Andrew Gross Fan Chat Transcript

By Jets Staff
May 17th, 2007
2007 Jets Rookies take the field. (Jets Photo)
2007 Jets Rookies take the field. (Jets Photo)
Andrew Gross, the talented Jets beat writer for the Westchester Journal News, was kind enough to do a fan chat with Jets on May 17, 2007. The transcript of the event follows:

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 8:01 pm: Good Evening Folks! Welcome to the Jets chatroom and welcome Westchester Journal News Jets beat writer Andrew Gross. Thanks for joining us, Andrew!

[AndrewGross] 8:02 pm: Hey Gang, thanks for checking in, looking forward to the chat

[Banks81] 8:02 pm: Hi Andrew, Thanks for being with us this evening. Which UDFA really stuck out and impressed people at camp?

[AndrewGross] 8:03 pm: First, let me just say that, unfortunately, we didn't see a lot of meaningful on-field action. I would think the Va. Tech FB Jesse Allen turned a couple of heads, good size, pure blocker.

[AndrewGross] 8:04 pm: Would love to say Leonard Peters did a great job, but he looked like he was a step slow. Could turn out to be a special teams player, though.

[Blair Thomas] 8:04 pm: Hi Andrew, I met Eric Coleman today actually, nice guy, how do you think the strong safety position will play out between him and Eric Smith this season?

[jetswin] 8:07 pm: Andrew, welcome to JI...You career covering the Jets is cooincideing with the Mangini regime, do you feel that will hinder view on the Jets or are yuo well versed in their history. BTW, I'm a Westchester resident and enjoy your work in the Journal. One comment on the Va Tech player, good to see it was not a waste of his time missing graduation.

[AndrewGross] 8:07 pm: I guess we're all waiting to see what the heck Sione Pouha adds to the mix, but I don't think you can count on him. The Jets should hope Kenyon Coleman turns out better than they expect.. It's also a stretch, but Darrelle Revis was telling me he thought Andre Wadsworth was in great shape. Of course, Darrelle was about 15 when Wadsworth last played in the NFL.

[AndrewGross] 8:09 pm: True on Allen and thanks for reading the paper. Though in my professional guise I'm completely objective, I was raised in New York as a die-hard Jets fan. I can remember the thrill of getting those plastic Jet calendars each season from Hess gas. We had a country house along the Delaware River and I'd listen on the radio on Sundays (No TV). It is a bit weird because previously I covered the Rangers and the Jets are the first team I've covered that I grew up loving.

[AndrewGross] 8:10 pm: That said, it doesn't hinder my objectivity. I've been in the business long enough to separate my personal life from the professional stuff.

[JETS_for_life] 8:08 pm: Hi Andrew, do you have any offseason updates on the training and health of our team's leader and quarterback, #10 Chad Pennington?

[AndrewGross] 8:09 pm: By all accounts, Pennington is on target with where he wants to be. It's interesting to him talk about how he's able to work out his whole body this offseason and not just concentrate on his shoulder. He should be in real good shape for the June minicamp.

[jetswin] 8:10 pm: excellent, thanks

[andrewgrossfan] 8:10 pm: 1- how many qbs were at mini camp. and who looked best..2-are the rookies excited about leaving hofstra in 2008.3-did you hear that quincy carter got a 2 game suspension in af2 thanks andrew

[pauliec] 8:12 pm: It's still pretty early in the year but we are all eternally optimistic, as always. With the tentative current squad, with Chad, Jones, a great corps of receivers, a strong, evolving defense, and a maturing o-line -- how do you wee us competing with the Pats this year for the AFCE? Thanks.

[AndrewGross] 8:12 pm: There was the Utah QB Radliff and Marvin Burroughs from Villanova. I saw them throwing on the side, not enough to give a great scouting report. I will say this: they must really like Radliff if they brought him in considering he had some trouble with the law, which goes against what Tannenbaum and Mangini usually do. Burroughs seemed to have some size but couldn't gauge his arm.

[andrewgrossfan] 8:13 pm: 4-any update if curtis martin is actually coming back

[AndrewGross] 8:13 pm: The only rookie I spoke to about leaving Hofstra was Revis and, honestly, it doesn't make a difference to a guy who didn't grow up in NY. Didn't hear about Quincy Carter but can't say that it shocks me. Kudos for following the AFL2, though.

[AndrewGross] 8:15 pm: I think the Jets and Pats are clearly the class of the AFC East, though not necessarily in that order. But I do think the Jets will be battling in December for first place. I have said before that it is possible the Jets could have a worse record this season but still be a better team. However, I do think this should be at least a 10-win team.

