Big Brother Is Watching Jets

By Chris McGovern
Jets Guest Writer
July 18th, 2006
Jets got some free exposure from reality star Kaysar Ridha on CBS's "Big Brother All Stars" this past Sunday night. (Jets and CBS Photos)
Jets got some free exposure from reality star Kaysar Ridha on CBS's "Big Brother All Stars" this past Sunday night. (Jets and CBS Photos)
It all started so innocently: A 17-year-old boy attempting to spread his infatuation for Kaysar Ridha and the Big Brother television series to his fellow New York Jets fans. But what began as a thoughtful gesture turned into something bigger, something greater, something terrible.

At 2:15 PM on May 7, the teenager who goes by the username of jetsrule128 on the Jets Insider fan forums invited his fellow posters to participate in a chat hosted by former Big Brother 6 contestants Kaysar Ridha and James Rhine. For those who are unfamiliar with Big Brother, itís a popular summer TV series on CBS that monitors a group in a house cut off to the outside world. jetsrule128ís offer was met with ridicule from fellow users, who chastised him for being obsessed with a male reality television contestant.

The comedic jabs directed towards jetsrule128 and Kaysar were continuing without fail when this crucial event took place: On Mother's Day, after a group of Jets Insider members went to and crashed a Kaysar-led chat. Following the chat, the Ridha registered and appeared on the Jets Insider forum.

Ridha then proceeded to endear himself to Jets fans by interacting with them on the JI fan forum and showing that was not pretentious or stuck up like many other reality television contestants. He then offered to wear a Jets Troop 16H tee-shirt on this summerís Big Brother 7: All-Stars if he was voted onto the show. (Troop 16H is a huge tailgating event held organized by Jets that take place at the stadium prior to home games throughout the football season).

Kaysar went on to be voted onto BB7, and during the episode airing last Sunday, July 16, he followed through on the statement he had made two months earlier and wore the tee-shirt. Jets was sure to appreciate the free exposure on national TV.

The legend of Kaysar will live on in the memories of those who participated in the record-breaking thread, which topped 3700 posts, smashing the previous Jets Insider record by more than 1000 replies.

Whatever happened to jetsrule128, you ask? Well, he was banned from Kaysarís website shortly after the chat crash for loving Kaysar a bit too much and died a slow, painful death at Jets Insider until finally getting permanently banned in the opening minutes of July 11 for inappropriate messageboard behavior. Kaysar joins several other celebrities such as Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Ray Romano and Jay Mohr who frequent the Jets website and messageboard.

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