Mark Cannizzaro Fan Chat Transcript

By Jets Staff
November 30th, 2006
Mark Cannizzaro, the talented Jets beat writer from Jets Insider and the NY Post, was kind enough to do a fan chat with Jets on November 30th, 2006. The transcript of the event follows:

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:00 pm: Good Evening Folks! Welcome to the Jets chatroom and welcome Jets Insider/NY Post Jets writer Mark Cannizzaro. Thanks for joining us, Mark!

[Jets_Fragger] 8:00 pm: right on cue

[samwise] 8:01 pm: Hi Mark, Can Jets fans hope that Chris Baker's playmaking role can still expand in this offense, or is this as good as it gets with Chris Baker ?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:03 pm: Hi sam, hello everyone; hope you're all well ... sam, I've been on record saying they should throw to baker more often. Usually when he catches the ball itís for a big play.

[TundraJet] 8:03 pm: Hey Mark, whats the status of all 3 RB's as far as health? And who will get the starting nod seeing as how the weather may be a factor here in Green Bay?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:05 pm: Tundra, they're all healthy, and it seems they like Houston of late. They'll all play a bit, though Barlowís role might diminish a little with Houston back healthy. There really is no starter. I look for the jets to try to make a concerted effort to get their run game going this week,.

[TundraJet] 8:05 pm: Thank you sir!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:05 pm: Hey, ham!

[ArmyJet] 8:05 pm: Hey Mark, what do you think has been the key factor in the resurgent jet D? a credit to gelling or to sutton?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:07 pm: I credit the players for finally picking things up to the point where Mangini and Sutton have confidence to call the blitzes. Now theyíre in a groove where teams are concerned about the blitz even when the Jets don't send the house. I think it's a simple as guys just getting it now and they bye week was a bit of a turning point

[jetswin] 8:08 pm: Hey Mark, welcome great is it to see the Giants getting all the heat in the press, and what is your opinion of the Strahan mess. One more thing doesn't it suck when one of these guys is spitting pieces of his hoagy at you as he speaks with the press?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:10 pm: J win, I covered Strahan when he was a rookie with the Giants and he's changed dramatically since then, becoming wildly full of himself sadly and he always seems to make himself out to be a jerk when he opens his mouth. He's proven himself to be a fraud, with the toothy smiles and then he'll stab you right in the back. He's a jerk and he showed his true colors yesterday.

[jetswin] 8:10 pm: thanks for the very honest answer, great job

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:11 pm: Strahan ... apologies for my hideous tying. just trying to crank the answers out quickly.

[Jetfan16] 8:11 pm: In your opinion, who is the better coach right now, Eric Mangini, or Herman Edwards, meaning if Edwards coached this team right now with the exact same players, who would have the better record. Next, what went through Herm Edwards mind in starting Bollinger for the monday night game last year. the guy sucks. there was no beer, its MNF, we suck, 80,000 sober Jets fans came to see Vinny, and all we got was one stinking drive which of course led to a TD. Bollinger threw for SEVEN yards in one half

[Jetfan16] 8:12 pm: why did it take so long to put our lord and savior VT in there. to put it in perspective, if the Pats had lightened up in the second half, he wouldve had FOURTEEN YARDS for the whole game. what was herm thinking leaving VT on the bench until the last drive???????

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:14 pm: Hey 16, I was disappointed not to see Vinny starting that game, too. As for Herm and Mangini, i have great respect for both, as you guys know I am a big Herm supporter much to some people's chagrin, and it's impossible to know what Hermís record would be with this group. I do truly believe that with a healthy Pennington, which Mangini has fortunately had, Edwards would have a very similar record with this group. That is in no way a dig at Mangini, because he's excellent.