[pauliec] 8:15 pm: awesome, thanks

[King Koopa] 8:15 pm: Hi Andrew, What did Mangini and Co. think about the progress Dewayne Robertson and Jon Vilma made in the 3-4 defense despite not being "perfect fits"? Are they long term solutions at their respective positions?

[AndrewGross] 8:16 pm: As for Martin, nothing definite yet but I'd be shocked if we didn't have a retirement announcement shortly, possibly prior to June 1.

[AndrewGross] 8:17 pm: As for Vilma and D-Rob, I truly believe the Jets did see progress, they weren't just blowing smoke when they kept saying they saw things that we in the media were clearly not seeing. I expect the defensive line, as a whole, to be improved this season (less Kimo, good news) and that will be good for Vilma. Plus, Harris is a prototypical inside LB, at least in body. If he can play, like the Jets think he can, Vilma should get help there, too.

[Jetman10] 8:18 pm: Hi Andrew, What is your opinion of Darelle Revis and was it a good trade for the Jetsby moving up to grab him? Secondly who do you think will be the better rookie this year Darelle Revis or David Harris and then throughout there career?

[King Koopa] 8:18 pm: I tend to agree, thanks

[AndrewGross] 8:18 pm: On D-Rob, he'll be used both on the nose and on the edge, I believe, this year, and I think the flexibility will help him since it may keep the offensive lines guessing.

[ChanTheMaster] 8:18 pm: Curious about D'Bricks weight, I heard he is actually a bit lighter then last year. He seemed to wear down last year a bit and have trouble getting push in run blocking (although pass blocking was pretty good for a rookie considering the ends he faced) I was hoping he'd come in over 300, is there any reason to be concerned?

[King Koopa] 8:19 pm: sounds like a good plan for d-rob, thanks again

[AndrewGross] 8:20 pm: I did like the trade for Revis. I never bought into the idea that the Jets gave up too much because they only gave up picks in the 2007 draft, which they clearly had decided was an inferior talent pool. Had they lost picks also in 2008, I would have said it was too much. Too early to tell on Revis vs. Harris, especially since Revis may yet wind up as a safety. Given that Revis will also return punts, I would say his risk of injury is a little higher so Harris may be looking at the longer career.

[FBFan] 8:20 pm: Hi Andrew ... I'm wondering if you have a feel for how many fullbacks might make the team....would they possibly keep two? When/how many more cuts are made?

[Tim Allen] 8:21 pm: How many fullbacks will they keep on the roster, awest coast offense uses them alot. I wonderif they will keep 2

[AndrewGross] 8:21 pm: I did not see D'Brick at Hofstra. Mangini swears he's eating and keeping his weight up and when I last talked to Mangold, he pretty much said the same thing, that D'Brick was working really hard in the offseason and looked good. I just have the sneaking suspicion weight (or lack thereof) may always be an issue with D'Brick.

[Thinker] 8:21 pm: Hi andrew, do you think that we set at TE with Baker, and do you think that K Colman is the answer at DE.

[AndrewGross] 8:23 pm: On the fullbacks, Darien Barnes and Stacy Tutt I think will make the roster. I could see them carrying a third, too.

[star95] 8:23 pm: Evening Andrew the biggest X factor for the JETS this year is how are they going too defend 3 and 7+ this year? WHO can you see making an impact with rushing the passer. Does JasonT look good?

[andrewgrossfan] 8:24 pm: were those 4 veterans(kowelewsk blanton tutt and adams ) happy about being at rookie mini camp and do you think there roster spots in danger

[AndrewGross] 8:24 pm: I happen to like Chris Baker as a player. He was kept in as a blocker a lot, partially to help out D'Brick. He showed some athletic ability and good hands but he'll obviously never be a game-breaking, All-Pro TE. That said, I never saw the need for the Jets to draft a TE. I don't know if Coleman is the answer at DE but I think he'll be part of the solution.

[Tim Allen] 8:25 pm: was wondering how Jesse Allen will fit in....

[AndrewGross] 8:26 pm: Spoke to Kowalewski briefly (we Syracuse guys have to stick together) he didn't express any dismay at being at rookie minicamp. On the other hand, it's never a good sign to be a veteran there. So yes, I'd say their roster spots are definitely on the bubble.

[AndrewGross] 8:28 pm: Sorry, forgot Allen. If he can make the team, he'd provide the Jets with a pure blocker, a role B.J. Askew was never satisfied with. Obviously, Allen making the team would depend upon what contributions he could make on special teams.

