Mark Cannizzarro Fan Chat Transcript
By Jets Staff
October 5th, 2006
Good Evening Folks! Welcome to the Jets chatroom and welcome Jets Insider/NY Post Jets writer Mark Cannizzaro. Thanks for joining us, Mark! SAR I will start us off.

[SAR I] 7:58 pm: Mark, months ago I was of the belief that the Jets didn't need a rebuilding and that the 4-12 season was really not an indicator of talent but rather the result of some devastating injuries and a lame-duck head coach. Based on what we now know about the talent on the team, did the Jets over-react and cut too many players in the offseason? Wouldn't Abraham, Law, and Mawae have made this year's Jets team better? Did we needlessly throw out too many babies with Herman Edawards bathwater?

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 7:59 pm: good question

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:01 pm: SAR, good question, indeed. I don't think the Jets were in such dire circumstances that they needed to tear up as they did, but thatís what a new regime is gong to do. That said, I don't think they miss Law and Mawae specifically. Abraham I hated to see go, but look how much he's played. As you guys know, I thought Edwards was a good coach to a degree - certainly with some game-day flaws. But he had some decent teams the last few years. Remember, this team is only two years removed from that Pittsburgh playoff game.

[SAR I] 8:02 pm: Thanks. A few lucky breaks and we were 9-7 last season.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:03 pm: Think about how close the Jets kept games last year without an NFL starting qb on board for three quarters of the season.

[SBIIICHAMPS] 8:03 pm: Hey Mark do you think the Jets have a shot at 8 wins this year? And are they the biggest surprise to you this year?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:04 pm: SBIII, absolutely. I honestly believed going in that they would be competitive in every game and win more than most expected. Again, there's still some good talent left and they appear to have drafted very well.

[SBIIICHAMPS] 8:04 pm: Yes I agree. Thanks Mark.

[Bleedin' Green] 8:05 pm: Mark, do you have any information on the status of Curtis Martin that we may not have already heard? Do you think he will play again this year and if so, when do you think that will be?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:07 pm: Blood, I wish I could say I did, but Martin is a mystery. It's a couple of weeks when heís eligible to come off PUP, but then the Jets have a few weeks after that to decide whether IR him or not. I spoke to Curtis the day before the opener by phone and he was upbeat but very careful not to speak about his status or rehab, which Mangini prohibits. If I had to guess, I hate to say but I don't think he'll play this year. That is merely a gut (mine, being too big) feeling.

[pauliec] 8:08 pm: Hi Mark. I loved to see Mangini's risky play calling last week -- the onsides kick was great (even better that it actually worked), and the 4th down gamble was, in my opinion, a solid call. Do you think Mangini is going out of his way to send a message to the NFL, especially Bellichick, that he will make the Jets a force to contend with in the very near future? Maybe he feels like he has to prove something as the youngest coach in football, and as Bellichick's former protoge?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:10 pm: Paulie, I don't think Eric is sending any messages, I think thatís just his aggressive style. I don't think he believes he has anything to prove. I believe as prepared as heís had this team from the start of the season is proof enough about how competent he is. I like his play calling, too, though I thought the fourth and two was a little too early to go for. That being said, I understand and respect the reasoning for going there. I just would have liked to see them get some points out of a 16-plat drive.

[Jets_Fragger] 8:11 pm: Mark, should we expect to see a lot of trick plays with Smith at QB and are there any certain situations where we can expect to see them? i.e the 4th and 1 option that was called against the Colts?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:13 pm: Frag, I think we're going to see more and more of Smith to the point where he's merely a part of the offense and not considered a trick. This guy has great talent and I love the way theyíre incorporating him into the mix. I'd have actually loved to see Smith get the ball on some sort of option play on the fourth and two...

[jetswin] 8:13 pm: Hey Mark, welcome back...what do you think of Shotty so far, I think he is doing a great job, do you attribute that more to Chad or his schemes? This is the most interesting the team's offense has been in years IMHO.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:15 pm: jwin, I love Schotty and his creativity and energy. You have to credit Chad for picking yet another system up so quickly, and credit Brian and Eric for implementing the offense. This slow no huddle thing theyíve been doing should have won them the game against the Colts if the defense could have made one play. Ihink about all those timeouts burned by Indy. Great execution.

[SBIIICHAMPS] 8:16 pm: Mark, what kind of year do you expect from Vilma? I really think he excels much much better in the 4-3. I dont think he will have a year like you?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:18 pm: SBIII, Vilma is working his way into the 3-4 and is obviously better suited for the 4-3, but remember that the Jets do use multiple fronts. They used some 4-3 vs. Indy for example. I love Vilma. He didnít have his best game against Indy, but he'll get better and better.