[samwise] 8:14 pm: Mark, Do the jets have a long term solution at RCB opposite Dyson between D Barett, D. Coleman, and J. Miller ? If not, who might they target ?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:16 pm: Hi sam, I don't know what the long term answer is there. Coleman has been exiled for the moment for one bad mistake. I talked to him today and he's kind of bummed, but is taking it like a man and trying to improve his tackling technique. Miller is too inconsistent for Mangini's liking. I donít see the Jets making a biog free agent move there that's not really Mangini's style. They'll probably try to develop one of these guys or find another young guy.

[samwise] 8:16 pm: thanks Mark !!!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:17 pm: ny jk, I think winning out is possible but a tough task. 10 wins will get them into the playoffs and that's doable is they keep playing defense the way they have. nine wins might even get them in. if they win in Green Bay, this week I like their chances to get in.

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:17 pm: Mark, honest truth, if the Jets {and not the Giants} made that ridiculous draft day trade for Eli Manning, do you think the Jets GM would already be getting crucified by the press to a far greater extent, about the same, or less? Also, do you think some reporters would be more apt to suggest that Eli might be a bust, and I mean to actually use the word "Bust"? Not that it would be fair, but to you think the Jets catch more hell than the Giants if the shoe was on the other foot? Lastly ...

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:17 pm: Do you think Eli gets a bit of a pass because he's a "Manning", football royalty?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:19 pm: Ham, I do think Ernie Accorsi get a break from reporters because of the way he treats them - ie returning telephone calls, etc. I'm not high on Eli at all, but I think it's too early to consider him a bust. But youíre right, the leash might be a bit looser for the Giants.

[WestJet] 8:19 pm: Hey Mark, do you think the Jets are happy w/ Dwight at PR duties? He doesn't really seem like a big threat to break one at this stage in his career. Have they given any though to puting MIller back there again? Perhaps he has more confidence now and can do a better job... [Mark Cannizzaro] 8:20 pm: West, I think Dwight has come around pretty well at PR, he isnít a breakaway threat, but he catches everything and mostly gives you positive yards. He's a kind of hold the fort type of guy to borrow from Parcellsisms, but a very valuable veteran and a tough dude.

[JOHNNY JOHNSON] 8:20 pm: Hi Mark, what are your feelings on Chad Pennington as a Qb, and, who is the better Qb, period, Chad or Eli, in your opinion. Just curious, as chad's catching alot of flack, but I think he'll play his best ball down the stretch. A leader through and through.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:23 pm: jj, I'll take Chad over Eli in a heartbeat. Arm isn't as good but he's a million times the leader and game manager that Manning is. I've always believed in Chad and written so throughout. He has his warts, but he's a winning QB when heís healthy and proven that. [Green Jets & Ham] 8:23 pm: Thanks Mark, I don't know if you caught that last part as well ... do you think Eli gets a bit of a pass because he's a "Manning", football royalty ... in other words, if his name was Eli Jones do you think the press would already be even touger on Eli?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:24 pm: Ham, perhaps so, that's a decent point. Still early on him, though.

[Jets_Fragger] 8:24 pm: Mark, what remaining game do you think will be the hardest? Your opnion and as well as the hardest team on paper. [Jets_Fragger] 8:24 pm: opinion*

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:25 pm: Frag, I think at Miami on x-mas looks toughest. This weekend won't be easy. Favre still scares you .. especially at Lambeau.

[[TundraJet] 8:25 pm: Thanks for your time tonite Mark. It seems from afar like some of the guys are getting no credit for their individual improvements this season, IE D Rob, Rhodes, Hobson, and Bryan Thomas. Do you think this "Trojan Horse" mentality will help the team down the stretch when teams underrate these skilled players? It seems like lately there is always one team that reaches the playoffs with this "we'll show them" attitude despite lacking true STAR POWER. ( sorry for the lenghthy query here)

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:28 pm: Tundra, I kind of disagree with you in that the guys you mention have been getting some nice props. Rhodes is headed to the Pro Bowl I believe. Hobson and B Thomas have been written up well too.

