By Glenn Bernardi
Jets Contributing Writer
November 14th, 2006
Indy stays at the top for a second week.
Indy stays at the top for a second week.

1. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS {9-0} - Last Week #1
As we eluded to last week, a letdown verses Buffalo was almost inevitable coming off their consecutive wins at Denver and New England, but good teams can overcome letdowns and find a way to win as Indy did here. They only won by a point {17-16}, but they remain unbeaten.

2. CHICAGO BEARS {8-1} - Last Week #3
Last week I pondered the question, did the Bears letdown verses Miami or were they exposed? I concluded it was likely a little of both, but we'll learn more about this team when they travel to the swamp for a showdown with the G-Men. The Bears passed that test with flying colors as they waxed the Giants 38-20.

3. DENVER BRONCOS {7-2} - Last Week #2
Another sub-par performance by Jake Plummer in Oakland {210/2 TD/3 INT}, but it was good enough to secure the 17-13 win. This team is good enough to win a Superbowl, but are they good enough to win a Superbowl with Jake Plummer? Humm?

4. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS {7-2} - Last Week #7
After falling way behind early, the Chargers turned it into an old-fashioned AFL shootout as they out-gunned the Bengals for a 49-41 final. Tomlinson had his customary 100+ with 4 TD's, but this was Phil Rivers coming out party in a big way. That was his Statement Game. This week pits #3 Vs #4 as the Chargers take their act into Denver on Sunday Night football.

5. BALTIMORE RAVENS {7-2} - Last Week #6
Fell way behind early and rallied to win late {27-26} in what figured to be a very emotional game with Steve McNair returning to Tennessee as a Raven. Titans missed a FG at the wire and McNair, no doubt, popped a cork or two.

6. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS {6-3} - Last Week #9
Barely nipped the Rams, 24-22, but that was enough to put Seattle squarely in the catbird seat in the NFL West with a 2 Game lead and a 3-0 record in the division. Excluding Denver and San Diego, the rest of their remaining schedule is absolute cake. Lastly, they're in this spot without Hasselbeck and Alexander who both figure to be returning very soon.

7. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS {6-3} - Last Week #4
This time Mangini gave Belichick a reason to shun the post-game handshake, as he marched into Gillette and promptly handed little Bill a helping-heaping of crow. And to make matters worse for the little rain-man, Richard Seymour pulled no punches during his post game interview. Stealing a page from Jeremy Shockey, Seymour declared - "We Were Out-Coached" {Ouch!}

8. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS {6-3} - Last Week #8
Here's the problem for ‘Nawleans, the Steelers don't know they're dead yet. Everyone else knows it, but they're not mathematically eliminated and they don't know it's over. So they're still in denial, still in survival mode, and that was enough to rally the troops for a 38-31 win at home.

9. NEW YORK GIANTS {6-3} - Last Week #5
They could sustain a loss to the Bears, their record and mediocre division allows it, but can they sustain all of the key players who are dropping like flies to injuries? This team has been decimated by injuries, and now they travel to Jacksonville where an angry Jaguars team will be laying in wait.

10. NEW YORK JETS {5-4} Last Week #19
In honor of Mangini's brilliant motivational ploy, showing his troops some old film footage of a young Cassius Clay Vs Sonny Liston .. Jets 17 Pats 14 .. DID WE SHOCK THE WORLD? .. DID WE SHOCK THE WORLD? .. WE SHOOK UP THE WORLD!! .. WE SHOOK UP THE WORLD!!

11. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES {5-4} - Last Week #15
Coming off their bye week they showed you what you wanted to see if you're an Eagles fan, that they were committed to playing up to their own level and blowing out the Redskins.

12. CAROLINA PANTHERS {5-4} - Last Week #13
They beat Tampa at home off their bye week, but I did not see the renewed sense of purpose I expected too see from this team. Maybe they're just not as good as we suspected?

13. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS {5-4} - Last Week #10
Last week I said I would be shocked if they didn't exact some revenge on the Texans in their building and really lower the boom. So what happened? The Texans beat them again! So now they officially join the ranks of the under-achievers.

14. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS {5-4} - Last Week #11
Miami rode the momentum of that big win at Chicago to a 13-10 win over KC as well. Now the Chiefs get to end their slide at one with Oakland coming to town.

15. DALLAS COWBOYS {5-4} - Last Week #16
So they pounded the Arizona Cardinals in their season of win one and lose one, big deal, they're supposed to pound the Cardinals. If they want to impress me, beat the Colts this week at Dallas.

