Jets Insider Chats With Justin Miller (Part 2)

By James J. Parziale
Jets Staff Writer
February 21st, 2006
Despite some struggles with punt returns, Justin Miller finsihed 3rd best in the NFL with a 26.1 yard kickoff return average. (Jets Photo)
Despite some struggles with punt returns, Justin Miller finsihed 3rd best in the NFL with a 26.1 yard kickoff return average. (Jets Photo)

JI: You struggled this season on punts. How is that something you can improve and do you want to return punts next year?

Miller: Yeah. It was a lack of concentration my part. Itís something I have to be patient with out there.

JI: How about your return against the Bills?

Miller: It was real nice. I have a lot of faith in my return team. We get out there each week and lay it on the line. That is all I can ask of them.

JI: What did the Coach say to you after you scored?

Miller: He just congratulated me. He knew all year we were close. Our return team has blocked hard all year. It has always been so close, so to finally get a TD was really exciting.

JI: What have you learned to do better on returns each week?

Miller: We just felt like that was the best return for us just based on how they were running down field and covering. And it turned out to be the best for us.

JI: How have you developed as a corner from week to week?

Miller: I am developing each week. Every young corner still has a lot to learn. I am learning a lot from Ty Law and David Barrett, and my other corners. Each week I still have stuff to learn.

JI: How has playing with Ty Law been?

Miller: It was great playing along side of him, and seeing everything he has gone through. From the downslope he went through and to come out of it alive is a great accomplishment for him.

JI: Whatís been the biggest lesson heís taught you?

Miller: Thereíve been a lot of little things. From how you play someone in the red zone or on the rest of the field to what are you seeing from the receivers.

JI: If he leaves the team can you fill his shoes?

Miller: Whatever the situation is I wish him the best. Whatever it is, itís not my situation. If you get asked you have to just step in and play. I'll be ready.

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