[crasherino] 8:28 pm: Mark, it seems like Schotty runs the Offense, but what is Sutton's role on this team? Is he merely a puppet for Mangini's schemes, or is he putting his own stamp on the D?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:29 pm: Crash: No, Sutton is as much a factor as Schott, he calls the defense and Mangini has veto power, as he does with offense. Remember, Sutton was a 3-4 guy before Herm got here and that's a big reason why Mangini kept him on board.

[iahawkeyejet] 8:30 pm: Mark, do you think we can expect more blitzing on sunday, trying to make favre uncomfortable in the pocket, or use base pass rush and make his decision making beat the Jets?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:31 pm: Hawk, I think they'll blitz and try to force Favre into some things. Driver is Favre's only true weapon - or best I should say, so if they contain him and get after Favre, you could see some picks for Rhodes, Barrett, etc.

[MrSFJFC] 8:31 pm: Hi Mark, How hard would it be for the JETS to play good on on all levels, meaning, offense, both pass and running and also defense in one game?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:32 pm: Mr., that's hard for most every team to do. Most teams are carried by a phase or two each week. The jets are actually coming off their most complete game other than the run offense.

[Mario] 8:33 pm: Hi Mark. Two quick questions. If Pennington doesnt get hurt last year, is herman edwards still the jets coach? Whats your prediction for sunday's game?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:35 pm: Mario, if Pennington doesn't get hurt and the jets have a decent, perhaps playoff, season, Edwards is definitely the coach today. I like the jets Sunday, which is the kiss of death for them. I think they'll move the ball on the pack and think they'll force some turnovers. Green Bay is the youngest team in the league and I think Mangini will exploit that.

[Queens Jet Fan] 8:35 pm: What is your opinion of Tannenbaum as an evaluator of football personnel? Do you think because of his background he is as good an evaluator as most GM's? I am referring to the draft and free agency. Do you think that Tannenbaum is active in his opinions or basically he is a businessman and Mangini says I want this guy and it's up to him to get it done?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:37 pm: Queens, I'm still kind of evaluating him, but I think he's ok. It's hard to complain about the job heís done so far. I think the jets' draft has proven to be pretty successful already even though you usually need 2-3 years to truly evaluate.

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:37 pm: Mark, can Chad deliver a Championship? He cannot pressure the defense with the "deep out" passes. Shouldn't this disqualify him from being thought of as the answer for the New York Jets? This is not my sentiment but an actual argument I hear all too often. Thanks

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:38 pm: Westy, I don't know that I have the answer for that. Chad doesn't have it all and he does struggle against better teams and better defenses. Is he the answer for the long term? I really don't know. I do know the Jets are high on Clemens, so keep an eye on his development.

[GREENBLOODBLITZ] 8:37 pm: Hey Mark! Any idea what direction we'll be looking in as far as draft and F.A. next year? I'm wondering if Mangini has a plan or will they evaluate the skill positions performance this year and go from there?

[joiseyjet] 8:38 pm: Welcome Mark, Do you think the JETS will go FA to get their next francise RB or will they stick with the draft. And any chance Brian Leonard from rutgers gets a shot here as a full back.thanks.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:41 pm: Green Blood & joisey, they have to go after some skill position help - particularly find a big time running back, most likely in the draft. I like Leonard, but you never know how the draft falls.

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:41 pm: First off Mark, thank you for your time and consideration, much appreciated. As for the question, to what do you most attribute this "stunning" transformation on defense, from DREADFUL to OUTSTANDING? Is it real or is it a mirage? And lastly, the same question about D-Rob at nose-tackle, it seems he has taken a GIANT LEAP forward in recent weeks, does this mean we're okay at STARTING NT for the near future? PS. {Here comes a softball} How awesome is LaDainian Tomlinson! 8s

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:43 pm: No worries Ham. I think its really a matter of guys with good talent getting used to a new system,. It took awhile. The jets will have a decent run test this week with a green. Mangini likes D Rob a lot, so I think he'll be around.

