Schotty Tells 'Fins, NO THANKS!

By Sean M. Deegan
Publisher, Jets
January 15th, 2007
OC Brian Schottenheimer will be back with the Jets next season. (Jets Photo)
OC Brian Schottenheimer will be back with the Jets next season. (Jets Photo)
Jets has confirmed through more than one source that Jets Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has removed his name from consideration for the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching position and will stay with the Jets.

JI had confirmed the news from a source close to the Jets and ESPN came out with the story late this afternoon.

The Dolphins announced over the weekend that Shottenheimer had been asked back for a second interview and some sources reported that the ‘Fins were deciding between Schottenheimer, Former Falcons Coach Jim Mora Jr. and former Cowboys Coach Chan Gailey.

Although there was no information as to why Schottenheimer withdrew from consideration, there has been talk that he is very happy with his situation in NY with Head Coach Eric Mangini and at his young age (33) other head coaching opportunities will surely come in the future. The news undoubtedly is a relief to the team and all fans since the team has been through three offensive coordinators in the last three years.

Although the Jets’ offense statistically was not impressive this season (25th overall in the league), Schottenheimer was instrumental in putting game plans together that fit the strengths of QB Chad Pennington. He’s definitely one of the rising young stars in NFL circles.

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