[] 8:18 pm: Mark, Do youu think Chad Pennington is back to the healthy QB we knew during the 2002 season, Does he have a shot at the pro bowl, And after the first 4 games of the year where would u rank him among the QBs so far.

[Maark Cannizzaro] 8:20 pm: Jets fan, I think Pennington is better than 2002 and surely has a chance to make the Pro Bowl, though thatís a ways off. I think, through a quarter of the season, he's no doubt the comeback player of the year. He ranks among the top four or five QBs in the league right now.

[NYSF] 8:23 pm: How do you view the Jets chances at the division and/or playoffs going into the week's game?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:24 pm: NYSF, it's a little early to early forecast that, but I think they have a chance at a wildcard, but not a division title. They're not as good as New England yet. Miami and Buffalo have not exactly impressed anyone, so the Jets could be second in the division

[Bleedin' Green] 8:25 pm: I think it is fair to say that as much as the Jets offense has exceeded expectations, their defense has been just as much of a disappointment, as they were expected to "carry" this year's team. I have seen blame placed at times upon the lack of a true NT, lack of pass rush and defensive play-calling just to name a few. What do you think is the Jets primary problem on defense?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:27 pm: Blood, they cannot stop the run. Dewayne Robertson sometimes shows up with a big play but disappears at other times. I havenít really seen Kimo's number called out in four games. I think the 3-4 adjustment is an issue, though the players are being careful not to make it an issue. You're right, though, defense cost tem the New England game and the Indy game.

[SAR I] 8:30 pm: Mark, something that's been really puzzling me is this: Is Eric Mangini the second-coming of Vince Lombardi or was Herman Edwards so bad that he could have made Ray Handley look good?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:34 pm: SAR, I know you're a Herm hater, but to put him in the same sentence as Handley, who I also covered, is to be completely misinformed. I like Eric Mangini a lot and I think he's building a winner here. But he's 2-2 right now. What has he done that Herman Edwards hasn't as a Jet to date. Edwards brought your team to the playoff three of four seasons, something no other coach (incl Parcells) never did. He lost two QBs and countless other players and suddenly became a horrible coach. I don't get it

[SAR I] 8:35 pm: My thought is that Herm was left tremendous talent whereas Mangini was not. Mangini has shown creativity in game planning whereas Herm did not.

[pauliec] 8:35 pm: Markie C, It was nice to see Tim Dwight get some action during the Colts game; I believe having him as a veteran utility WR will be important in big game situations in the coming weeks. How do you compare him to McCareins, another utility receiver who has been in Mangini's doghouse since Day 1? Can we expect McCareins to be able to produce in key plays this year, or do we even need him there to begin with (considering our stacked WR corps)?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:36 pm: does anyone remember that the jets wre 9 1/2 point underdogs in Pittsburgh two years ago? Let's give Mangini room to grow, which he's doing. Other than Curtis Martin's stunning demise, Mangini was left with decent talent in that room, too.

[mbeller83] 8:36 pm: time management wasn't all herms fault.

[NYSF] 8:37 pm: Right, it was Dick Curl's fault.

[SAR I] 8:37 pm: Many Jets fans have seen more true on-field "coaching" from Mangini in 4 games than we did under Herm in 70.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:38 pm: Paulie I think McCareins is still a pretty good player. I love Dwight's energy and productivity.

[Mr. Yankee] 8:38 pm: Jerricho Cotchery, following the third-year-receiver trend, has broken out this year. As the number 2 to Coles, he is on pace for over 1100 receiving yards and double digit TDs. Do you see him becoming a very good, if not elite, wide receiver in the future as the Jets' #1 wideout? Is there Pro Bowl selection staring at him a few years down the line? After all, he broke all of Torry Holt's records at NC State.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:41 pm: Yank, I love Cotchery and am glad he's breaking out. I believe he's a pretty talented piece of what Mangini inherited here while we're on the topic. He and Coles are a dynamic duo and tough combo, both have a chance at the pro bowl, but only one would likely make it.

[Jets_Fragger] 8:42 pm: Mark, we brought Kimo in during the offseason and he has played the 3-4 before. Why has he been so quiet so far? Also Nugent hasn't really be tested since his terrible performance in week 1 however he hasn't missed any since. Has he been doing something different or was that just a really bad game? Also can we expect him to become stronger in time or can will we always see him never reaching the endzone without the help of wind on kickoffs?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:45 pm: Fragger, on Nugent, that was an aberration game. He's pretty solid, I think, though with some exception (late Indy game), his KOS have been better. As for Kimo, I don't know why heís been so quiet. Maybe Iím missing something, but I haven't see any big impact plays yet.