[Rude Polack] 8:43 pm: mark, 2 questions. a lot has been said about drob...what is your assesment...2nd where is fireman ed and is he coming back? thanx.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:43 pm: LT is phenomenal, I wish I had him on my fantasy team

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:44 pm: rude, no idea about Fireman Ed, and D Rob has been a much more dedicated hard worker than I believe mangni thought when he arrived here.

[CV 40] 8:44 pm: Hey Mark, Hoe do you like Rhodes chances as a Pro Bowl player? I reviewed his AFC competition at FS and he has outperformed all the others stat-wise in INT's tackles and pass deflects. He also has 4 sacks while the other quality choices each have none. The case could be made he is our MVP this year, and he is playing like a Top 10 NFL Safety. Do you see him getting snubbed by Reed, Lynch or Grant here?

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:45 pm: I spoke to Ed today and he said he'd be at the game next week

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:46 pm: I think Rhodes is headed to Hawaii. You never know about those incumbent guys, but I think Rhodes has gotten enough pub to the point where people around league are noticing him.

[Jets_Fragger] 8:46 pm: Wooo Ed

[Jets_Fragger] 8:46 pm: Did you ask why he wasn't there

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:46 pm: Where was Fireman Eddy last week?

[CV 40] 8:46 pm: Good News on Rhodes....Bad News - Cincinnati 3 Ravens 0

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:46 pm: Sooth, you got the answers?

[WestJet] 8:46 pm: Hey Mark, do you think Vilma would ever be traded? I hope not, but I'm just wondering if you think that option has been considered by the FO

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:46 pm: He had a previous engagement according to him

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:47 pm: SAR on deck...this should be good [Mark Cannizzaro] 8:47 pm: Westy, I don't see Vilma going anywhere, I see Mangini hoping he becomes Bruschi.

[Rude Polack] 8:48 pm: so retiremnt rumors for ed are premature?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:48 pm: I think SAR wants to praise the job Herm Edwards has done this year in KC

[SAR I] 8:49 pm: Mark, what do you make of the rumors that Herman Edwards is unhappy that the Chiefs won't give him a contract extention and a raise after his 7th win? Any chance he'll come back to New York to save us from Mangini?

[SAR I] 8:50 pm: (Was funnier before you all expected it)

[SAR I] 8:50 pm: Real question:

[SAR I] 8:50 pm: First off, good to have you back on JI. I know it's early, but if you had to name 5 Jets that your gut tells you likely won't be on the team next season, who would they be? If you absolutely had to name 5, which 5 would you name?

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:51 pm: NOT A QUESTION {Not Cutting the line :D} ... In case I didn't get another chance, Mark, I just wanted to tell you what I have said many times, I think your the best football columinist in the country and have been for a very long time. No kissing up, I've been saying that for many years, this is just the first time I've had an opportunity to say it TOO YOU

[SAR I] 8:51 pm: I loved Mark first! He's my bitch!

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:52 pm: SAR ... five Jets: Barlow, Ramsey, Blaylock, Askew, McCareins .

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:52 pm: thanks hammy

[SAR I] 8:52 pm: Pennington on the longer list? Or is he coming back>?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:53 pm: are we related?

[jetswin] 8:53 pm: lol @ SAR...Mark, what is your opinion of Mangini's progress with the media so far...that first press conference seems a distant memory, and so does the man who spoke that day.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:53 pm: SAR, I think Pennington comes back and starts again next year

[Green Jets & Ham] 8:53 pm: Nah, but I expect that check in the mail this week ;)

[SAR I] 8:53 pm: Thanks Mark. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:55 pm: Good list, Mark. I canít disagree with any. [Mark Cannizzaro] 8:55 pm: j winÖ Iíve gotten to know Mangini slowly since the off-season and he's a good guy who is not Belichick. he has a self-deprecating personality and good sense of humor, but combines that with his disciplinary way well. You're seeing him kind of develop his public persona and he's becoming more and more comfortable in the spotlight.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:55 pm: thanks sar

[Pac2566] 8:55 pm: those 2 questions- do you sense any additional excitement in the locker room in light of the realistic chance at a playoff berth or are the players all reciting the company "1 game at a time" line..... also a fellow poster who will remain nameless is wondering if meeting Vinny Testaverde is the crowning achievement of your career thus far.

