Jonathan Vilma Q & A (Part 2)

By James J. Parziale
Jets Staff Writer
February 7th, 2006
Jets LB Jonathan Vilma talks about next season and the importance of John Abraham on this team. (Jets Photo)
Jets LB Jonathan Vilma talks about next season and the importance of John Abraham on this team. (Jets Photo)
Jets If the nucleus of the defense is kept in place what do you think the future would hold for this team?

Vilma: We’ve already started talking about next year. We already talked about how next year we as a unit have to play a lot harder. We are going to correct the little things that have kept us from being great. You know, we’ve been good at times and we’ve been inconsistent at times. We’ve already started talking about how we’re going to correct those little things for next year. It’d be great if we could all stay together and get this thing rolling next year.

JI: How important is keeping John Abraham being that he is your bext pass-rusher?

Vilma: There you go. You answered your question. It’s very key. He was healthy the whole year.

JI: You said you and some players have been discussing next year. Who were some of those players?

Vilma: Erik (Coleman), Shaun (Ellis), Dewayne (Robertson). There was a lot of us. Right now it has nothing to do with the coaches to be honest. It’s about the players trying to get this thing turned around. If we’re going to stay here there’s no amount of coaching that can correct a 3-12 team.

JI: It seems like Ty Law may be moving on after the season. As your only Pro Bowler how would that effect the defense?

Vilma: He was obviously a proven veteran and he did a great job for us. He taught the young guys. He taught Justin (Miller) very well. David Barrett has been David Barrett. We definitely need to get another backup. I don’t know if we can get someone of Ty’s caliber.

JI: How do you think your 2001 Miami Hurricanes would do against this year’s Texas National Championship team?

JV: Come on now, easy win by my 'Canes. It wouldn’t even be close!

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