By Glenn Bernardi
Jets Contributing Writer
November 21st, 2006
LaDanian Tomlinson and the Chargers storm to the top of the JI power rankings for week 11. (Jets Photo)
LaDanian Tomlinson and the Chargers storm to the top of the JI power rankings for week 11. (Jets Photo)

1. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS {8-2} - Last Week #4
When you talk about the Greatest Running-Backs or Greatest football players who ever lived, LaDainian Tomlinson seems determined to put his name in that conversation. Phil Rivers is tearing it up, Antonio Gates is the best TE in the league, Shawne Merriman returns to action this week, Castillo may join him shortly, and the Chargers are riding a four game winning streak including back-to-backs at Cinci and Denver.

2. CHICAGO BEARS {9-1} - Last Week #2
Their offense did virtually nothing on Sunday, but plenty of defense and a little help from Chad Pennington was enough to skunk the Jets on the road to the tune of 10 to Zilch.

3. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS {9-1} - Last Week #1
It's not like the Colts weren't alerted, as the Cowboys became the trendy pick to deal them their first loss of the season. The prognosticators were right, and now the 72 Dolphins can breathe easy for another year.

4. BALTIMORE RAVENS {8-2} - Last Week #5
Pounded the fading-fast Falcons into submission to make it four in a row. This week they get a chance to finish off the defending champs {Steelers} who are desperately trying to mount a late charge.

5. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS {7-3} - Last Week #7
Determined not to lose their third consecutive game, the Patriots marched into Green Bay with a sense of purpose and marched out with Brett Favre's scalp and a 35-0 rout. They basically did everything short of torching the city.

6. DENVER BRONCOS {7-3} - Last Week #3
If I was Shanahan, and far be it from me to offer Mike Shanahan football advice, I'd follow Bill Parcells playbook, give my inept veteran the hook, and throw a Hail Mary with Jay Cutler. I know it's never a good idea to entrust your season to a rookie QB, but it might be a worse idea to think you can win a Superbowl with Jake Plummer. Don't let that 7-3 record fool you, they've been winning in spite of this guy.

7. DALLAS COWBOYS {6-4} - Last Week #15
When you knock off the leagues last unbeaten team on the road that catapults you up the board. Now that they've tied for first place in the NFC East, and did it in style, let's see if they can sustain it.

8. CAROLINA PANTHERS {6-4} - Last Week #12
Mike Martz or no Mike Martz, when you shutout the STL Rams you've accomplished something.

9. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS {6-4} - Last Week #13
When you watch this team obliterate the Giants, beaten up as they are, or dismantle a scrappy Jets team some weeks back, you realize just how badly these Jags have under-achieved by dropping two to the Texans and one to the dreadful Redskins. They are so much better than 6-4, just on the strength of their defense alone.

10. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS {6-4} - Last Week #14
Larry Johnson is rolling downhill, Trent Green is back, and the Chiefs are poised to make a playoff push. They have a big one on Thanksgiving with the division rival Broncos coming to Arrowhead.

11. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS {6-4} - Last Week #6
You can't bury the Seahawks for struggling without Hasselbeck and Alexander, but you can kill them for losing to the 49ers even if Alexander was not 100% and Hasselbeck was a week away from joining him. The 49ers have improved, granted, but you just can't lose that game if you're the Hawks.

12. CINCINNATI BENGALS {5-5} - Last Week #17
They beat the Saints to get back to .500, but to be fair the schedule makers did not do the Bengals any favors. Their schedule has been brutal and it doesn't get any easier.

13. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS {6-4} - Last Week #8
The emotion of playing for New Orleans may have subsided a bit and now they dropped their first back-to-backs. Critical game at Atlanta this week as they seek to get back on the winning tip.

14. NEW YORK GIANTS {6-4} - Last Week #9
If I told you I would give you Phillip Rivers, Shawne Merriman and two middle round draft picks for Eli Manning, would you take that deal? So would I. Heck, I would take just Phillip Rivers, in a heartbeat, but if you're willing to toss in Merriman and more, as the old saying goes, the more the merrier. Translation; the Giants got fleeced.