[jetswin] 8:56 pm: I agree, he's sounds "seasoned" already

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:57 pm: Pac, on speaking to guys, they admit they're feeling that December fever, but in talking to Coles today, he told me Mangini is so consistent with the routine every week the same mantra that it really has caught on to the players. ... all due respect to Vinny T., whom I like, I would say no. I think answering you guys' probing questions is at the top of that list

[j e t s] 8:57 pm: Mark, What do you think the jets chances are of beating the Bills at Home and Miami on the road? I think they are our 2 biggest obstacles to the playoffs. Are you concerned with Oakland or Green Bay?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 8:59 pm: Firstly, not concerned with Oakland because by Dec. 31 they'll have quit. Buffalo and Miami are playing well and are kind of toss up games, particularly Miami on the road. [SAR I] 8:59 pm: History says that the Jets will lose to Buffalo in a few weeks. Home game, season on the line, inferior division rival, Buffalo logo on the helmet. You ready to whip out your 2001 Post article the day after VT couldn't score a TD and the Jets blew their clincher? More importantly, has Mangini invited you to show a boxing video the night before the Buffalo game to remind them and save our season?

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:00 pm: Sar, I think this is a different era, different team and mindset. As for Mangni invites, I've gotten none unfortunately. It'll be interesting to see what he shows them that week, though.

[joiseyjet] 9:00 pm: Thanks for taking the time to chat Mark....I`m hoping we`ll be reading mon. morn..CHAD & JETS HOT frozen Tundra!!!

[Hydro22] 9:00 pm: hey mark what are the chances we get to see brad smith get more significant time at WR other than trick plays?same with schlegal at linebacker? and what the overall mood on justin miller he hasnt been on the field much on defense the last few weeks?

[SAR I] 9:00 pm: Thanks. I feel better about the Bills now. After 40 years it would be refreshing not to lose a clunker in the clutch.

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:01 pm: I don't think Schlegel is ready for LB yet. Specials are his niche right now. Brad Smith they've kind of stalled with of late, but will keep getting him in mix. Hard to get him WR time because Coles and Cotchery are so good and Dwight has played well.

[Green Jets & Ham] 9:02 pm: Okay Mark, now I really have to put you on a spot. I apologize in advance, but I have to ask this question because its one we talk about at JI incessantly ... Bill Bellichick, biggest creep on the face of the earth, Yay or Nay? ... Thanks again for your time and consideration, Mark, and Merry Christmas to you and yours

[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:04 pm: Hammy, I've always gotten along with BB, but he's made himself look very small with this Mangini stuff. I truly believe, like Parcells and BB and Parcells and Weis, that deal will lighten up with time, I think bb feels threatened by Mangini, as he should.

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 9:04 pm: Everyone please join me in thanking Mark for his time. Thanks, Bro.


[Jetfan16] 9:04 pm: MARK CANNIZARRO


[meatboy] 9:04 pm: you the man Mark

[nyjk1] 9:04 pm: thanks mark good job sooth

[Pac2566] 9:05 pm: i wish i was referred to as pacy but thanks anyway Mark

[jetswin] 9:05 pm: thanks Mark, and questioners for a great chat...Merry Christmas


[Mark Cannizzaro] 9:05 pm: No problem, Folks. Enjoyed it as always. We'll do another one after the jets clinch a playoff berth. You guys have a great night and good luck this weekend.

[CV 40] 9:05 pm: thanks Mark, Go Baltimore!

[Green Jets & Ham] 9:05 pm: Thanks Mark ... U DA MAN

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