By Glenn Bernardi
Jets Contributing Writer
November 7th, 2006
With a big win in Foxboro, Tony Dungy and the Colts jump to the top of the Insider Power Rankings.
With a big win in Foxboro, Tony Dungy and the Colts jump to the top of the Insider Power Rankings.
1. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS {8-0} - Last Week {#3}
I said I would rank the Colts #1 when I have no choice, and now I have no choice. The last remaining undefeated team got there in style, with back-to-back wins @ Denver and @ New England. It doesn't get more impressive than that.

2. DENVER BRONCOS {6-2} - Last Week {#4}
They too beat the Patriots @ NE and this week they delivered the kill-shot to the defending champs in their own building, with the Steelers in full desperation mode, playing to save their season. That makes this win more impressive than it seems.

3. CHICAGO BEARS {7-1} - Last Week {#1}
In the seasons biggest shocker the previously unbeaten Chicago Bears got crushed {31-13} @ Soldier Field by the previously dreadful Miami Dolphins. Letdown or exposed? Probably a little of both, but we'll learn more about the Bears this week when they travel to the Meadowlands for a showdown with the G-Men.

4. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS {6-2} - Last Week {#2}
They don't own the Colts anymore! That makes back-to-back wins for Indy @ New England going back to 2005, when they demolished the Patriots 40-21. This time it was more respectable, 27-20, but that makes two in a row for the Colts over their former tormentors, and thus the script has definitely been flipped.

5. NEW YORK GIANTS {6-2} - Last Week {#5}
Houston gave them a little scare, but the Giants prevailed 14-10 and that makes five in a row for the G-Men since Jeremy Shockey lit a fuse under Tom Coughlin with his now infamous "we were out-coached" proclamation.

6. BALTIMORE RAVENS {6-2} - Last Week {#6}
They beat the Bengals 26-20 and that makes 61 points for the Ravens since Billick fired his main man. That used to be a seasons worth of points for the antiquated Baltimore offense, and the biggest loser is poor Jim Fassel who will be back coaching in High School if this keeps up.

7. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS {6-2} - Last Week {#7}
The feisty Browns played them tough, but SD found a way to win at the end when Antonio Gates caught a late touchdown in the endzone and it was ruled that he was forced out of bounds after being body-slammed in mid-air when he clearly would have landed in-bounds. Okay, I made that last part up. I'm still steaming over that disgraceful call last week, can you tell?

8. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS {6-2} - Last Week {#10}
This week the 2-6 Steelers are home again, verses the surprising Saints, and nothing short of running the table can save their skin now. It will be interesting to see if New Orleans can put them out of their misery.

9. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS {5-3} - Last Week {#12}
This week they should get Shaun Alexander back, and Matt Hasselbeck might be two weeks away. Don't count these guys out just yet. They should be a much better football team in the second half and they have a pretty soft schedule.

10. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS {5-3} - Last Week {#11}
Crushed the Titans and now they get a crack at revenge verses Houston. If they don't dismantle the Texans at home, after suffering a humiliating beatdown @ Houston in week seven {27-7}, I'll be more than a little surprised.

11. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS {5-3} - Last Week {#16}
Trent Green is about ready to make his return, but do you let him if you're Herman Edwards? Damon Huard is playing well, the offense is really clicking, so it's a tough call. Having said that, the way LJ is rolling downhill nowadays, who plays QB will hardly matter if defenses can't slowdown that mack-truck.

12. ATLANTA FALCONS {5-3} - Last Week {#8}
The way this season is going, you just knew Atlanta was due for a clunker and they had one @ Detroit. Lions 30 Falcons 14.

13. CAROLINA PANTHERS {4-4} - Last Week {#14}
Okay, they had their bye week and time to consider how badly they have under-achieved. Now we'll find out if they mean business, and they should start by killing the Bucs at home on MNF.

14. CINCINNATI BENGALS {4-4} Last Week {#9}
Too be fair, they've had a pretty tough schedule, and it doesn't get any easier this week as LaDainian Tomlinson comes marching into Cinci. But this is the price you pay for losing to Tampa Bay in week six.

15. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES {4-4} - Last Week {#18}
Another under-achiever seeks to get well verses the Redskins off of their bye week.

16. DALLAS COWBOYS {4-4} - Last Week {#13}
This week we learned that Terrell Owens falls asleep in team meetings {what a shocker!}, he punctuated that with a mock sleep fest in the endzone @ Washington {costing Dallas 15 Yards for taunting}, then drove the point home as he fell asleep on what should have been the game-clinching bomb, watching it go right through his hands. End result, Redskins 22 Cowboys 19. So I guess no Parcells kisses for T.O. this week, huh?