16. ATLANTA FALCONS {5-4} - Last Week #12
That makes consecutive losses to Detroit and Cleveland following consecutive wins verses Pitt and Cinci. Clearly someone is having a problem at coping with success.

17. CINCINNATI BENGALS {4-5} - Last Week #14
Some people think Chad Johnson is funny, I think he's just another obnoxious jerk. Maybe it's a generational thing? I know this much, it's easier to disguise obnoxious as funny when you're winning than it is when you're losing, so at this pace {for the Bengals}, I think I'm on the verge of having more company.

18. ST LOUIS RAMS {4-5} - Last Week #18
Came close in Seattle, but not close enough, and that makes four straight losses for the Rams. Uh, I think these guys are heading in the wrong direction?

19. PITTSBURGH STEELERS {3-6} - Last Week #20 Like I said in the Saints ranking, right now the Steelers are still dangerous because they don't know what the rest of the world knows, that they're deader than Julius Caesar. They think they're still alive, and they'll play with a sense of purpose until someone deals them another loss and ends that delusion.

20. GREEN BAY PACKERS {4-5} - Last Week #23
I think it's time to admit the Packers are playing better football than anyone expected. They just beat the Vikings in Minnesota, and now it will be interesting to see if Brett Favre gets motivated to out-duel Tom Brady at Lambeau, and remind Mr. Brady that he {Brett Favre} is a hall of famer too.

21. MIAMI DOLPHINS {3-6} - Last Week #24
First they beat the Bears, now they beat the Chiefs. What's gotten into these guys? Apparently they're suffering from the same delusion as our friends from Pittsburgh. So they'll probably continue to play hard until someone delivers the death blow.

22. HOUSTON TEXANS {3-6} - Last Week #26
When they crushed the Jaguars at home, it was easy to write that off as a fluke, but when they repeated the result down in Jacksonville, beat them again, you have to respect that accomplishment, the season sweep of their division bullies.

23. CLEVELAND BROWNS {3-6} - Last Week #28
Last week they played the Chargers down to the wire. This week they upended the Falcons @ Atlanta. As a Jet fan that cushions the blow just a little bit, though I still KNOW Chris Baker was forced out of bounds.

24. SAN FRAN 49ERS {4-5} - Last Week #29
I owe this team an apology. Last week I said I have no idea how they won three games, because they really stink. I also said the Lions would kill them. Well now they have four wins, not three, and #4 came at Detroit. Consider that a mea culpa.

25. MINNESOTA VIKINGS {4-5} - Last Week #17
This team has now lost three in a row, two of the three verses SF on the road and GB @ Minnesota. That's how you find yourself ranked behind a number of 3-6 teams despite your 4-5 record. Basically the wheels have come off for the Vikings, and they can't even blame a tough schedule.

26. BUFFALO BILLS {3-6} - Last Week #22
They caught Indianapolis napping this week and had a chance to pull off the upset, but they couldn't close the deal.

27. WASHINGTON REDSKINS {3-6} - Last Week #21
After getting slaughtered in Philly, Joe Gibbs finally decided to put Grandpa Brunell out of his misery as he makes the switch to Jason Campbell. Whatever, Just keep losing so we can increase the value of that 2nd RD Pick you guys owe the Jets.

28. DETROIT LIONS {2-7} - Last Week #25
They had me fooled. I knew they were bad, so not totally fooled, but I thought they were a dangerous bottom feeder with talent. After losing at home to the 49ers, now I see them for what they really are, just the some old woeful Lions.

29. TAMPA BAY BUCS {2-7} - Last Week #27
The new QB, Brad Gradkowski, might have some upside, but right now he's overmatched, and lets be honest, the Cadillac has stalled as well. That's the biggest disappointment for the Bucs, Carnell Williams has done nothing to pick-up the slack.

30. TENNESSEE TITANS {2-7} - Last Week #30
Same old story, Jeff Fisher has this young team playing hard and most of the time they're competitive, as was the case verses Baltimore this week, but right now they're too young and they just don't have horses to get over the hump.

31. OAKLAND RAIDERS {2-7} - Last Week #31
No-one got kneed in the kajones this week, I guess that's a step in the right direction, but of course the Raiders lost again.

32. ARIZONA CARDINALS {1-8} - Last Week #32
Last week the Cardinals were #32. This week they got blown out at home by the Cowboys. So here they are again, right back at the bottom of the barrel, which can only mean one one .. THE CARDINALS ARE WHAT WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!! .. THEY ARE WHAT WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!