15. NEW YORK JETS {5-5} - Last Week #10
Jet fans had no trouble choosing this week’s goat, that's for sure. Let's be frank, the Jets out-played the mighty Bears who were practically begging to be beat, but Chad Pennington had other ideas and he couldn't take what was there for the taking. Instead he all but gift-wrapped this one for Chicago.

16. PITTSBURGH STEELERS {4-6} - Last Week #19
The defending champs are fighting hard to keep this season alive, give them that much, but this week they have a tough one in Baltimore with zero room for error. Is this the week they get put to sleep?

17. MIAMI DOLPHINS {4-6} - Last Week #21
Well at least they've added some level of intrigue to what looked like a dreadful Thanksgiving Day game verses the putrid Lions only a few weeks ago. Coming off their recent winning streak Jet fans now have a real reason to root for Detroit and watch all that hard work go down the drain for Miami verses a bottom feeder.

18. SAN FRAN 49ERS {5-5} - Last Week #24
Wholly mackerel, .500, the 49ers, what's up with that? Did these guys get competitive when nobody was paying attention?

19. BUFFALO BILLS {4-6} - Last Week #26
Won two of their last three and nearly beat the Colts at Indy before the Cowboys did the honors, losing by one measly point at the wire.

20. ATLANTA FALCONS {5-5} - Last Week #16
Just dropped their third straight game {Clev, Det and Balt} and their defense is decimated by injuries. This ship be sinking!

21. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES {5-5} - Last Week #11
Just lost Donovan McNabb for the season {torn ACL} while getting demolished at home verses the Titans and this ship really, really be sinking!

22. ST LOUIS RAMS {4-6} - Last Week #18
Just lost their fifth in a row, haven't won a game since week five, which makes them pro footballs version of the Titanic.

23. HOUSTON TEXANS {3-7} - Last Week #22
Lost by a FG to the Bills, 24-21, but these guys are competitive and those two wins over Jacksonville still resonate with me.

24. GREEN BAY PACKERS {4-6} - Last Week #20
So did anyone get the license plate number of that truck that ran over the Packers this week? The Patriots were obviously in a bad mood and they took it all out on Green Bay . 35-0 and it wasn't that close, as they knocked Brett Favre from the game and killed Aaron Rodgers too {out for the season}.

25. CLEVELAND BROWNS {3-7} - Last Week #23
Played the Steelers tough, but came up a little short in the end. Too bad the officials couldn't find a force-out to NOT CALL and put them over the top.

26. MINNESOTA VIKINGS {4-6} - Last Week #25
Four straight losses, this latest at Miami , and another pretender bites the dust.

27. TENNESSEE TITANS {3-7} - Last Week #30
They may not be very good, but they sure dropped a D-Bomb {Devastation} on the Eagles. By the time Tennessee skipped town Philadelphia 's season was up in smoke.

28. TAMPA BAY BUCS {3-7} - Last Week #29
This week they contributed to that "Jets 2nd Round Pick fund" when they dealt Washington a 20-17 loss. That alone is worth a one spot jump in the rankings.

29. WASHINGTON REDSKINS {3-7} - Last Week #27
I don't know about you, but I'm liking the Redskins more and more this year as each loss makes that 2007 2nd Round Pick {to the Jets} look better and better. Keep up the good work, fellas. Let's make it a TOP 5 Pick in RD 2.

30. ARIZONA CARDINALS {2-8} - Last Week #32
Matt Leinart finally gets to taste victory as a starting QB in the NFL as his Cardinals upend the hapless Lions.

31. DETROIT LIONS {2-8} - Last Week #28
This team is a disgrace. They have some playmakers, but the culture of losing continues at a rapid pace. Having said that, beat Miami on Thanksgiving Day and I'll take it all back.

32. OAKLAND RAIDERS {2-8} - Last Week #31
They lost Lamont Jordan for the season, Randy Moss could care less, the losses continue to pile up, Andrew Walter {Who?} is publicly lambasting the conservative game plans, the Raiders are just in complete disarray, and somewhere in South Bend Brady Quinn is probably thinking, PLEASE TOUCHDOWN JESUS, not the Raiders!