[Tim Allen] 8:28 pm: ahhh tks

[AndrewGross] 8:30 pm: Star95, don't know if this answers your question but I thought I answered it up top this way: I guess we're all waiting to see what the heck Sione Pouha adds to the mix, but I don't think you can count on him. The Jets should hope Kenyon Coleman turns out better than they expect.. It's also a stretch, but Darrelle Revis was telling me he thought Andre Wadsworth was in great shape. Of course, Darrelle was about 15 when Wadsworth last played in the NFL.

[ChanTheMaster] 8:30 pm: Back to D'Brick's weight for a second. You indicated it may be concern throughout his career. Do you think he can become an elite LT and live up with to his draft status under 300

[AndrewGross] 8:30 pm: Star95, am I not getting the gist of your question?

[AndrewGross] 8:32 pm: On D'Brick, in a word, no. I think he can have a solid career in the NFL and you hate to judge a guy just off his rookie season, but I saw a decent player last year, I didn't quite see the potential for an elite player. And if he can't bulk up and get stronger, then he's going to have real problems. Actually, I think he's going to have real problems if Kendall's not by his side.

[Blair Thomas] 8:33 pm: Some O-line questions Andrew; How do you see the Kendall situation playing out? Might the jets sign Andruzzi even if Kendall stays on? And do you think the depth along the O-line is adequate? Thanks.

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:34 pm: SAR's here = 3 mods

[AndrewGross] 8:35 pm: I just don't see the Kendall situation playing out well in terms of him remaining with the team. The brass obviously did not take kindly to his looking to renegotiate and Kendall's status as a media go-to guy already didn't sit well with Mangini. I definitely can see the Jets pursuing Andruzzi, even if it's to push Kendall if he stays. But I doubt we'll see that scenario play out. As for the depth, I don't like it, Wade Smith, possibly Trey Teague, Adrian Jones? Not good.

[SAR I] 8:36 pm: Of the Jets first 6 games, 4 are against playoff teams and the other 2 are against divisional opponents. If the Jets get off to a 1-5 or 2-4 type start, is Kellen Clemens ready to take over the team? From what you've seen, do Tannenbaum/Mangini love the guy and would the players execute under his lead? Or do you think that Kellen's too green to be put into that type of situation in October?

[ArmyJet] 8:36 pm: lol

[King Koopa] 8:37 pm: good question actually

[DantheGreat718] 8:37 pm: yea great question

[Cack89] 8:37 pm: Andrew, its nick from the article you wrote, how are you?

[LB54] 8:37 pm: Hi Andrew, what can you say about Chansi Stuckey? Is his foot fully recovered? And there were rumors that he is too slow (because of the foot injury), but how'd he look in practice (speed, catching, etc)? Thank you!

[AndrewGross] 8:38 pm: First of all, to me, throwing Kellen in under those circumstances would smack, to me, of a panic move and I don't see Mangini being that way. I think Kellen is gaining respect in the locker room and he's a very bright guy. The Jets do like the way he takes charge in the huddle. Of course, it's completely different in game situations. Realistically, Kellen might be ready to compete for Chad's job in 2008. But if Chad were injured and he had to play, I don't think he'd embarrass himself.

[JumbalayaJet] 8:38 pm: Do you think we'll see Vilma at OLB?

[AndrewGross] 8:39 pm: Hey Nick, thanks for checking in. For anybody who didn't see it, I did a story on Nick as a NFL draft preview on what it's like for fans to go down to Radio City.

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:39 pm: KC wouldn't embarass himself. Check. No chance for the quick Lombardi?

[AndrewGross] 8:40 pm: Again, can't give a full report on minicamp, other than Stuckey stretched well, never saw him full speed. He tells us the injury is no longer a problem and I've got to believe that's what the Jets think, too, otherwise they might not have picked him given they only had four picks. He's a good possession receiver, maybe not exactly what the team needs but he should stick around, possibly as a practice player and actually contribute to the team at some point.

[AndrewGross] 8:41 pm: Given the way the Jets play in the 3-4, Vilma on the outside might make some sense. But you know what, I just don't think we'll see it. I think Mangini is convinced this is going to work with Vilma inside.

[jetswin] 8:42 pm: Even though it might seem the Jets are solid at WR with Coles & Cotch, I'm worried about that position. Do you see the team making a splash after the June cuts at that spot. Most of us feel Macarriens is a goner. (LB jumped my question a bit, however I'm talking about vet help).

[JumbalayaJet] 8:42 pm: Vilma at OLB now that we have Harris?

[King Koopa] 8:43 pm: i think both in the middle.....