17. MINNESOTA VIKINGS {4-4} - Last Week {#15}
Getting blown out on MNF verses the Patriots is forgivable, even at Minnesota, but losing 9-3 to the 49ers, a team that surrendered a combined 130 points in their last four losses {that's 32+ per game}, is absolutely inexcusable.

18. ST LOUIS RAMS {4-4} - Last Week {#17}
Two weeks ago they got obliterated by LaDainian Tomlinson. This past Sunday they got steamrolled by Larry Johnson. If Shaun Alexander returns to action this week, as expected, you might want to start him Vs STL in your fantasy leagues.

19. NEW YORK JETS {4-4} - Last Week {#19}
I could have leaped them over a few of these pretenders and I wouldn't need to apologize, but I'd rather see them earn it this week @ New England. I know it's a tall order, but this is an "Any Given Sunday" league like never before and it's about time the Jets give us an AGS Upset we can call our own. But they're rebuilding and I won't get mad at them if they don't. The Patriots are clearly the better team. But it sure would be nice, and we can dream, can't we?

20. PITTSBURGH STEELERS {2-6} - Last Week {#20}
In the immortal words of {I don't know who, but he must have had the Steelers in mind} .. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

21. WASHINGTON REDSKINS {3-5} - Last Week {#27}
The Cowboys {mostly Owens} gave that game away, and the Jets got a lesser 2nd RD Pick {from Washington} as a result. Just in case you Jet fans needed another reason to dislike T.O.

22. BUFFALO BILLS {3-5} - Last Week {#26}
No McGahee {broken ribs} and the Indianapolis Colts loom on the horizon, @ Indy. But hey, I didn't give Miami a prayer @ Chicago and we all saw how that worked out. Perhaps it's Indy's turn to have a letdown following their back-to-back wins over Denver and New England? Or on second thought, maybe Buffalo should just savor that win over Green Bay.

23. GREEN BAY PACKERS {3-5} - Last Week {#21}
All we really learned about the Packers this week is that they can beat some bad teams, but Buffalo isn't one of them.

24. MIAMI DOLPHINS {2-6} - Last Week {#32}
These guys lost to Buffalo, Houston and Green Bay, and then they beat the 7-0 Chicago Bears @ Soldier Field. This has been a public service announcement about the insanity of betting on pro football. But that kind of win will take you from 32 to 24 in a hurry. As much as I dislike the Dolphins, you have to give them credit for pulling off the seasonís biggest shocker.

25. DETROIT LIONS {2-6} - Last Week {#29}
They caught the Falcons napping and pasted them to the tune of 30-14, but I wasn't totally shocked because the Lions have some playmakers on offense and they can hang 30+ on your defense if you're not careful.

26. HOUSTON TEXANS {2-6} - Last Week {#23}
Some of us may owe Charley Casserly an apology. Mario Williams is starting to find his nitche and second round rookie DeMeco Ryans has been a stud, and suddenly the Texans have a ray of hope for the future.

27. TAMPA BAY BUCS {2-6} - Last Week {#22}
This team beat the Eagles and Cincinnati, and those two supposed contenders should hang their heads in shame.

28. CLEVELAND BROWNS {2-6} - Last Week {#24}
They played the Chargers tough, right down to the wire, but they didn't get any gifts in crunch-time so they lost as usual.

29. SAN FRAN 49ERS {3-5} - Last Week {#31}
I'm not going to lie, I don't know how these guys won three games. Well I know how they won one, they played the Raiders, but I have no earthly idea how they won two more {Minnesota and STL} because this team stinks. Just watch, I'll bet you Detroit smokes them this week.

30. TENNESSEE TITANS {2-6} - Last Week {#25}
The Jaguars destroyed them and here comes a Jacksonville clone, another physical defense, the Baltimore Ravens. And do you think Steve McNair will be fired up for this one @ Tennessee?

31. OAKLAND RAIDERS {2-6} - Last Week {#28}
They couldn't have scored against Seattle if they played a hundred Quarters. It was that bad. And that makes 8 Quarters of scoreless football from the Raiders on MNF this year. The Good news is, no more Monday night dates for Oakland in 2006, so we won't be tortured on Monday night again. The bad news is, they still have a Saturday night game verses the Chiefs on December 23rd, so we're not completely through with these stumble-bums just yet. Which begs the question, how in the world did the NFL allow the Raiders to get three night games this year? What did America do to deserve this?

32. ARIZONA CARDINALS {1-7} - Last Week {#30}
I'll let them hold this spot for now, cause they've completely gone in the tank and they got the Raiders off skids row when they lost to Oakland in week seven {yes, it's Arizona's fault}, but beware because the Raiders look primed to make another run at 32. They fooled us for a couple of weeks, but they're back in contention.

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