach as far as Iím concerned. Period,Ē Edwards said. ďThatís all Iíve got to say. We donít have to talk about it anymore. Done. Move on.Ē

ďReally, seriously, we donít need to keep going on this. Thereís going to be speculation, we know that. There always is at the end of the year. Thatís what this thing is about, itís about speculation. Thatís all it is at this point and time. I wouldnít worry about it. Iím not worried about it,Ē Edwards said.

The rumors began about six weeks ago when Edwards was noncommittal in a Nov. 16 news conference about returning to the Jets. Edwards then had to backtrack later in the day. Edwards is signed through 2007.

About a week later, Jets owner Woody Johnson said: ďHermís not leaving. Heís doing everything he can to win and I think the team is doing everything it can to win.Ē

Edwards appreciates the kind words from Vermeil. ďThatís very nice of him to say,Ē Edwards said. ďI think when a man says something like that, a man I respect, I respect him even more for the fact that heís been in football and coached football a lot longer than I have. He has a lot more wisdom than I do, believe me, and Iíve learned a lot from him. One thing I know about Dick, he speaks the truth, heís going to say whatís on his mind. Whether people agree with him or not, heís going to say whatís on his mind.Ē

With 12 players on injured reserve including the top two quarterbacks, Edwards has had to play a lot of guys that probably normally wouldnít play and has gotten good looks at his young talents.

Edwards said he has learned a lot in the losing season. ďYou just learn about people; itís a family,Ē Edwards said. ďYou learn about your family when you get in tough times. The thing Iíve always learned, and I always tell people, and they get nervous when I tell them this but itís the truth, I see and hear everything. Sometimes I donít say anything, but I write it down. At the end I got a list. Iím like Santa Clause. I got a listĒ

ďThatís my job, thatís what you do as a head coach, you observe, you watch what happens, you watch how people react, you watch how this happens, you watch players, you watch it all. At the end, like I said, itís not about feelings, itís about facts. You have some facts and go, ĎOk, hereís the facts. On this day, remember, this happened, this person did that.í It could have been three months ago, but I got it. Trust me, I got it. Sometimes it shocks people to let them know that you remembered that. Oh I remember everything, because thatís my job: to make sure the environment weíre in, involved in, that weíre all going in the same direction. Itís very, very important, especially in times like this.Ē



The Jets local media gave Jets C Pete Kendall an award today for the Jets player that best cooperates with the media. Kendal is always very thoughtful with the media and never afraid to share his true opinion.


DE Shaun Ellis (hamstring) and DT Dewayne Robertson (thigh) both did not practice today. Edwards said if they do not practice tomorrow, they will not play on Sunday. S Oliver Celestin (ankle) has been downgraded from probable to questionable and practiced a little today. CB Ty Law (foot) is fine and practiced today according to Edwards.

-DE Shaun Elllis (hamstring)
-DT Dewayne Robertson (thigh)
-S Oliver Celestin (ankle)

-Ty Law (foot)

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