By Glenn Bernardi
Jets Contributing Writer
October 11th, 2006
Da Bears are undisputed #1.
Da Bears are undisputed #1.
1. CHICAGO BEARS {5-0} - Last Week {#1}
In regards to the Seahawks, last week I said there's no shame in getting routed @ Chicago, they won't be the last team to get their doors blown off at Soldier Field. This week Buffalo made my point, loud & clear, to the tune of Bears 40 Bills 7. If there are any power rankings that still don't have the Bears at #1 this week, the author should have his head examined.

2. DENVER BRONCOS {3-1} - Last Week {#5}
Coming off a bye I had them at #5, but with a win over the previously undefeated Ravens and having already beaten the Patriots, this week they make the big leap to #2 overall.

3. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS {4-1} - Last Week {#2}
They struggled a bit verses a Miami team in disarray, but that's not a complete surprise when you consider Miami was already playing to save their season, in full desperation mode. In the end the Pats said there will be no season saving upsets today, not in our house and not on our watch.

4. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS {3-1} - Last Week {#9}
Big leap for the Chargers this week after beating the defending champs {Pittsburgh} coming off their bye week and dead serious about getting their season back on the right track. Phil Rivers stepped up and had his best game as a pro.

5. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES {4-1} - Last Week {#10}
If not for a monumental 4th Qtr collapse verses the Giants, this team would be undefeated and ranked in the TOP 3, if not #2 Overall. To their credit that put the wood to Dallas this week and solidified their status as a legit Superbowl contender.

6. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS {5-0} - Last Week {#4}
As 18 Point favorites they barely beat the Titans after barely beating the Jets. I'll place them at #6 because they're undefeated, so I have too, but I won't pretend I think very highly of this team because I don't.

7. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS {3-1} - Last Week {#6}
They drop one spot this week only because the Chargers and Eagles made a move up the board while the Seahawks were idle on their bye week, and since their last effort was getting demolished by the Bears they couldn't retain the 6 spot.

8. CINCINNATI BENGALS {3-1} Last Week {#7}
Ditto the Seahawks, only their last effort prior to the bye was getting trounced at home verses New England.

9. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS {3-2} - Last Week {#14}
41-0 is a little misleading, it wasn't that close, as they absolutely dismantled the Jets and worked their way back into the TOP 10 where they started, and in my view where they belong.

10. CAROLINA PANTHERS {3-2} - Last Week {#8}
I expected them to slaughter Cleveland at home and at least maintain their previous ranking, and while I still view them as an elite team and I give them credit for winning three in a row {that's why they stay in the TOP 10}, they're still not clicking on all cylinders. I think these guys are a lot better than what they've displayed thus far.

11. BALTIMORE RAVENS {4-1} - Last Week {#3}
This drop seems extreme when you consider they lost to my #2 team on the road, but this fall has more to do with their continued lack of offense than losing to Denver per se. Their defense is outstanding, but I expected a lot more help on the other side of the ball with the addition of Steve McNair, and thus far it really hasn't materialized.

12. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS {4-1} - Last Week {#15}
They lost one game and it was a nail-biter @ Carolina two weeks ago. Seems like every year there is at least one bottom feeder from the previous season who takes a giant leap forward, and thus far that team in 2006 is Nawleans.

13. ST LOUIS RAMS {4-1} - Last Week {#17}
Suddenly that win over Denver in week one isn't looking so flukish. Of course that loss to the 49ers the following week made it seem like a fluke, but they have since run their record to 4-1 and that deserves to be reflected in the rankings.

14. ATLANTA FALCONS {3-1} - Last Week {#16}
Gained two spots and didn't even play a game this week, not bad huh? They can thank the Cowboys, Redskins and Steelers.

15. NEW YORK GIANTS {2-2} - Last Week {#20}
After getting manhandled prior to their bye week, their defense finally showed up and lowered the boom on Washington.

16. MINNESOTA VIKINGS {3-2} - Last Week {#21}
On the surface beating the winless Lions seems like no big deal, and it isn't, but the Lions offense has been rolling as of late, showing the Mike Martz touch, and the Vikings defense laid a hurtin' on them.