[AndrewGross] 8:44 pm: Almost everybody believes McCareins is a goner but I was told that the Jets have absolutely no cap issues and if they do cut a player, it will be performance based and not salary based. If that's true, they could decide to keep McCareins around. But they also might believe Brad Smith is ready to take over on some deep patterns. I think the Jets will definitely look to bring in a veteran WR. I think Dwight will definitely be gone.

[JETS_for_life] 8:44 pm: Hi again Andrew, so you alluded a bit to Wadsworth already, but I've read different things from various football sources about him...I for one have been sort of intrigued by his attempted comeback, do you think he'll make the team and if so, significantly contribute? Or are you leaning more towards thinking he's done?

[ChanTheMaster] 8:45 pm: While not a surprise to many Jets fans, Cotchery kind of came out of nowhere to have a really big season last year. Do you see any young or unheralded guys making a leap like that this year?

[AndrewGross] 8:46 pm: The facts say that Wadsworth was done in 2000. I've definitely been intrigued by his comeback attempt and I think it will be fun to follow during training camp. If either Wadsworth or Haynes make the roster - and I would think the latter is more plausible - then Tannenbaum/Mangini will look like a genius. What I like about the Wadsworth comeback is he's not doing this because he needs this. He's a wealthy businessman in Arizona. So that's a positive.

[andrewgrossfan] 8:47 pm: do you think the basketball player will make the 61 man roster

[AndrewGross] 8:48 pm: I don't think you can call him unheralded. But I think the addition of Thomas Jones will really help Leon Washington, I look for him to make some nice improvement this season and he should be used more in the passing game.

[NYDreamer] 8:48 pm: Hi Andrew, just logged on, I personally feel that Eric Barton is a prototypical 3-4 lb. Do you think his day's are numbered with the JETS considering all of the talk prior to the draft? I think it would be a mistake.

[King Koopa] 8:48 pm: I believe David Bowens has some talent as a passrusher, he had a lot of sacks over the past few years for the Phins for a non-starter......Does he have a chance to start or will he be just a pass rush specialist?? Also can we ever expect Justin Miller to finally turn it around as a Corner? He seems to have all of the tools, I know he is very young.......

[AndrewGross] 8:49 pm: 1. I don't think the hoop player-turned-WR will survive anything but the first cut.

[AndrewGross] 8:50 pm: 2. Barton's days with Jets most likely are numbered, but I could see him playing with them this season then getting traded, cut, etc.

[AndrewGross] 8:51 pm: 3. I see Bowens more as a pass-rush specialist.

[King Koopa] 8:52 pm: thanks

[SAR I] 8:52 pm: I'm struggling to get the Jets over 7 wins this season and I need your help to see how we can get back to 10-6. We only played 5 games against teams with winning records last year, winning only 1. This year, we have to play 10 games against legitimate playoff-caliber teams and I haven't seen anything in Chad or the rest of the Mangini Jets to lead me to believe that they are capable of taking that next step. To get to 10-6, we'd need to go 5-5 against superior teams and an almost perfect 5-1

[SAR I] 8:52 pm: against the scrubs. What have we done outside of some rooks and a veteran RB to get us to go where no Jets team has gone save for '68, '98, and '02 by being consistently dominant against the big boys?

[AndrewGross] 8:53 pm: I think Brad Smith has the potential for plenty of improvement, just based on the fact that last year was really his first at the position. This was the first offseason where he could concentrate on learning the techniques he needs to know. He's got the sped and hands to make it work.

[jetswin] 8:53 pm: he's multiplying!

[King Koopa] 8:54 pm: good to hear about brad smith.....i think we forget about him alot, and he really is a pure football player

[Blair Thomas] 8:55 pm: Mike Tannenbaum has said the Jets will spend to the cap but they're going to be well under the cap after signing the rookie class so who is the money going to go to? And is there any talk about a Kerry Rhodes extension at this point with 2 years left on his rookie contract?

[AndrewGross] 8:57 pm: Here's what I don't like about trying to figure out wins in May: How do you know for sure who the superior teams are? Sure, the Pats but, still, you don't know about injuries, how Randy Moss affects chemistry, etc.? I mean, who would have counted the Jets as a superior team at this time last year. The NFL is such a transitory league at this point. I say, if the team is good, then the wins will work themselves out. And based on Thomas Jones, D-line help, Revis, Harris, the Jets are better.

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:57 pm: AG, Miami gave us a scare by interviewing Brian Schottenheimer. What is the consensus on how long BS will be with the Jets? AND: if he does leave, does he take the "secret sauce" with him? Or does Mangini have the ability to run (essentially) the same offense?

[King Koopa] 8:57 pm: great answer andrew!

[SAR I] 8:57 pm: Cop out.

[King Koopa] 8:58 pm: lol

[WestCoastOffensive] 8:58 pm: Andrew's aikido is strong!

