Q & A With Kicker Mike Nugent (Part 2)
By Justin Paley
Jets Staff Writer
March 21st, 2006
Jets Kicker Mike Nugent will try to be more consistent as he enters his sophmore season in the NFL. (Jets Photo)
Jets Kicker Mike Nugent will try to be more consistent as he enters his sophmore season in the NFL. (Jets Photo)

JI: What role do you see yourself in next season?

NUGENT: I see myself in the same kind of role. I want to do a better job on field goals and I know I can definitely improve on my distance on kickoffs. Im used to the changes from college to the pro game now and can do a better job. JI: Coach Westhoff said he has arranged for you to consult with Dolphins kicker Olindo Mare. Are you going to do that this off-season?

NUGENT: Ive only talked with him on the field. I plan to get a hold of him. Hes probably one of the best kickers and field goals as well. Any advice I can use to my advantage I will to get ready for next year.

JI: What are you going to work on in the off-season?

NUGENT: I want to get stronger as a kicker. I want to keep my flexibility and mentally. I want to kick as much as I can.

JI: Have there been any particular teammates that have helped your development?

NUGENT: Everyone has been so supportive. Ben Graham has given me advice. Its great to get advice from a guy like that since even though hes a rookie as well he has played professionally before for 12 years. Hes able to talk about the pressure and tell stories and things like that.

JI: What has the coaching of Mike Westhoff been like?

NUGENT: Hes been able to tell me his past experiences since hes worked with so many kickers and punters and really help me.

JI: In your opinion, what are the keys to getting this team back to being a winner?

NUGENT A lot of hard work. We need to work hard together. I want to be more with my teammates in the off-season and have that camaraderie.

JI: Do you have any particular non football related off-season plans?

NUGENT: Ill be going back to Ohio State. I still have a year to go to get my degree. So Im going to go to school January, February and March. Three months of classes. Im a business major.

JI: Can you tell Jets fans what Mike Nugent likes to do when hes not kicking a football?

NUGENT: I enjoy golfing and hanging out with my family. Ill actually be living with my brother at Ohio State. Hes a senior there. I like spending time with my friends and family when Im off the field.