[pauliec] 8:47 pm: I'm out, thank you very much Sooth for setting this up; Mark, thanks so much for taking the time to answer our die-hard questions... not many writers would.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:47 pm: Jwin, Coleman is a question mark to me. He's kind of gotten lost in the shuffle. Rhodes is a bigger, play-making athlete in my opinion.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:48 pm: Paulie , we'll do it again. thanks for participating [jetswin] 8:48 pm: I guess it's good we got strait back

[Bob Sugar] 8:48 pm: Mark, what's it been like covering with Mangini in charge. Is your job a lot harder? Is he really as bad with the media as we've heard? [Mark Cannizzaro] 8:51 pm: Bob, I like covering him. Just because a Coach gives you less info or not a bunch of great quotes doesn't make him terrible to cover. Although I don't agree with the cloak and dagger secrecy about certain things, thatís where he came from. I see the things he's bringing to the table and am impressed. I have to say, I never used to like to watch practice that much but his training camp practices were an interesting watch in their flow and specific attention to certain details.

[Bob Sugar] 8:51 pm: Also, why is Cimini always in the Jets Insider messageboard? Heís there everytime I sign on.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:51 pm: He obviously wants to see what's going on in the BEST Jets site in the business.

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:52 pm: Word.

[SAR I] 8:52 pm: Scoping for material no doubt.

[Hydro22] 8:52 pm: shameless plug nice lol

[jetswin] 8:52 pm: great answer lol

[] 8:52 pm: Mark, do you think we could see Cedric Houston back sooner then 4 weeks and will Leon washington become the starter for the jets sometime this season. Also, who do you think is the jets MVP so far on offense and defense and Why

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:54 pm: j fan, MVP offense, Chad no doubt. Defense has to be Kerry Rhodes for his big plays. Cedric Houston will probably not be back in the mix for a few weeks. Barlow is getting better it seems and l Washington as a terrific change of pace guy who's earning more and more carries.

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:57 pm: We have 3 more who haven't asked questions yet. If it's OK with Mark we can go a few minutes long.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:58 pm: Fire away.

[Jets_Fragger] 8:58 pm: Thanks Mark!

[jetswin] 8:58 pm: good man

[Hydro22] 8:58 pm: Hey mark could you tell us the feeling around the organization on Justin Miller? Are they still high on him as a starting cb? Also whats the word on CJ Moseley are we ever gonna see him play in geen white? Do you see any potential depth chart changes in the future maybe more brad smith actually lining up at WR?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:59 pm: Hydro, Smith is a fifth WR at the moment and will be worked in on special plays. He surely has a future because he's such an amazing athlete. The organization likes Miller. Mangini has spent a lot of time with him. He still needs technique work as a CB, but his special teams work is game changing. Mosley is merely depth at the moment.

[Jet22dan] 8:59 pm: How much of the Jets running "issues" are offensive line related? I am usualy of the opinion that a hack can run well behind a good line. Do they have scheme issues or are the RB's really that bad? How much can be expected of Martin if he returns? [Mark Cannizzaro] 9:03 pm: Dan, I'm afraid Curtis isn't coming back, though I hope I'm wrong, because I never bet against him. The OL is a part of the running issue. Brick is a better pass protector than run blocker, and that's a problem. Mangold is still trying to get a grasp of things.

[Hydro22] 9:03 pm: thanks mark good to hear there still high on miller

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 9:04 pm: SAR want's to end it for us

[SBIIICHAMPS] 9:04 pm: Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark Cannizzaro for President. [SAR I] 9:04 pm: One of the best moves of the new Mangini regime is that they haven't played in the green pants this season. Are they gone forever? If not, can you help us make the playoffs by telling Eric to auction them off on eBay to support Herman Edwards' favorite charity?

[SBIIICHAMPS] 9:04 pm: Mark is the man!!!!!!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:04 pm: I'm for no more green pants, definitely,

[jetswin] 9:04 pm: thanks Mark...appreciate the time

[Jets_Fragger] 9:04 pm: green pants suck!

[Jets_Fragger] 9:05 pm: Thanks for everything Mark

[jetswin] 9:05 pm: lol @ sar

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:05 pm: Thanks everyone. we'll convene again soon ... whenever the SOOTH says so... good luck this week in Jax.

[SAR I] 9:07 pm: Whew.

[SBIIICHAMPS] 9:07 pm: Pickle Pants no good.

[SAR I] 9:07 pm: Good to know we have an inside-man working the white pants for us.

[Jets_Fragger] 9:07 pm: oh sooth said it before me boy feel dumb

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:07 pm: whatever i can do ...

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 9:07 pm: Down with green pants in '06!

[SAR I] 9:08 pm: Thanks Mark! Have a good season. Speak to you again soon.

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 9:08 pm: Thanks so much Mark...super job as usual. Thanks to everyone for participating and asking some awesome questions!