[AndrewGross] 8:58 pm: Tannenbaum did say he'd spend to the cap and he has mentioned Rhodes as somebody he wants to get extended. I think they'll do it sooner rather than later. What they did with Bryan Thomas and Cotchery has a lot of weight in the locker room. Then again, they're also sending a signal with the Kendall stuff.

[andrewgrossfan] 8:58 pm: what happend to jason posiak the te we drafted last year

[AndrewGross] 9:00 pm: On Schottenheimer, I think Brian was smart enough to realize he wasn't ready yet. But I think all bets are off after this season. He'll definitely be a head coach. That's why it was such a great hire to bring in Brian Daboll, who will likely be the Jets next offensive coordinator. He's very tight with Mangini, bright in the same way.

[WestCoastOffensive] 9:00 pm: Great answer thanks.

[AndrewGross] 9:00 pm: Posiak got hurt at the start of training camp, his shoulder I believe. He should be healthy for the June minicamp.

[Cack89] 9:01 pm: Andrew, good talking to you again lol, heres the question, seeing how Miller hasn't showed much really, do you see Revis stepping right in and starting at Corner, or do you see Mangini making it Miller's Job to lose? Also do you see the Jets looking at Keyshawn? Id love to see him back.

[jetswin] 9:01 pm: nice observation on Daboll...good stuff Andrew

[AndrewGross] 9:03 pm: I don't think, as it pertains to the secondary, Mangini goes in thinking it's this person's job or that person's job, Kerry Rhodes exempted. I do think Revis will wind up starting, but he could very well beat out Andre Dyson on the left side, even though we all figured it would be Dyson on the left and Revis on the right. As for Keyshaun, I don't see it, too many long memories at Hofstra. Plus, he's more of what they have, a possession receiver, not a deep threat.

[hollywoodjet] 9:03 pm: andrew thanks for coming. darelle adams at de and c.j. moseley do they have a shot this year to make the roster.

[AndrewGross] 9:03 pm: Good talking to you, too, Nick and thanksfor all your help on the article.

[Cack89] 9:03 pm: right, thanks Andrew

[Cack89] 9:04 pm: sure, the article was great, i was talk of the town haha

[AndrewGross] 9:04 pm: Hey if I could get a plug in. You can check out my Jets Journal blog at, would love to continue the conversation over there on a daily basis.

[AndrewGross] 9:04 pm: Nick, absolutely.

[Cack89] 9:05 pm: kk hopefully talk to you soon Andrew, thanks alot for spending time with us over here at JI

[AndrewGross] 9:06 pm: On Adams and Mosley, both definitely have a shot at making the roster. Honestly, I thought we'd see more of Mosley last year, given Moore's hand injury and D-Rob's struggles, at least early on. Hopefully, Mosley did some imrp0voing over the offseason, I think he'll have to make a quick impression to stick around. But definitely they're both in the mix.

[DantheGreat718] 9:07 pm: Hey andrew, how do you see the tight end situation unfolding? If a option do u think we might go after a decent tight end thru trade or remainig free agency.

[AndrewGross] 9:08 pm: It depends who gets cut June 1 so there's a distinct possibility they bring a veteran in. But I think Chris Baker will wind up as the starter.

[DantheGreat718] 9:08 pm: alright thnxs

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 9:08 pm: Andrew, thanks so much for an awesome chat. Thanks to the fans for a great turnout. Be sure to check out Andrew's daily column and his jetsblog at

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 9:08 pm: We surely appreciate your time and hope you come back agaion

[Buzzsaw] 9:08 pm: Thanks for your time Andrew, great chat

[jetswin] 9:09 pm: Thanks Andrew, great to get some new blood covering the team...and a fan to boot!

[AndrewGross] 9:09 pm: Thanks to everyone and thanks for having me, really enjoyed the questions, all really good. Hope I was able to answer them adequately.

[DantheGreat718] 9:09 pm: great job man

[THE_SOOTHSAYER] 9:09 pm: You did phenominal, Bud.

[Buzzsaw] 9:09 pm: link to your site has a comma and doesn't connect

[AndrewGross] 9:09 pm: Let's be clear. Jets fan growing up. Now an objective professional. Otherwise my bosses will flay me.

[jetswin] 9:10 pm: got it...nudge nudge say no more lol

[Cack89] 9:10 pm: Thanks Alot Andrew talk to you soon

[AndrewGross] 9:10 pm: Buzzsaw, try going to, you should see a link to my blog if you scroll down on the right.

[AndrewGross] 9:10 pm: Good night everybody, talk soon. Thanks again.

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