17. DALLAS COWBOYS {2-2} - Last Week {#11}
Bledsoe is a disaster, but the tuna is very reluctant to make the switch to Romo when the clock is ticking on his career. He wants to win now, not groom a young QB, so he might feel stuck with Bledsoe.

18. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS {2-2} - Last Week {#22}
Brutally slow start, lost their QB to an injury, finally came through with a big effort a month into the season verses San Fran, then barely squeaked by Arizona by a FG. Haven't we seen this before?

19. PITTSBURGH STEELERS {1-3} - Last Week {#12}
Last week I admitted I was giving the Steelers a mulligan because of the adversity they faced with BIG BEN and the fact that they are the defending champs, but I promised mulligan time was over and now its time to prove it. Well they proved it alright, proved that the mighty have fallen.

20. WASHINGTON REDSKINS {2-3} - Last Week {#13}
You have to feel bad for Joe Gibbs, and Parcells. These guys are hall of fame coaches trying to ride out in a blaze of glory, only they made one mistake, they forgot to bring a Quarterback along for the ride who is not their equal in age.

21. NEW YORK JETS {2-3} - Last Week {#18}
Jags 41 Jets 0, now that's what you call a proper @$$-kickin. Okay, so the Jets are not in the Jaguars league, but they can still be a decent second tier team or they can be a bottom feeder, and we'll find out which of the two they have in mind this week. The Jets better get their first home win verses the dreadful {and hated} Dolphins, or this season is toast.

22. BUFFALO BILLS {2-3} - Last Week {#19}
The Jets opened the door for Buffalo to leap them, that's for sure, but the Bills took a similar beating at the hands of Chicago. So they lose the tiebreaker having lost to the Jets head-to-head.

23. SAN FRAN 49ERS {2-3} - Last Week {#30}
We found the perfect rankings booster for all bottom feeders. Last week it was Cleveland's turn, this week the Niners got a crack at those tomato cans better known as the Oakland Raiders.

24. HOUSTON TEXANS {1-3} - Last Week {#23}
December 3, circle that date on your calendars my friends, it's another guaranteed win for Houston. Texans @ Raiders.

25. ARIZONA CARDINALS {1-4} - Last Week {#24}
The Bad News, this week it's the Chicago Bears, so in the immortal words of Scooby Doo, Ruuut Roooo!! The Good News, next week they get the Oakland Raiders, so you can pencil in the Cardinals for 2-5.

26. CLEVELAND BROWNS {1-4} - Last Week {#26}
This week the Brownies get the second best scenario in football for a dreadful football team, the bye week, which is second only to the Oakland Raiders.

27. MIAMI DOLPHINS {1-4} - Last Week {#28}
All I can say is the Jets better not even think about losing to this joke of a football team. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!

28. TENNESSEE TITANS {0-5} - Last Week {#31}
18 Point underdogs verses Indy last week, that's a college spread, like USC Vs William & Mary, and they led that game till the final minutes, @ Indy, and you wonder why I have a tough time taking the Colts serious?

29. GREEN BAY PACKERS {1-4} - Last Week {#27}
They took the Rams down to the wire this week, but came up a little short. It's sad to watch Brett Favre on such a miserable team, so hopefully he'll get dealt before the trade deadline.

30. TAMPA BAY BUCS {0-4} - Last Week {#29}
I know what you're thinking and the answer is no, they don't get to play the tomato cans {i.e. Raiders} this year. Sorry Gruden, somehow you'll have to find a way to get a real win.

31. DETROIT LIONS {0-5} - Last Week {#25}
Matt Millen is a former Raider. I don't know what that means, but when I look at that 0-5, I know it means something.

32. OAKLAND RAIDERS {0-4} - Last Week {#32}
Congratulations to the 2006 Oakland Tomato Cans, with those back-to-back losses to Cleveland and Frisco they cleared their only possible stumbling blocks for that #1 overall pick, and make no mistake about it, now I can safely say this team has a real {bona-fide} shot at 0-16. How awesome would that be?!?!

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