By Glenn Bernardi
November 2nd, 2006
Da Bearz easily stay on top for another week.
Da Bearz easily stay on top for another week.
1. CHICAGO BEARS {7-0} - Last Week {#1}
They led the 49ers 41-0 at halftime. So do you think these guys weren't angry about sitting on their lackluster effort verses Arizona for two weeks and listening to the ensuing whispers - Are the Bears overrated?

2. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS {6-1} - Last Week {#2}
Who do you trust more, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Bill Belichick or Tony Dungy? Maroney and Dillion or Rhodes and Addai? Patriots defense or Colts defense? Those are my tiebreakers for the #2 spot this week, but the time for conjecture is over as these two teams prepare to settle it on the field come Sunday.

3. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS {7-0} - Last Week {#3}
Vinatieri splits the uprights, as usual, and the Colts come away with a very impressive 34-31 win @ Denver to keep their undefeated record in-tact. The Broncos had another shot at Indy and came up short again. This week the Colts get another crack at New England and we'll see if they have better luck at settling an old score.

4. DENVER BRONCOS {5-2} - Last Week {#4}
It's the strangest thing how these guys routinely beat New England, NE routinely beats Indy, and Indy routinely beats the Broncos. So they lost another one to Indy, but they did beat the Patriots this year {again} and that's enough to keep them in the 4-Hole off a tough loss.

5. NEW YORK GIANTS {5-2} - Last Week {#7}
Giants nearly skunk the Bucs, 17-3, and that makes four straight convincing wins for the G-Men since Jeremy Shockey lit a fuse under Tom Coughlin with his now infamous "we were out-coached" proclamation.

6. BALTIMORE RAVENS {5-2} - Last Week {#9}
Things just keep getting worse for poor Jim Fassel. First his "good friend" Brian Billick gives him the old heave-ho, then the Ravens score 35 points for what seems like the first time in ages, or perhaps since Jim Fassel came to town?

7. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS {5-2} - Last Week {#13}
Just in case you were wondering, when you watch LaDainian Tomlinson you are watching a first ballot Hall of Famer.

8. ATLANTA FALCONS {5-2} - Last Week {#12}
For years I've been saying Michael Vick has a cannon for an arm but no idea how to use it. Well in these last two games verses Pittsburgh and Cincinnati he has used it to perfection, and he's looked like an elite Quarterback. If he keeps this up, throwing darts from the pocket, he'll be the player he should have been and his Falcons will be a legit Superbowl contender.

9. CINCINNATI BENGALS {4-3} Last Week {#5}
Carson Palmer just got out-gunned by the new and improved Michael Vick, as did Pittsburgh the week prior. This week Ocho Cino gets a crack at Mucho Ravens Defensamundo.

10. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS {5-2} - Last Week {#8}
The Saints must have been thinking, why couldn't the Ravens keep Fassel around for one more week? But they did scored 22 on the Ravens, and that's not easy.

11. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS {4-3} - Last Week {#15}
I don't know what to make of this team. I saw them annihilate the Jets, much to my dismay, and this week their defense beat Donovan McNabb and the Eagles to a bloody pulp, but sandwiched in-between they got routed @ Houston. Go figure?

12. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS {4-3} - Last Week {#14}
I know what you're thinking, how can I have this team rising in the rankings off back-to-back losses, but there's a method to my madness. Unlike the rest of the inconsistent and flawed lot, these guys have a legit excuse minus Hasselbeck and Alexander, so I'm figuring them to get a whole lot better when they get their franchise QB & RB back in action.

13. DALLAS COWBOYS {4-3} - Last Week {#19}
Last week I said Romo is awful and Parcells looks like a beaten man, and I wasn't the only one, but they sure had us fooled. I suspect the Panthers felt likewise, as they waited to feast on Romo, but Parcells and his neophyte QB had other ideas.

14. CAROLINA PANTHERS {4-4} - Last Week {#6}
After running off four in a row they came crashing back to earth verses Cinci and Dallas. These guys better use their bye week to figure out what they really are, cause right now they are anything but the elite team they were supposed to be.

15. MINNESOTA VIKINGS {4-3} - Last Week {#11}
They were due for a clunker and the Patriots came loaded for bear, and they showed Minnesota what an elite team looks like. I hope Carolina and a few others were tuning in Monday nite, cause it's a lesson they needed to watch.

16. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS {4-3} - Last Week {#20}
Word has it Trent Green might make his return in week ten, and he'll find a team that's starting to play much better football, and a Larry Johnson who is cranking it up a few notches.

17. ST LOUIS RAMS {4-3} - Last Week {#10}
They had a chance to make a statement verses San Diego, but they got LaDaineized to the tune of 240 yards rushing & receiving and 3 touchdowns.

18. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES {4-4} - Last Week {#16}
The Jaguars defense marched into Philadelphia and greeted the Eagles offense about as rudely as the Philly faithful once greeted Santa Claus. So now the Eagles can stop telling people they should be undefeated, right?

19. NEW YORK JETS {4-4} - Last Week {#17}
Make no mistake about it, the Jets got jobbed on a gutless hometown call, courtesy of Buddy Horton. If you're the Browns, that's the kind of call you only get at home, and if you're the Jets, that's the kind of call you only get because you're the Jets, a second class citizen. If that's Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison, or Tom Brady to anyone, the score is 20-20 and that game is heading to overtime. As the famous Joe Willie once said, I Guarantee it.

20. PITTSBURGH STEELERS {2-5} - Last Week {#18}
That 2005 magic carpet ride has come to a screeching halt for the defending champs. They held Andrew Walter to 51 yards passing and starting running-back Justin Fargas to 55 yards rushing, but BIG BEN gift-wrapped two interceptions returned for touchdowns as the lowly Raiders pulled the rug {i.e. magic carpet} right out from under them.

21. GREEN BAY PACKERS {3-4} - Last Week {#23}
With Brett Favre and Ahman Green they can still beat the dregs of the league more often than not, so they dismantled what was left of the Arizona Cardinals, which from the looks of things isn't much.

22. TAMPA BAY BUCS {2-5} - Last Week {#22}
They got blown out by the Giants, but they secure this spot for another week based on their impressive back-to-back wins over Cincinnati and Philly prior to their Meadlowlands beat-down.

23. HOUSTON TEXANS {2-5} - Last Week {#21}
Blowing out the Jaguars still resonates with me, so I'll keep them ahead of Tennessee despite having just lost to the Titans. Their win over Jacksonville is just more impressive than the Titans win over them, if that makes any sense?

24. CLEVELAND BROWNS {2-5} - Last Week {#30}
I used the Jets ranking to unload on "Horton Hears a Boo" {from the Jets faithful}, but give the Browns credit because they took it to the Jets for 55 Minutes and administered a convincing beating.

25. TENNESSEE TITANS {2-5} - Last Week {#27}
Jeff Fisher has his young team playing hard as the rebuilding project continues, and this week they clipped the Texans.

26. BUFFALO BILLS {2-5} - Last Week {#24}
Riding a three game losing streak with Green Bay coming to town. They better win this one or that streak will hit five @ Indy the following week.

27. WASHINGTON REDSKINS {2-5} - Last Week {#25}
This week they're @ Philly and the Eagles should be in a bad mood, so that 2nd RD Pick {to the Jets} should look even better come Sunday evening.

28. OAKLAND RAIDERS {2-5} - Last Week {#31}
Yeah they won, they played like the 2006 Oakland Raiders and still won, which says more about where Pittsburgh is heading these days than it does about Oakland.

29. DETROIT LIONS {1-6} - Last Week {#28}
Best thing I can say about the Lions, they didn't lose last week, but that's only because they didn't play a game. Now they get the 49ers in their building, and that one should be a real ratings booster, huh?

30. ARIZONA CARDINALS {1-7} - Last Week {#26}
It's hard to believe this team came within a whisker of knocking off the mighty Bears. Following that gut-wrenching defeat Matt Leinart said we can take it one of two ways, keep fighting or go in the tank. Looks like they chose that second option.

31. SAN FRAN 49ERS {2-5} - Last Week {#29}
Give them this much, when these guys lose they don't play around, they don't lose any heartbreakers, they lose royally. In their last three defeats they have lost by a combined total of 130 to 29. Their defense is surrendering so many points I had to break out the calculator {no kidding}.

32. MIAMI DOLPHINS {1-6} - Last Week {#32}
This week Miami gets to defend their self-proclaimed title, "Worse Team in Football" {their words not mine, though I happen to agree}, verses the .. drum roll please .. Chicago Bears! {LOL!!}

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